Blas Cantó Reveals The Spanish Song Title For Eurovision 2020:“Universo”

As the days goes by and the Eurovision 2020 celebration is getting closer, more and more information is continuously streamed and revealing new information about the songs and artists.

As we all remember, during last October, the Spanish broadcaster RTVE (Radiotelevisión Española) has announced that they drops the reality show “Operación Triunfo” from chosing the Spanish representative for Rotterdam. at the same time they have announced that a choice was made internally and that Blas Cantó was appointed for the mission.

Ever since that announcement, the 27-year-old singer is flirting with the media on daily basis. But all the tweets,photos and posts shared regarding his Eurovision plans gave only small unrelevant hints. until today when we have officially the song title revealed! and there is more to come soon…

On Thursday, Blas is supposed to reveal “Universo” single’s cover along with the release date of both the song and the music video.

Moreover, the rumor has it that the song’s first performance will happen in one of the “Operación Triunfo” Gala nights. maybe even closer than we can imagine.

How excited are you with the Spanish entry to be released soon?

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