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Armenia will hold its national final “Depi Evratesil 2020” on Saturday the 15th of February 2020. 12 artists will participate in the competition. The results will be determined by a professional jury and public voting.
The Armenian broadcaster AMPTV hasn’t announced the participants.
At the moment, the rumored artists are:

DETQ band

Athena Manoukyan
Athena Manoukyan

Kamil Show
Kamil Show

 Sergey Harutyunov
Sergey Harutyunov

Gabriel Jeeg
Gabriel Jeeg

Gevorg Harutyunyan
Gevorg Harutyunyan


Until the 31st of January 2020, all the songs will be revealed.
The Swedish singer Måns Zelmerlöw will be a special guest in “Australia Decides 2020”.
Måns Zelmerlöw - Fuego

He will perform a new song with Dami Im (who represented Australia in 2016 and ended in 2nd place). Besides, he will be one of the judges in the Australian final.


Cesár Sampson who represented Austria in Eurovision 2018 and ended in the 3rd place gave an interview for The Austrian website Ö3-Wecker.

Cesár Sampson

The singer mentioned in the interview that he will come back for Eurovision 2020, but not as a singer. Cesár will be involved in one of the productions of another country. The identity of the country remains a secret. However, he confirmed that the country isn’t Germany or Austria. May it be Switzerland?



The Belarussian broadcaster has received 95 applications for Eurovision 2020. Last Wednesday, the broadcaster BTRC has filtered the list to a reduced list of 49 artists.
The competing acts that were invited to a live stream audition are:

2morrow2late – “Paradise”
Absolem Cloud – “It’s ok”
Aleksey Shkrabo – “Don’t Fear “
ALEN HIT – “#1 Problem “
Alena Grand & Pasha Pashkevich – “Can you feel”
Alyona Gorbachyova – “Moments of love “
Anastasiya Glamozda – “Burning again”
Anastasiya Malashkevich – “Invisible
Anastasiya Razvadovskaya – “Hello”
Angelika Pushnova – “True Love”
Anna Fuks – “Fly higher “
Apollinariya Kovalenko – “I will not bow”
ARSI – “Song of peace”
Artem Mikhalenko – “MOVE”
Augusta – “My Light “
AURA – “Барані сваё”
Darya Khmelnitskaya – “On Fire”
ELEN – “Broken”
Elline Day – “Alien”
Gabriel Kupatadze – “Silver”
Group Batareyki Ltd – “You for me”
Group CHAKRAS – “La-ley-la”
Ivan Zdonyuk – “Shake it up”
Janet – “Flying”
Jenifer – “Making our universe”

Julija Glebova & Chas Speak – “Пайдзем са мной”
July – “Every Hour”
Katrin Leoni – “”Ближе””
Katya & Volga – “Ной”
Katya Denis – “”Твой новы дзень””
KeySi – “Chili Pepper”

Maria Demenkova – “Shake”
NAPOLI – “Dоn’t let me down”
Natali Domini – “I Believe”
NEZABUDKI – “Paradise”
Nika De & Breesku – “Chains “
Parade of Planets – “Pour lui”

PAULINN – “Разгадай”

PAVLONI – “Stones of My Soul”

Polina Krasnovskaya – “Импульс тока”
PROvokatsiya – “Suddenly”
Sasha Zakharik- “Rocky Road “
Serge Berkov – “I Fell in Love With the Devil”

Tani Faredo – “Travel lifestyle”
VAL – “Да вiдна”
Veronika Tsubikova – “True to myself”
Vitaliy Vasilievich – “Одним Солнцем”
Vitaly Voronko – “Listen to your Heart”
Yan Yaroche – “Fire “

Among the participants, there are some familiar names:
#1. Napoli who participated in the national selection every year since 2014.

#2. AURA
#3. Angelika Pushnova,
#5. PROvokatsiya
#6. Artem Mihalenko who was a member of the group 3+2 that represented Belarus in Eurovision 2010
#7. Vitaly Voronko – The singer participated in “Britain’s Got Talent

A professional jury will examine the 49 acts. 12 acts will advance to the final where the decision will be made by 50% public voting and 50% professional jury voting. The national selection will be held on Friday the 6th of Match 2020.


The Belgian song for Eurovision will be released in February 2020 by Hooverphonic.
The band mentioned in an interview that the song will be in a vintage style with strings.




CYBC, The Broadcaster of Cyprus, posted a video on Facebook and asked what it has to do with the entry of Cyprus for Eurovision 2020.
The video shows 2 young men play together in an arcade game, they look happy together and one of them touches the other man’s hand:



7 songs are competing in the Czech Republic national selection. On Monday, the chosen song will be revealed. You can still vote for our favorite in the official Eurovision app.

Czech Republic 2020 collage
A review that was written by me is available here 

The playlists in different digital platforms:





DR, the Danish broadcaster has announced the three acts that qualified for DMGP final from the pre-public selection “P4 Sjælland”.

The three acts re:

#1. Kenny Duerlund– Forget it All  (Southern Denmark)

Kenny Duerlund

#2. Sander Sanchez – Screens (Nothern Denmark)

Sander Sanchez

#3.  BEN & TAN – Yes (Eastern Denmark)

Ben & Tan

The judges will pick another 2 songs out of the 6 remaining songs. These 5 songs will join 5 automatic qualifiers for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020.


The 6 competing artists of “UMK 2020” were announced last Tuesday.
Finland 2020 participants

#1. Tika – I Let My Heart Break

#2. Erika Vikman – Cicciolina

#3. Aksel Kankaanranta – Looking Back

#4. F3M – Bananas

#5. Sansa – Lover View

#6. Catharina Zühlke – Eternity


Germany will probably cancel their national selection this year. The broadcaster is planning to hold a special show on Thursday the 27th of February 2020 where the song and the artist will be revealed. The show is about lo last only 45 minutes and it won’t be broadcasted live. It hints that public voting and multiple songs are rarely to happen.  



The 10 songs of the national selection “Söngvakeppnin 2020″ have been released.
6 among them, have also an English version.

00 - Iceland 2020 (Söngvakeppnin, Eurovision) #Playlist 300x300

1st Semi-Final (February 8th, 2020) 

  • Kid Isak – Ævintýri
  • Brynja Mary – Augun þín / In Your Eyes
  • DIMMA – Almyrkvi
  • Elísabet Ormslev– Elta þig / Haunting
  • Ísold & Helga – Klukkan tifar / Meet Me Halfway

2nd Semi-Final (February 15th, 2020)

  • Daði and Gagnamagnið – Gagnamagnið / Think About Things
  • Hildur Vala – Fellibylur
  • Iva – Oculis Videre / Oculis Videre
  • Matti Matt – Dreyma
  • Nína – Ekkó / Echo

Iceland 2020 (Söngvakeppnin, Eurovision) allstars

The playlists in different digital platforms:


YouTube English Versions:




11 candidates remain in the race. On Saturday, the 25th of January 2020, another candidate will be eliminated.
The Top11 artists are:



Ireland may expose information about the representative in the next 2 weeks.
At the beginning of November, we have reported that RTÉ considering to send the band RUA to represent Ireland in Eurovision 2020.

RUA Ireland



The running order of “Supernova 2020” final has been revealed:

Supernova 2020 running order

#1. Seleste – “Like Me”

#2. DRIKSNA – “Stay”

#3. Katrīna Bindere – “I Will Break Your Heart”

#4. Edgars Kreilis – “Tridymite”

#5. Katrīna Dimanta – “Heart Beats”

#6. Miks Dukurs – “I’m Falling For You”

#7. ANNNA – “Polyester”

#8. Bad Habits – “Sail With You”

#9. Samanta Tīna – “Still Breathing”

Supernova 2020 finalists




Last week, Lithuania held “Heat2” of their national selection. 12 acts competed for 6 spots in the semi-finals. The qualifiers are:

#1. Monique – “Make Me Human”


#2. Kristina Jure – “My Sound of Silence”

#3. Rūta Loop – “We Came From The Sun”


#4. Viktorija Miškūnaitė – The Ocean


#5. Alen Chicco – “Somewhere Out There”


#6. Germanas Skoris- “Chemistry”


Tonight, the third heat show will be broadcasted. 12 acts will compete for 6 spots in the semi-finals:

#1 – The Backs – Fully
#2 – Bernardas – Dad, Don’t Be Mad At Me
#3 – Justina Žukauskaitė – Breath In

#4 – Rokas Povilius – Vilnius Calling

#5 – KaYra – Alligator

#6 – Lukas Bartaška – Where Is That Change?
#7 – Evgenya Redko – What About Us
#8 – Ruslanas Kirilkinas – Soldiers Heart
#9 – Nombeko Augustė – Reikia Man
#10 – Vitalijus Špokaitis – Nemušk Savęs

# 11 – Aistė Pilvelytė – Unbreakable

#12 – The Roop – On Fire



Another two candidates were eliminated this week:

Dav Jr.


Jasmine Abela

8 candidates are still in the race for representing Malta in Eurovision 2020 



The group Che-Md was disqualified by the broadcaster since the band breaches the rules of the competition (The song was released before September th1 1st 2019).
36 artists are hoping to represent Moldova in Eurovision 2020. 12 among them, will participate in the final of the national selection.
The 36 acts are:

Alexandru Cibotaru – Cine Te-A Făcut Să Plângi
Angel Kiss – My Own Queen
Angel Kiss – You Are My Dance
Carolina Racoviță – Dancing In The Sunrise
Catarina Sandu – Die For You
Danny Cruise – My Love
Denis Midone – Like A Champion
Diana Brescan – Let’s Go Together
Diana Rotaru – Dale Dale
Diana Popa – Believe Me
Dima Jelezoglo – Do It Slow
Georgeta Burlacu – Răspunde
Irina Kit – Chain Reaction
Julia Ilienko ft. Mishel Dar – Tears
Katerina S – We Are Done
Lave – Wildfire
Lavinia Rusu – Touch
Liusia Znamensky – Love No More
Live Beat – Love Me Now
Maria Ciolac – Our Home
Maxim Zavidia – Take Control
Natalia Gordienko – Prison
Nicolae Untilă – Call Me Please
Olea Roșu – Alive
Pasha Parfeni – My Wine
Pelageya Stefoglo – Empathy (instead of Che-MD)
Petronela Donciu & Portărescu Andreea – We Will Be Legend
Ray Bark – I’m Shy
Sasha Bognibov – Big brother
Sasha Letty – Summer Of Love
Tudor Bumbac – Te-Am Văzut în Vis Pe Tine
Valentin Uzun & Irina Kovalsky – Moldovița
Valeria Pașa – It’s Time
Viorela Moraru – Remedy
Vovian – 10 Minuni în Moldova

Among the participants, there are some familiar names

Pasha Parfeni represented Moldova in Eurovision 2012
Pasha Parfeni

Natalia Gordienko represented Moldova in Eurovision 2006
Natalia Gordienko

Georgeta Burlacu represented Moldova in Eurovision 2008
Georgeta Burlacu

Denis Midone represented Moldova in Junior Eurovision 2012
Denis Midone

Maxim Zavidia participated in last year’s national final where he won the public voting but didn’t represent Moldova due to a low jury rank.
Maxim Zavidia – Take Control

Sasha Bognibov will participate for the 14th time in the national selection
Sasha Bognibov

Diana Brescan participated in last year’s nationa final
Diana Brescan


The playlists are available in different digital platforms:







Last week, the second semi-final of “Melodi Grand Prix 2020” was held.
Rein Alexander qualified for the final

Another automatic qualifier was revealed in semi-final 2:

Didrik & Emil Solli Tangen – Out of Air

Tonight, another 4 acts will compete in 3 duels until one winner will be announced and will qualify for the final

#1. Alexandru – Pink Jacket

#2. Sie Gubba – Kjære du

#3. Kristin Husoy- Pray For Me

#4. Thomas Loseth – Vertigo



Poland will select an artist and a song for Eurovision 2020 via “Szansa na Sukces 2020“.
The competition will include 3 semi-finals and a grand final. The semi-finals will be broadcasted on the 2nd, 9th, 16th of February 2020. The grand final will be held on the 24th of February 2020.
In each semi-final, 7 candidates will fight for one spot in the grand final.
The semi-finals results will be decided only by the jury members. The judges are former Polish Eurovision artists: Cleo (Eurovision 2014), Michal Szpak (Eurovision 2016) and Gromee (Eurovision 2018).

Each semi-final will be devoted to another theme. All the sei-finals shows will be pre-recorded.

Semi-final 1 theme will be ABBA songs, semi-final 2 theme will be Eurovision songs, and semi-final 3 theme is the  “The Beatles” songs.

The 21 participants are:

Semi-final 1 – ABBA theme (February 2nd, 2020)

  • Patryk Skoczyński
  • Emilia Sanecka
  • Julia & Wiktoria Szlachta
  • Kasia Dereń
  • Amelia Andryszczyk
  • Sargis Davtyan
  • Maja Hyży

Semi-final 2 – Eurovision theme (February 9th, 2020)

  • Damian Kulej
  • Paulina Czapla
  • Weronika Curyło
  • Stashka
  • Saszan
  • Alicja Szemplińska
  • Aleksandra Nykiel

Semi-final 3 – The Beatles theme (February 16th, 2020)

  • Albert Černý
  • Basia Gąsienica-Giewont
  • Norbert Legieć
  • Adrian Makar
  • Nick Sinckler
  • Marek Kaliszuk
  • Marzena Ryt

Among the participants, you can find Albert Černy, the singer of “Lake Malawi” that represented the Czech Republic in Eurovision 2019. The band ended in 11th place in the grand final.

Albert Černy

Patryk Skoczyński and Kasia Dereń participated in “The Voice of Poland

Maja Hyży participated in the national selection for Eurovision 2018.

Maja Hyży

Sisters Szlachta and Sargis Davtyan participated in previous editions of  “Szansa na Sukces” when it hasn’t been used as a mechanism for selecting an act for Eurovision.



The Russian “Channel 1” will select an artist and a song at the end of February 2020.



San Marino published some photos on Twiter which their message is “Eurovision 2021 San Marino“. The slogan is, of course, hints of San Marino winning Eurovision 2020.

San Marino 2020 trol 3San Marino 2020 trol 2San Marino 2020 trol 1

Meanwhile, another name is in the focus of rumors: the young Albanian singer Inis Neziri is rumored to represent San Marino in Eurovision 2020



 The Serbian Broadcaster RTS has revealed more information regarding its national selection for Eurovision 2020 “Beovizija“.

The 24 artists that will take part in the show will be divided into two 2 semi-finals night, twelve acts each. from each semi-final, the top 6 will qualify for the grand final where the Serbian representative for Rotterdam will be selected 50/50 by a jury and public voting.

RTS also confirmed the show’s dates are:

  • February 28, 2020: Beovizija 2020 – Semi-Final 1
  • February 29, 2020: Beovizija 2020 – Semi-Final 2
  • March 1, 2020: Beovizija 2020 – Final

The list of artists battles for Beovizija2020 victory already published by the network. the songs should be published on February 6th, 2020 which gave us enough time to fall in love with them just before they are going on stage.

  • 1. Igor Simić – Ples za rastanak (Parting Dance)
  • 2. Sanja Bogosavljević – Ne puštam (I Won’t Let Go)
  • 3. Rocher etno bend – Samo ti umeš to (Only You Can Do It)
  • 4. Neda Ukraden – Bomba (The Bomb)
  • 5. Marko Marković – Kolači (Cookies)
  • 6. EJO – Trag (The Mark)
  • 7. Karizma – Ona me zna (She Knows Me)
  • 8. Andrija Jo – Uvek (Always)
  • 9. Naiva – Baš baš (Really, Really)
  • 10. Bojana Mašković – Kao Music (Like Music)
  • 11. Ivana Jordan – Vila (Fairy)
  • 12. Bane Mojićević – Svet sa Prokletija (The World From Prokletije)
  • 13. Ivan Kurtić ft. Geapsy Train – Sabajle (At Dawn)
  • 14. Hurricane – Hasta La Vista
  • 15. Milan Bujaković feat. Olivera Popović – Niti (Threads)
  • 16. Nenad Ćeranić – Veruj u sebe (Believe in Yourself)
  • 17. Bora Dugić i Balkubano – Svadba velika (Big Wedding)
  • 18. Ana Milenković – Tajna (Secret)
  • 19. Srđan Lazić – Duša i telo (Body and Soul)
  • 20. Lazar Živanović – Puklo je nebo (The Sky Parted)
  • 21. Milica Mišić – Kiša (Rain)
  • 22. Thea Devy – Sudnji dan (Judgement Day)
  • 23. Biljana Đurđević – Raj (Heaven)
  • 24. Aleksa Vučković – Samo mi kaži (Just Tell Me)

Among the participants, there are some familiar names:


Hurricane is a successful girl trio that consists of Sanja VučićIvana Nikolić, and Ksenija Knežević.



hurricane serbia.JPG


Sanja Vučić has already represented Serbia in Eurovision 2016 with “Shelter”(Goodbye) and ended in 18th place.


Ksenija Knežević is the daughter of KNEZ who represented Montenegro in Eurovision 2015. She was one of his back vocalists.




Thea Devy was one of the rumored artists to represent Austria in Eurovision 2020. However, Vincent Bueno will represent Austria in Eurovision 2020.

thea devy

Neda Ukraden is 69 years old singer who is well known in the Ex-Yoguslavian countries. her song “Bomba” already released

Neda Ukraden.jpg

Ivan Kurtić participated in the two last years national selections

Ivan Kurtić



Last Saturday, the final of EMA FRES was held. Two young musicians qualified for the final of EMA:

#1. Saška – Še kar lovim tvoj nasmeh


#2. Parvani Violet – Cupid

Parvani Violet EMA FEES



Blas Canto will reveal the song “Universo” on Thursday the 30th of January 2020.

Blas Canto Universo


Earlier this week, the 16 competing artists of “Vidbir 2020” were announced.
Last Thursday, The Ukranian broadcaster held a random lottery for semi-final allocation and running order for each participant.

Here are the results:

Semi-final 1

Vidbir 2020 semi1

#1. [О]

#2. Jerry Heil

#3. Katya Chilly

#4. Krutь

#5. Go-A

#6. Cloudless

#7. Gio

#8. Assol

Semi-final 2

Vidbir 2020 semi2

#1. Moonzoo feat. F.M.F. Sure

#2. Fo Sho

#3. Elina Ivashchenko

#4. Oleksandr Poriadynskyi

#5. Garna

#6. Khayat

#7. David Axelrod

#8. Tvorchi


Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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