Sweden: Julia Alfrida Wins The Golden Ticket To Melodifestivalen 2021

The national final season had just started 12 days ago on the 1st of September and Sweden is waiting no precious time! the road to “Melodifestivalen 2021 took another huge step ahead as SverigesRadio held today the grand final of P4 Nästa 2020 and the first ticket to to Melfest2021 was given!

P4 Nästa 2020 toured 25 local radio stations across Sweden. each region presented Five entries for the public’s vote. out of the 25 qualifiers for the national contest, an experts jury picked the best Eight among them for the final live show.

One by one, the eight finalists has preformed their entries in “Väster Concert Hal”l that follow all the COVID-19 guidelines and restriction and hosted by Josefin Johansson and Titti Schultz.

  1. Alicia Jern – Friendzone (P4 Skaraborgs)
  2. Sanna ft. Re:Bond – Aldrig det (P4 Västmanlands)
  3. Amskøld – Standby (P4 Jämtlands)
  4. Nina Bring – Nära (P4 Västernorrlands)
  5. Northlight – Equally different (P4 Värmlands)
  6. Hilde & Erik – Som det är (P4 Malmöhus)
  7. Julia Alfrida – Dark doom (P4 Stockholms)
  8. Agnes Rehn – Goodbye (P4 Kronobergs)
Photo: Lina Flodins, Rebecka Fabris Rudmalm, Amilia Öhberg Soukri, Sonja Davis, Henrik Hansson, Petra Berggren, Emil Packalén and Joel Wessman

The online voting at sverigesradio website was open in the for 2 weeks. while the last votes were counted took the stage for the interval act last year winner Amanda Aasa, Melfest megastar Dotter, and Eurovision 2010 representative Anna Bergendahl with her latest single “Thelma and Louise”

Closing the nights, TV Producer Karin Gunnarsson reveled the results of the jury consist herself, Rita Jernquist, Germund Stenhagand and Maths Broborg, and announced that Julia Alfrida has wins the golden ticket to Europe’s favorite national final!

As “Dark Room” was released before Sep 1st, 2020 and by the Eurovision rules its not eligible for 2021 contest anymore, Julia is going back to the studio to write her Melfest entry.

Besides Julia Alfrida, the star of the night was Hilde & Erik the won the public’s vote and the trophy of P4 Nästa 2020

Last year Tim Lööv has won the contest but the ticket for Melfest was given to Amanda Aasa. later she participated in Melodifestivalen 2020 3rd semi finals but didn’t qualify for the final

Follow the regional results here

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