Ana Soklič Drops “Voda” Music Video

Right before Ana Soklič will discover her plans for the upcoming Eurovision song contest in Rotterdam, the Slovenian singer has a huge surprise that will officially close her 2020 journey.

This morning Ana has dropped the powerful new music video of her 2020 entry “Voda” (Eng: “Water”). The video concept was created by Ana herself and she also co-directed the video with Bojan Simončič,

On a special note to her fans, Ana talks openly with her fans about her road so far, saying “It’s been a while since the Emma 2020 event. Just like all the people on this planet, me and my team didn’t go to hand this year: the song Water, unfortunately, didn’t experience its peak, at least not the way we wanted. Eurovision has been canceled, sponsors have withdrawn, appearances moved to an indefinite time in the future. That’s why me and the team decided to pay tribute to the winning song after all, as we think it deserves.

I dedicate the video for the unconventional Eurovision song ′′ Water ′′ to my grandmother, Maria Rozman from Bohinjska Bistrica in Bohinj, who unfortunately said goodbye to us this fall and will not see me on the Eurovision stage. Mom was like a rock. Unfortunately, there will be no such generations!

I don’t want to lose words about the product itself, let the work done speak for itself. In the end, I always come to the same answer: accept work, try to stay creative as you can, somehow tolerate, give something from yourself, be in our case with music, word, video, just a short live performance, that’s it what I think is still the best decision. Meanwhile the trend of this time is expressing our views and opinions after long and disappearing and when everyone seems to know everything, some of us still express ourselves with our creative work and reveal what we know best – part of ourselves.

First of all, I would like to thank the right hand of my creation from the heart, the person who – I say out loud again and would shout – more work and less ′′ mushroom “, Bojan Simončič Simm. For all his time and energy he invests in products to watch, listen. Musician, author and arrangement Žiga Pirnat for re-acting in the field where he is in the top, abroad and here, brilliates and leaves an indelible musical mark. Matev žu Šmon and Andra žu Čok Sork, for all the effort in all the recording days, to keep such weight from the camera under such angles and in such conditions… yes, it’s an art that I can only admire. Anka Simoncic Photography for all the energy and openness when at four in the morning we persisted hard and waited for the first rays of light at four in the morning. Artists, dancers of expressive dance, to my film alter ego, Kaja Lin, without whom I simply cannot imagine this video. To my friend Phillip Andrewz (Illy Problemmz) who has neared our narrative on me the most beautiful way possible. Dear Vesni Mirtelj, which I constantly steal time, but I know she can’t resist me, so her clothes are always standing exactly as they should. To my neighbors so far smaller and most wonderful forms: Ruj, Jaš, Livija Kovač, I’m glad to hear your playful laughter on our street, these are the most beautiful sounds our humanity can do!

We enjoyed it, I hope you will or some of you will be too: one individual is the whole world after all! We are turning a new leaf and we are entering a new chapter with joy and strong steps! ′′ Show must go on “, or what did Freddy say? 😉Know: the water I’m talking about in this video will never go away.I hug and greet you and wish you good health and what you can have in the year ahead. A.”

Moving forward for her 1st Eurovision experience in 2021, a record number of 191 potential entries have been submitted for Anna that was announced as the automatic representative for 2021. Keep following us as more details about the Slovenian songs selection is about to hit real soon….

You can find all the relevant information at our Eurovision 2021 homepage:

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