Israel: KAN Announced the Finalists and the Full Results of Eden Alena Song Selection

Back In December 2020, the Israeli broadcaster KAN released a 9 demo-versions potential Eurovision 2021 songs specially written for Eden Alene, and opened a public online voting to select the best one among them.

  1. Can’t Stop a Hurricane
  2. Coming Out
  3. Flying
  4. La La Love
  5. Rise Up Today
  6. Set Me Free
  7. Shoulders
  8. Spilling magic
  9. Ue la la


Earlier today and a week after the news was already leaked to the Israeli media, KAN has made an official announcement about the Three final songs and some more info for the upcoming Israeli selection. The public voting ranging in the first Two spots were added with the last Third song selected by the broadcast special committee.

  • La La Love
  • Ue la la
  • Set Me Free (KAN’s choice)

The Israeli fans are still in shocked that one of the favorite entries to win the NF “Shoulders” was failed to pass the first elimination process and stayed out of the race. KAN has received many emails notes and messages since the final songs were leaked asking to reconsider and to final a way to bring back “Shoulders” to the game but with the official announcement today we learn that no action was made. one of the people stands behind “Shoulders” is Eurovision winner Netta‘s brother Zohar barzilai together with Adi Rotem.

Regarding all the negative results and comments KAN has received after revealing its finalists, the broadcaster has decided to act and published this post in their social media that unveils the full results of the online voting

  • 12.1 % | Sholder ׳S | Shoulders
  • 10.4 % | Magic | Spilling Magic
  • 8.9% | הוריקן | Can’t Stop a Hurrican
  • 8.7 % | Flying | Flying
  • 7.3 % | going free | Coming Out
  • 7.2 % | We will shine today | Rise Up Today

In case you had not enough drama till now, the Israeli entertainment correspondent Eran Suissa has reported that the lyrics of the song “Ue La La”( written by cosmetic brand owner Aline Cohen) needed to be changed. the reason for that is to prevent the song from being disqualify by the EBU, if chosen, for having a commercial nature. in the song one of Cohen’s lead products “Mon Cheri” is mentioned many times and “BE BE BE” can be correspond to Israeli drugstore BE where the item is marketed.

Moving forwards, Eden has already recorded the final versions of there 3 songs and working hard these days on shooting the music videos. On January 18, 2021, a week before the grand final, KAN will release the final versions of the songs and will open another online voting on January 19th to help the broadcast make the perfect decision for Eden.

The final selection will be held on on January 25th, 2021 and will be host by Lucy Ayoub who was one of the hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Israel.

You can find all the relevant information at our Eurovision 2021 homepage:

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