Lithuania: Pabandom iš Naujo 2021 Heat 2 Running Order revealed

Earlier this week Lithuanian broadcaster LRT was filming 2st heat of Pabandom iš Naujo!.
During this filming we learned the running order for heat 21, interval act for this heat and jury for heat 2.Last week we learned the first 5 Semi Finalists which are band ‘Be U’, Titas & Benas, Martyna Jezepčikaitė, Milita Daikerytė and Voldemars Petersons.

As Last week we learned that hosts are Vytautas Rumsas Jr, Ieva Stasiulevičiūttė and Vaidas Baumila

First in Running Order for Heat 2 is band ‘Uno Band‘. As the band vocalist Vytautas Raudonis told to that band took short break and returned last summer. This is first time when band takes their luck in national selection stage. Vytautas comments after the performance said ‘It feels great!’.

Next up in Running Order comes up Rapolas. He will sing song called ‘Degam’. He mentioned that ‘Originally I created in English version of the song, then I thought of creating a Lithuanian one as well. After all, our (Lithuanian) language is very beautiful, rich, very good to sing in it. So I thought that if Italians or French are already singing in their mother tongue, Lithuanians can sing in their own language’.
Rapolas first appear on LRT Television in project called ‘Two Voices-One Heart’, in where he participated with his mother Aurelija Meškauskiene, as well from project called ‘Two generations’ in which he appeared with Rolandas Janus a couple of years ago.

3rd act of the night is performer Sunday Afternoon with song called ‘Open’. Sunday Afternoon appeared on the stage with a colourful image. The performer it may be familiar. The performer is Vilija Matačiūnaitė who represented Lithuania in Eurovison Song Contest in Copenhagen in 2014 with song called ‘Attention’.

Vilija said ‘A lot of time has passed, I have matured and have new ideas, new works. Maybe not everyone will like it, although the song ‘Attention’, which went to Eurovison before, received very different assessments and opinions. I am not afraid of criticism-there will always be. And the song ‘Open’ is very relevant in these days, in this world and in this period of civilization’.

Next in running order, for the second year in a row, actress Aistė Brokenleg is testing her luck in national Eurovison Song Contest. Both times Aistė is bringing new original choice of image. ‘This combination was created especially for Aiste’ said Akvilė Jančauskaitė who designed Aiste’s look.’ This image is created especially for this show, altough individual elements of the costume could also been seen on the catwalk of festival’ said the Akvile.

5th act of the act comes up Natalija Chareckaja with the song Solitary Star’. Natalija Chareckaja previously tried her luck in 2018 national selection with song ‘Serious‘.

Natalija Chareckaja who lives in Rotterdam and has returned to Lithuania to admire the winter and try again in national selection. She is using fascinated the original image with the nickname Cosmic bride. The lyrics and music for the song ‘Solitary Star’ which was created by he artist herself. ‘Later I was helped by a very talented producer with whom we studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory, and other graduate of the Rotterdam Conservatory took care of the visual side’ said Natalija. Natalija’s outfit is very original dress designed by Latvian designer Una Berzina.

For first time, Norbertas a 20 year old performer with song called ‘Man In Need’. He is been seen in many television projects in Lithuania before. Norbertas said that music accompanied him from an early age, he learned to play the accordion at a music school without having accompanied with instrument, he was developing his vocals for 5 years.

7th act of the night is act Gebrasy with song called ‘Where’d You Wannna Go’. Gebrasy said ‘This is the fourth time I returned to national selection, second time I return with my song. For me, this year is exceptional, I started working with another team, so this song marks the beginning of our common creative path, I really believe in this song’.

Next in running order comes artist Evita Cololo with song called ‘Be paslapčių’.After the performance she says ‘I feel very good!, As I was unable to perform or give a concert due to quarantine, this performance was first after a short break, so I put a lot of energy’. ‘The Lithuanian language is very melodic, lyrical, the vocabulary is rich enough to express one’s feelings. This song is very close to me and I feel it in Lithuanian,’ She added. The nineteen year old performer often catches the eye catching combination a dark leather jacket and lighter vest matching it. ‘The vest was sewn by my friend a great young designer Arūnė Jūrevičiūtė‘.

2nd last in running order for Heat 2 is

Last in running order comes up Gabrielė Goštautaitė who will sing song called ‘Freedom’. Gabrielė says ‘I feel very good because I think everything has been done’. The artist said she also watched the heat 1 and she said that it was really beautiful performances. ‘Overall, its fun that this project is happening-we miss the stage. It is very nice to be part of this project, to be on the stage again’.

Gabrielius Vagelis with song called ‘My Guy’. Who always pays a lot of attention to his image. After spending a lot of time during the quarantine with comfortable sportswear ,he enjoyed the opportunity to wear a suit to wich he matched a stylish hat. For 4th time Gabriellus tries his luck in national selection and for 3rd time he presents his own song. Gabriellius says ‘This time, he will try to win the sympathy of the audience and the project commission with the work ‘My Guy’.

After all 10 acts are performing, during the televoting collection we will witness a interval act of The Roop and they will perform 2 songs ‘On Fire’ and ‘Discoteque’.

Who will qualify from heat 2 and goes to semi final to chance to perform against The Roop and others.

Pabandom iš Naujo! 2021 Heat 2 will be seen on 23rd January 2021 (This Saturday) at 20:00 CET on LRT official website or LRT official YouTube channel livestream.

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