Serbia: Hurricane to sing ”Loco Loco” at Eurovison 2021.

On November 2020 RTS announced that Hurricane will represent Serbia in Eurovison Song Contest 2021.They previously won Beovizija 2020 with song ”Hasta La Vista” and they would participate in Eurovison Song Contest 2020 but got cancelled.

Originally the plans were to host song selection with 2-3 songs but Hurricane decided to scrap the plans and go internally. Team behind of ”Loco Loco” are Nemanja Antonić composer of ”Hasta La Vista” and popular Balkan music producer Darko Dimitrov.
Darko Dimitrov lives in North Macedonia and was involved in the following Eurovision songs:

  • Proud” (North Macedonia 2019)
  • Ninanajna” (North Macedonia 2006)
  • To The Sky” (North Macedonia 2014)
  • Lost and Found” (North Macedonia 2018)

In addition, he produced the following Eurovision songs:

  • Nova Deca” (Serbia 2018)
  • You” (North Macedonia 2020
  • Alive” (Albania 215)
  • Kruna” (Serbia 2019)

Hurricane’s entry ”Loco Loco” shot a music video from Maldives.

Currently Hurricane has been working hard and putting final touches to ”Loco Loco” and soon will be released.

Local media is saying that Hurricane’s entry will be released on early March, very likely on 1st of March 2021.

Serbia is set to participate in 1st half of 2nd Semi Final in Eurovison Song Contest 2021.

2021. You can find all the relevant information on our Eurovision 2021 homepage:

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