Interview: Avraham De Carvalho (“Hacochav Haba La’Eurovision 2019, Israel)

He is one of the most talented singers to compete in “Hacochav Hava La’Eurovision 2019” (The Israeli preselection for Eurovision 2019). All of us remember him because of his excellent performances, usually accompanied by piano playing.
We have the honor to interview him, just after the release of a new song “I Won’t Let You Go“.
We are talking about Avraham De Carvalho, the rock-soul-R&B-pop singer.
Avraham immigrated to Israel in 2017 and was born in Brazil.

Hi Avraham, welcome to ESCBEAT and thanks for accepting our invitation!

“Hi Doron, thanks for inviting me. I’m glad to be here”

Tell us about the time you spent right after “Hacochav Haba La’Eurovision 2019”.
How did it feel? What were the reactions you got? 

Well, I was overwhelmed with the support I received through the comments and the embrace from the audience. For me, as a new immigrant, Ole Hadash, it was very important to get this acceptance and it gave me the boost to keep working on my music.
I have participated in many events and international shows, but the most important thing to me was to meet my audience, that’s when I ran with my national tour in Israel, the tickets were SOLD OUT months before, so it was a very pleasant surprise until the coronavirus shut down everything.

Looking back at your performance in the show, which one do you consider to be the best and why?

I can point out two of them. The song “Issues”, which was the first performance, and “Back to Black”. I brought a different interpretation to these songs, with my musical genre which made it feel like they were my own songs, very personal.

Did you imagine reaching the semi-finals of “Hacochav haba La’Eurovision 2019“?

I really had the desire to represent Israel in Eurovision. I put my whole heart and personality into every performance. When I was eliminated, one step before the final, I was devastated.

Tell us about your experience during the last year while Covid-19 restrictions influence your life as a human being and especially as a singer.

It’s been one hell of a ride. As a musician – my world crashed down on me. I was planning on releasing my music and going on a new national tour.
Then all the booking events and shows were cancelled one after another and the only thing that kept me filled with hope, was writing my songs and recording my album. Luckily, I also started working at a surrogacy agency a couple of months before the Covid-19 spread, so it helped me keep my head above waters.

Can you tell us about your first days in Israel, after you have made Aliya from Brazil?

I fell in love with this country at first sight. I felt like I found the place to call “home”. I arrived in Israel primarily as a volunteer in ALUT (The Israeli Society for Autistic Children). At about the same time, I met my husband, Or, and almost one year later we got married in Brazil. Thus, I decided to build my life in Israel.

In what way does life in Israel differ from life in Brazil?

Oh, a lot!
For me, Israel is the center of the world. Great minds, the best medical care services, technology, security, so many cultural influences in the culinary world, music, and art. Israel is the best place to live in.

Tell us about the process in which your new single “I Won’t Let You Go“. Who was involved in creating the song? Have the lyrics or the melody come first?

My husband and I composed this song together, as we usually do.
The lyrics and melody came alive together, simultaneously, from our hearts, playing the piano and letting the words come out.
Then we met with our producers, Dor Dekel and Guy Kachlon (Hoox Studio), and they brought their color into the song.

What is the story behind “I Won’t Let You Go”?

This song talks about the reflection on a broken relationship, whether between parents and children, friends, couple, and how important it is, to devote oneself to this relationship, so one won’t regret and live miserably if losing it.

The lyrics of the song:

Laying on the bed right now
My head is spinning around
I have many things to say
Please answer my calls
The way you were so innocent about love
I made you feel clowned
Sober I realized that I would be alone
I hope we get over
This feeling between us
You give me all I ask
I always come before
Sorry, I hurt you
Cause I never meant to
But I can see it now
I won’t let you go
Falling to the ground
Haunted by the hounds
They hauled and tried to change me
To be like one of them
The way you were so terrified
Like a fire it burned
I let you down
And I made you feel the pain

I hope we get over
This feeling between us
You give me all I ask
I always come before
Sorry, I hurt you
Cause I never meant to
But I can see it now
I won’t let you go
All I need is
All I need is
All I need is your love

All I need is
All I need is
Cause all I need is your love

I hope we get over
This feeling between us
You give me all I ask
I always come before
Sorry, I hurt you
Cause I never meant to
But I can see it now
I won’t let you go

Can you tell us about the video clip of the song? Where has it been recorded? What’s the idea behind it?

The music video was produced and filmed in New York with a team that works on video clips for international artists such as the singer USHER, the rapper WALE and the Italian singer IRAMA.
The idea behind it is that every person in this world deserves love and forgiveness, whether over heartbreak or feeling emotionally disconnected during relationships and we wanted to reflect that emotion in the video clip.

When will you release your debut album?

I expect to finish recording my album by the end of this year and then I hope to release it in 2022.

How would you define your music genre in one sentence?

Energetic, powerful, soul, pop music.

Would you consider representing Israel at Eurovision in the future?

For sure! That’s what I truly wanted when I participated in the “Hacochav Haba La’Eurovision 2019”.
And as one of the judges commented about me on the show: “He is a fighter!” So, yes! I won’t give up!

Do you watch Eurovision? If so, since when?

Yeah! I love the magic of Eurovision.
But as I grew up in Brazil the ESC was not a part of our culture, since it’s not known there.
I moved to Switzerland when I was 18, that’s when I learned about the ESC and fell in love with it.

What’s your favorite Eurovision song from Israel?

“Hallelujah by” Gali Atari and Milk & Honey.

What’s your favorite Eurovision song in general (not from Israel)?

Soldi” by Mahmood (Italy Eurovision 2019)

Suppose you’re getting the chance to represent Israel at Eurovision, describe to us your vision of the song. Will it be in English? Will you play the piano?

My music genre goes on the scale between Adele to Coldplay, so it can be a soulful power ballad or an upbeat song.
I speak English, Portuguese, and Hebrew fluently and also Italian, French, and Spanish, so the language of the song can be any language that brings the best spirit to it.
Regarding the piano, it depends on which elements we will bring into the song, if it is a signature element, so definitely, it will be on the stage.

What’s your message to ESCBEAT readers and Eurovision fans in general?

Keep the passion for this fantastic show and the support to the artists after the show is over.

You can find Avraham’s new song on different digital platforms via FanLink

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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