Max Barskih Aims For Eurovision 2022!

He’s one of the biggest artist around the CIS countries and with his new single “Bestseller” dropped this week comes with a promising statement that we’re all been waiting for: Max Barskih is ready for Eurovision again!

The Eurovision fans cant forget Barskih’s first attempt to hit the big stage in Baku 2012 when he came 2nd in the Ukrainian national selection “Vidbir” with the song “Dance”.

The incredible success in the show has set the singer’s music career on a new apex. questions about returning the contest has been repeated no stop ever since but with no official comment made by the artist till date.

In 2017 Barskih made an exception and he was back in the Ukrainian road to Eurovision. this time as a composer for TAYANNA‘s song “I love you” and followed by his music producer Alan Badoev as the number director. Although getting the same number of points in total with O.Torvald in the first place, the decision was made by the Televote winner what eventually placed the song in the Second place.

Moving on and after Two albums (“7”, “1990”) that break almost every possible record, Max opens 2021 with missive new new hit “Bestseller” a collaboration with the Russian mega singer Zivert. being one of the most surprising dance-pop artist in her country Zivert herself has been rumored for a few years now as the representative for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Max Barskih, Alan Badoev, and Zivert was working on this collaboration for more than a year and the success is not late to come with almost 10M views reached in less then a week!

The Music video directed by Alan Badoev delivers a deep social connotation, in which a person is totally absorbed by technology, and virtual life has replaced reality. Its cyberpunk story of loneliness. The modern world is rapidly losing tactility, people voluntarily digitize their feelings and emotions, exchanging them for likes and ratings on social networks. Hundreds of thousands of photographs today replace the touch and warmth of a kiss.

Promoting this massive new single, Max was performing the song in the TV show popular show “Lip Sync Battle” (Ліпсінк Батл) and with a 10/10 score performance its obvious to see the guys is ready for the big deal! Judge for yourself…

Having these Two great names coming together with such a great single is obviously bringing back the relevant question: does the artists next step will finally be Eurovision 2022?

This time there is no deep silence or a maybe. the aim is loud and clear and it’s the time for Europe to get ready for something big to come!!!

In the meantime, You can listen to “Bestseller” in our March 2021 playlist HERE

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  1. 2012 was Max’s second attempt to represent Ukraine at Eurovision, he competed in 2010 with the song “Beliy Voron”.

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