Around The Continent 2021 – #21

“Around The Continent” is a series of posts where we will give you all the main news of the week.

Head of Eurovision 2021 Contest, Mr. Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen gave an interview this week. In his role, Twan is in charge of regulation, public relations and more.

It was revealed that the semi-finals running order has already been decided. The suggestion should only be accepted by the EBU. Therefore, it is more likely that the running order will be revealed next week. Staging elements and complexity will also be considered.

Dutch broadcasters reveal 6 former Eurovision winners will be special guests this year:

Lenny Kuhr- ”De Troubadour” (Eurovision 1969 Netherlands)

One part of Teach-In’s Getty Kaspers- ”Ding-a-dong” (Eurovision 1975 Netherlands)

Sandra Kim-”J’aime La Vie” (Eurovision 1986 Belgium)

Helena Paparizou- ”My Number One” (Eurovision 2005 Greece)

Lordi- ”Hard Rock Hallelujah” (Euovision 2006 Finland)

Måns Zelmerlöw- ”Heroes” (Eurovision 2015 Sweden)

6 Eurovision champions will perform their winning songs across three unique arenas. The roofs of party venue MaassiloHotel New York and the instantly iconic Boijmans Van Beuningen Depot museum will be transformed into sky-high stages, propelling Eurovision idols to dizzying new heights.

Head of the Show Gerben Bakker explains:

“The Eurovision Song Contest is back after a year of absence. Reason enough to treat the millions of viewers to unique performances from three locations in the middle of the city. The title of this great act is “Rock the Roof” for a reason. By literally filming at great heights, we want to surprise Europe creatively and visually. In addition, I could not have wished for a better city than Rotterdam. Every shot in this city hits the spot. Rotterdam will not soon be forgotten.”

According to Bakker, all 6 acts immediately said ‘yes’ to the idea, including all the members of one very special Dutch band Teach-In.

“Because this is the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, we are taking a journey through time. We are particularly proud that Teach-In will reunite the original line-up after a very long time. Every performance will have its own unique atmosphere.”

Montaigne shared some details about her Eurovision 2021 planned performance.

The singer said that the staging for Eurovision 2021 will be different from the one in her live performance at Mardi Gras.
She describes her staging in the following way:

“Fun and cute and silly and snarky, that kind of thing, or something like that. Something a bit more ironic, but not ironic in a cynical way, ironic in a self-aware way.” 

Montaigne will be accompanied by dancers on stage.
The team behind her performance is:
Marko Panzic – Choreography and Staging Concept
Michelea Simone + Ricki Crisillio – Hair and Makeup
 Miriam Sedic +Josie McManis  – Outfits

Backup live on tape performance was recorded yesterday: Friday the 26th of March 2021.

Belarus won’t participate in Eurovision 2021

Back then, the band Galasy ZMesta was internally chosen by the Belarusian broadcaster BTRC to represent the country at Eurovision 2021.
In the beginning, they submitted the song ”Ya Nauchu Tebya” (I’ll Teach You).
However, the song was too political to enter the contest.
EBU has decided to give the country a special time extension in order to submit another song for Eurovision 2021.

A few days ago, Galasy ZMesta sent another song for Eurovision 2021. The song has been carefully examined by the reference group. However, the new song hasn’t met the EBU regulations as well.
Therefore, Belarus won’t take part in Eurovision 2021.

According to media reports, the new song that was submitted is “Little Song“:

Victoria recorded Backup live on tape performance in Sofia, Bulgaria

Albina recorded Backup live on tape performance in Sofia, Bulgaria

The singer has also performed the song in a different version which includes more Croatian language lyrics in a jazz style:

Elena Tsagrinou recorded Backup live on tape performance in Sofia, Bulgaria

Blind Channel posted short videos where they performed “Dark Side” in 5 different genres: Jazz, K Pop, Pop- Punk, Black Metal and Regge

Stefania recorded Backup live on tape performance in Sofia, Bulgaria

The official video clip of “10 Years” by Daði Freyr and Gagnamagnið will be released on Monday the 19th of March 2021

Eden Alene has released a revamped version of “Set Me Free.” The beat of the song has been changed, the male bacling vocalists have gone and there are some challenging high notes in the end. The lyrics of the song have been slightly changed as well.

Eden Alene recorded Backup live on tape performance yesterday.

Destiny recorded Backup live on tape performance in Sofia, Bulgaria

Natalia Gordienko recorded Backup live on tape performance in Sofia, Bulgaria

National broadcaster MRT has created a commission to review the participation of Vasil at Eurovision 2021. The decision was made after the drama occurred following
the original video clip of “Here I Stend“. The appearance of Bulgaria’s flag caused North Macedonia to put a question mark on Vasil‘s participation at Eurovision 2021.

However, after an internal review that was done by the broadcaster, it has been decided that Vasil will remain North Macedonia‘s artist for Eurovision 2021 with the song “Here I Stand

The Black Mamba filmed their postcard for Eurovision 2021 in front of a green screen:

The band members recorded the Backup live on tape performance just after their winning in “Festival da Canção 2021 

Russia‘s representative Manizha gave an interview to the British channel BBC.
During the interview, she talked about the hate she received due to the feminist message of the song “Russian Woman“. She has also referred to racism she has faced following the fact she was born in Tajakistan.

In an interview the singer Senhit gave, she answered that Flo Rida may join her on stage at Eurovision 2021 if travel restrictions will allow it.

Hurricane recorded Backup live performance on tape in Belgrade.
In addition. They filmed the postcard for Eurovision 2021 in front of a green screen::

Ana Soklič filmed her postcard for Eurovision 2021 in front of a blue screen:

Blas Cantó published a snippet of the English version of his song. The singer said that a French version will be performed by him as well, but not on digital platforms.

Tusse filmed his postcard for Eurovision 2021 in front of a green screen:

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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