LIVE Eurovision 2021 Day 8 Rehearsals review

Today we continue second rehearsals for Eurovision Song Contest 2021 for big 5 and host country for 2nd time to try the Eurovision stage.

Scheduled timetable for today’s rehearsals and meet and greet.

CountryTimePress Meet & Greet
Italy10:30 – 10:5012:15 – 12:35
Germany10:55 – 11:0512:40 – 13:00
The Netherlands11:20 – 11:4013:05 – 13:25
France11:45- 12:0513:30 – 13:50
United Kingdom12:10 – 12:3013:55 – 14:15
Spain12:25 – 12:5514:20 – 14:40

Maneskin main singer introduces us on stage as door opens. Lights from celling are in introduction and bright orange lights. Singer walks up to middle of stage and introduces the whole band. On 1st chorus we see the singer is between bassist and guitarist. We see the the singer and bassist and guitarist is each side of stage .On LED screens we see the shadows of each band during the chorus. On 2nd part of the song the singer, bassist and guitarist is interacting with each other. During 2nd part chorus bassist instrumental the spotlight is introduced at it. On build up of the last chorus singer walks up to the drummer and last part we see the singer walks down from platform to finish the song. At last chorus we see the fire wall pyro and fire ball pyro. At end he falls down. The camera angles were smooth and vocally great. The outfit of Damiano (singer) was wearing leather like overalls without the shirt and leather pants. The Band members are wearing red leather outfits with opened up. The dominant colours were grey, white, red and blue. The used prop was the platform where they went up to the guitarist.

Måneskin, Italy, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 15 May 2021

We also learned the running order of the Italian position and its 2nd half in the Grand Final.

Jendrik opens up to stage and whole the peace sign and 3 backup singers are introduced. On 1st chorus we see Jendrik is playing the ukulele and singing it. The whole performance is improved. The LED screens at 1st part are filled with hateful words and during the the colourful explosion. At end of song there is big capital letters ”Hate’‘ but the colour burst destroys it. Jendrik is wearing black shirt, pink small jacket, blue pants and white sneakers and chain written ”anoying”.The back vocalists wearing black and white 3 different versions of outfits each of colour of red, pink and green. The peace sign was wearing peace sign costume ,long black socks and black and white sneakers. Some non chorus bits LED screens showed us text in a shape of newspapers.
The whole performance was very musical inspired and active and fun. The camera angles were sharper from 1st rehearsal. Only issue here was that Jendrik wasn’t accurate which was heavy breathing during the performance.

Jendrik, Germany, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 15 May 2021

Germany is set to take part of 2nd half of Grand Final

Introduction of LED screens which imitates the cracking and then we see Jeangu and then each side of the female and male backup vocalists. Then the screen shows the wide screen of backup singers and Jeangu in middle and on screen we see ”You Can’t Break Me” in English and Surinamese. We are introduced on dancer as well. On 2nd part we see the all walk up the smaller stage and behind of this colourful painting and its written ”You can’t break me” in English and Surinamese” and then during the end of the song they walk up to the middle of smaller stage to finish the song. Female backup singer wears black and blue squared pattern shirt without sleeves and black leather skirt, the backup male singer wears outfit of grey with black middle and blue lines. Jeangu wears blue jacket and blue pants with leather straps around him. The camera angles were fine and vocally Jeangu sounded great.

Jeangu Macrooy, The Netherlands, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 15 May 2021

Netherlands is set to take place at 23rd spot in the Grand Final.

Overall It conveys a simplicity that is often lacking in the contest. Barbara wears a black outfit, with the top semi-transparent. Quite similar to a national selection performance, including virtual birds flight after the first chorus. The lighting is grey/white/light blue, sometimes just a modest circle of lighting around Barbara. The show ends with massive camera movements that connect to the drama in the song and stars around her on LED floors.

Barbara Pravi, France, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 15 May 2021

France is set to take part in 2nd half in the Grand Final.

James starts standing on platform and at each side hanging 2 white large trumpets and LED screens are like black wavy gradients. The lights are bright red and light blue flashing lights. James is joined by 4 dancers with trumpets and James in middle during the chorus. During 2nd chorus he walks to across the stage dancing and he is joined with 2 backup dancers and 2 of them are in platform. On 3rd chorus the all the back on stage. On build up James goes back to platform and stands and we see white trumpets are down. The lights during the chorus are bright orange and white flashing lights. James wearing black shirt, long black leather jacket with golden lines, golden neck chain and black pants while the dancers are wearing white suits. James vocally was great and camera shots are still needs to be improved.

James Newman, United Kingdom, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 15 May 2021

United Kingdom is set to take part as 1st half in Grand Final

Blas starts in middle of the stage while the blue light striking from right side and fades away and then from zoom in and fades away. He starts with acapella and then music starts. The LED screens imitates the moon and stars and lights are white and blue. In 2nd part of the song the moon on screen goes up and we see the big balloon that looks like moon behind him. the LED screens are shooting stars. on build up on last chorus the screens goes golden star explosion and end of the song moon goes red. Blas was wearing silk black shirt, black pants and black shoes. Vocally he was great but the camera shots needs a improvement.

Blas Cantó, Spain, Second Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 15 May 2021

Spain is set to take part in 1st half in Grand Final

We are tuning on Monday as well with reviews, pictures and short snippets.

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