Watch Live: Eurovision 2021 acts hit the Turquoise Carpet!

All but a few of the delegations taking part in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest will strut their stuff on ESC’s version of the red carpet.

In 2019, an orange carpet event where we got to meet the acts and their supporting cast was an enjoyable watch last year.

This year’s sponsors Moroccan Oil’s signature turquoise is the colour of choice for the 2021 carpet.

Unfortunately, the four countries will not be seen on the carpet later today, Poland, Iceland, Malta, and Romania. This is due to someone in both the Icelandic and Polish delegations testing positive for Covid-19, and the Romanian and Maltese delegations are taking precautionary measures as they are staying in the same hotel. It will be a shame not to see Daði Freyr’s signature deep green clash with the Turquoise of the carpet.

The live stream for this event will be on YouTube and begins at 18:00 CET:

You can find all the relevant information on our Eurovision 2021 homepage:

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