Around The Continent 2022 – #1

We are already missing Eurovision, as Eurovision 2021 just ended last week. However, some countries have already started in preparation for Eurovision 2022! We will be here to report all the latest news!

Blink TV announced that Eurovision-Australia Decides 2022 to Gold Coast. The National Selection process was first held in 2019 with Kate Miller-Heidke winning the first edition. The second edition was won by Montaigne in 2020. Previously Dami In announced that she would take part in selection in 2021 but due to cancellation of the 2020 contest Montaigne was internally selected to represent Australia with the song ”Technicolour” but failed to qualify to grand final. More details of selection for 2022 edition is yet to be announced.

EBU Decided to suspend the Belarusian broadcaster BTRC by due to their recent actions.

For more details you can read it here:

After massive success with Victoria Bulgarian delegation and sponsors are satisfied with results and they want to continue the same success. They said:

”Eurovision is a contest where we face great competition. Even if you do your best, chances are that there will be even better than you. So, we accept that reality and we are trying to become better and better. We are extremely satisfied by the results. We will discuss with our partners and hope to find the right approach to move forward to the next level. We will also try to extend the partnerships, so that we can continue to participate. Overall, we are looking for candidates who can perform on stage, who will bring quality and will contribute to the contest, and will represent our country with dignity. There is no price tag for these requirements. During the contest this year we had record-breaking engagement by our viewers, especially when participating in the voting. Italian and French songs were the clear highlights for Bulgarian viewers. We are happy that such songs are the preferred choice for our viewers. We had the honour of taking part in the strongest Eurovision Song Contest in the past several years with a lot of music diversity and quality. We congratulate RAI for the more than deserved win and all the other contestants for making this such a strong competition. Of course, finances are not the primary concern. In 2019 we also had proposals for private funding but from candidates we didn´t find suitable. Eventually, we decided to withdraw instead of participating just for the sake of participation. Most likely will be there for another year. We plan to make it open for any country that would like to work on their Eurovision entry with the composers we manage to attract.’

It was announced that Spanish Television channel TEN has agreed on the rights with Estonian broadcaster ERR to broadcast Eesti Laul 2022 live in Spain. This also confirms that Eesti Laul 2022 will return and soon we are going to learn more details for the selection.

It was announced that Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu or simply know as UMK will be used once more to select the artist/band and song for Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.
UMK and Finnish broadcaster YLE released the rules for national selection. One of the rules are that artist/band will be able to submit the songs for UMK from 1st September 2021.
It is also hoped and planned to have a national selection with the audience.

French HOD Alexandra Reddle-Amiel confirmed that broadcaster France Télévisions is planning a national selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Alexandra told to L’Eurovision au Quotidien that:
”Yes, this format will be repeated next year, and we are very happy about it!”
She added that the national selection will be re-branded for 2022 selection:
”We spotted a few tweaks, little things to review, maybe in the mechanics. Everything can be improved.” So this confirms that Eurovision France: c’est vous qui décidez will return for one more year.

German broadcasters started the first steps to search for their artist. NDR is looking for 100 Jury members to help select their entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2022. NDR is looking for 100 members of the public to join the jury to review the candidates and potential songs for Eurovision Song Contest 2022. You must be a resident in Germany to be a jury member. The submission window has closed for the application to become the jury to select the artist. More details will be revealed soon to submit the songs.

According to the website Eurovision Fun Greek broadcaster is planned to hold national selections to select their artist and song for Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Giannis Argyriou from Greek news site Eurovision Fun has said:
”ERT’s intentions for next year are to have a national final. This is something a lot of people in Greece have wanted for several years. A lot of artists have expressed their desire to participate in a national final for Eurovision.”

Greek broadcaster ERT intended to use the National Selection method for Stefania song selection but due to pandemic situation they decided to go for internal selection.

Irish HOD Micheal Kealy is open to the interest of ”public’s involvement” which means interest of national selection idea is back. Mr Kealy’s comments come after Ireland finished last in their semi final for second year. Ireland have internally selected their entrant since in 2016.
Mr Kealy told the Irish Sun:
“I feel it’s time we reverted to giving the public their say in what we do but we must find an effective and cost effective way of doing that.”
His comments come after past Irish participants and winners are calling to return of the televised national selection. Mr.Kealy added:
“Other countries are able to invest significantly more money and resources in their selection processes, staging and support teams than a small chronically underfunded broadcaster like RTE, that’s unfortunately a fact of life we can’t ignore.”

Israeli broadcaster KAN has announced that use X-Factor to select an artist. Israeli broadcaster published the rules and regulations for the Israeli national selection format and show.
2 broadcasters entred the bidding: “Hakochav Haba La’Euorivision” (channel 12) and “X Factor Israel” (Channel 13)
Back in February, Israeli broadcaster KAN announced that they had begun preparations for their Eurovision 2022 national selection. It was rumoured at Simon Cowel that the face of X-Factor will help to pick Israeli’s next representive for Eurovision 2022 but later on it was declined. One of Jury members will be able to find Netta who won Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with song ”Toy”.

X-Factor will be used only as an artist selection.

After Maneskin took a 3rd victory for Italy first 11 cities expressed their interest in holding the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and these cities are:

Reggio Emilia

In the following months we will learn new details which cities will be able to host it and new details of national selection of ”Sanremo Music Festival”.

Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS opened the song submissions for Eurovision Song Contest in 2022.entry to the Netherlands. Their criteria for songs must be that they do not wish to enter the process, which means no national selection or Eurovision song writing camp to go with singers or songwriters to find a song.

The Dutch selection committee stated:
”The selection committee aims for an entry with preferably a contemporary, but in any case authentic sound. A song that is able to survive in a competition. By a Dutch artist who can and wants to present a personal song in a distinctive way, in any genre, and if possible a personal story.”

Artists and songwriters who wish to submit an entry can do so by 31st August 2021.The songs must not be released commercially before that date. Any artist who wishes to send more than one entry is allowed to send a maximum of three.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK announced that they are on search for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and they opened the submissions for Melodi Grand Prix 2022. NRK has announced that they will open submissions for artists who wish to compete in Melodi Grand Prix 2022.The submissions are open from May 28th 2021 until August 15th 2021.
The rules for song submissions are:
It is encouraged that registered entries have at least one Norwegian songwriter, as MGP wants to prioritize and promote Norwegian music life.
Each producer / songwriter can sign up for a maximum of three songs.
Everyone can sign up for songs, but artists must be 16 years old to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Songs must exceed 3 minutes in length and cannot be commercially released before September 1st.

Norwegian HOD Stig Karlsen said:
”The invitation is open to anyone who writes songs. This is a unique chance to try and grab a place in the world’s biggest music competition. We are open to all kinds of music within a broad understanding of the pop genre. It can be anything from sophisticated beautiful pop songs, to bone-hard rock, pink chewing gum pop, and everything in between.”

Melodi Grand Prix 2022 is planned to be held between January and February 2022 and will be formed of the Semi Finals and Grand Final.

Sanmarinese broadcaster SMRTV announced that ”Una voce per San Marino” will be a national selection of select the artist for San Marino to represent the country at Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Secretary of State for Tourism Federico Pedini Amati said:
“It will not be an easy year. Unfortunately, the pandemic forces us to keep some projects pending, but at the same time we are firmly convinced that tourism will restart and that events can help us. The programming will kick off in June, run all year round, and include at least one major event each month.”

More details of ”Una voce per San Marino” will be announced at a later date.

Editor in chief of RTS Entertainment, Olivera Kovačević has confirmed that Serbia will return to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and that they will return of a national selection ”Beovizija”.
More details for ”Beovizija” will be announced in mid-June. Song submisssion will be open in June and will close in mid-November 2021.The planned grand final will be held on February 2022.

We got the first potential name for ”Beovizija 2022” and it’s ANGELLINA, when a fan of her asked on her twitter if she would submit a song for Beovizija and she replied yes.

It was announced that P4 Nasta confirmed that for Melodifestivalen 2022 there won’t be wildcard spot for Melodifestivalen for the first time since their introduction in 2013. The last P4 Nasta wildcard was for Julia Alfrida, who sang ”Rich” but failed to qualify for the grand final or second chance and came last.

SRF the Swiss German broadcaster confirmed that they kicked off preparations to find Eurovision entry for Eurovision 2022. SRF opened the submissions to find 100 jury members for the panel who will review and select Swiss entry for Eurovision 2022. Soon we will find out when the song submissions will open.

STB reported that Vidbir will return to select Ukraine’s entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2022.More details will be revealed on fallowing weeks. The last time Vidbir was used was in 2020 when GO_A won with the song ”Solovey”.

Each week we will report on each country’s plans for Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

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