Around The Continent 2022-Week 4

As we continue the weekly series Around The Continent and we are going to talk about news and updated list how each country will select or take part at Eurovision Song Contest 2022.


Albanian broadcaster RTHS has launched the song submissions for national festival Festivali i Këngës 60.More rules you can read here:

Deadline for submissions haven’t been announced yet so more details will be announced soon.

Armenian Head of Delegation David Tserunyan teased that they ”Great news soon” which Eurovision fandom speculates that Armenia will return to Eurovision 2022.More details will be announced soon.

European Broadcaster Union (EBU) held on meeting on 30th June 2021 to discuss future of BTRC (Belarusian Broadcaster) in the union and EBU decided that from 1st July 2021 BTRC will no longer is able to access any EBU services. These services include the exchange of news and music content, right of broadcast EBU sporting and musical events, legal and technical research expertise and interest pretention services.

This means Belarus no longer won’t be able to participate in Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision Song Contest and other EBU related programs.

This is first time the country has been unable to compete in Eurovision due to being expelled from the EBU.

Danish broadcaster DR has confirmed that Denmark will be participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.Its not been announced if Denmark will continue using national selection method ”Dansk Melodi Grand Prix” but very likely will be used.

More details will be announced soon.

French broadcaster France Télévisions officially opened the submissions and registration process and you will be able to submit until 24th October 2021.

You can read full rules here:

According to Greek Eurovision news website Eurovision Fun reports that Greek broadcaster ERT will start working on the Eurovision 2022 in October 2021. Decisions regarding whether the broadcaster will decide which way to go internal selection or national selection will be made.

Current rumoured or tipped artists for Greece are:

Good Job Nicky
Amanda Tenfjord

Last time Greece went with national selection was in 2015 and it was won by Maria Elena Kyriakou singing ”One Last Breath”.

Popular Irish pop rock band Picture This have expressed the interest that they are trying to get involved with Eurovision Song Contest by a writing a song.

Irish newspaper ‘‘Irish Mirror” reports that drummer of Picture This Jimmy Rainsford and vocalist Ryan Hennessy hinted to Eurovision fans that they are ready to write a song for Eurovision 2022. Jimmy also was previously part of Irish Jury in Eurovision and was part of Ireland entry for 2015 as the drummer.

Jmmy made it clear that he has big deep respect for the competition that Lesley Roy was against an ”elite level of songs” and he also added that ”Eurovision is becoming cool again” which he meant to some very contemporary songs.

He also added:

”People took the piss out of Eurovision, even the people who were entering the Eurovision took the piss out of it for a long time.It just got ridiculous but now I feel like the songs are coming back and it’s getting a lot better credits.I think next year it will be huge but definitely something we would consider because it’s Eurovision.”

Irish Mirror asked: ”So would they write a Eurovision song for Ireland?”

Picture This vocalist Ryan said ”Yes absolutely, we actually love Eurovision”.

In a article was asked about if they would sing in Irish language they replied with it:

”I love the Irish language in general,” Ryan said. “I also understand that like… Maneskin, there’s a lot of people that speak Italian… there’s not a lot of people around the world that speak Irish.So I don’t know if it would translate as well as other languages would but I think it would be amazing just because it would be different.I think if you got a great pop song but they’re singing it in Irish, it would be interesting. Why not try something like rather than doing the same thing over again. I think it would be interesting.”

We provided to couple of their songs for you all readers to experience their musical variety.

On 7th July 2021 Italian broadcaster RAI has now officially opened the bidding process to find host city for Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

The critea for ”perfect” host city must have

-An international airport no more than 90 minutes from the city
-Over 2,000 hotel rooms in the area close to the event
-An infrastructure (stadium/venue/centre) capable of hosting a large-scale live broadcast with minimum requirements listed below.

Also they released critea for potential venue must have:

-Be indoors with air-conditioning and have a well defined perimeter
-Have an audience capacity in the main hall of around 8,000-10,000 during the event (which is corresponds to 70% of maximum capacity of the venue for regular concerts, taking into consideration the specific stage and production needs of the Eurovision Song Contest)
-Have a main hall with the capacity to house the set and all other requirements needed to produce a high level broadcast production (this includes good specifications of load capacity in the roof, clearance to low beams, easy load in access, etc)
-Have ample space within easy access of the main hall to support additional production needs, such as: a press centre, delegation spaces, dressing rooms, artist facilities, staff facilities, hospitality, audience facilities, etc.
-Be available exclusively for 6 weeks before the event, 2 weeks during the show (which will take place in May) and a week after the end of the event for dismantling.

17 cities are into in bidding list to host Eurovision 2022 and these cities are:


Provincial capitals bidding:


Municipalities bidding:

Acireale (Catania)
Bertinoro di Romagna (Forlì – Cesena)
Jesolo (Venice)
Palazzolo Acreide (Syracuse)
Sanremo (Imperia)

Previously we mentioned that Verona, Naples and Bari also expressed interest to host but did not progressed with bid.
RAI is still holding bidding process till 4th of August 2021. RAI and EBU will determine the host city by the end of August 2021.

Rai also officially started looking for candidates to host the next Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and they released article and video promo across their television channels.

Mahmood who represented Italy in Eurovision Song Contest 2019 has expressed for being guest performer at Eurovision 2022.
According to Formula TV, Mahmood would be interested of being a guest performer in next year’s Eurovision. Mahmood asked by Spanish media if he wished to host the Eurovision which he replied:

”I a presenter? No, no that’s not the case. I don’t always have the right words at the right time! I’d rather be a guest, when you sing I’m always in the front row.”.

Mahmood represented Italy in Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song ”Soldi”.

Since Maltese broadcaster Television Malta announced that national selection will return we got first name who can be part of it.

Maltese singer Emma Muscat is one of first name who expressed their interest to participate in MESC 2022.

More details for Maltese national selection 2022 will be announced soon.

Polish Musicians Union has called on TVP to only select songs written by Polish songwriters for Eurovision Song Contest. Związek Zawodowy Muzyków RP has written to Polish broadcaster TVP calling on the broadcaster to change the selection method for Eurovision. They are calling on broadcaster to only select songs that have been written and composed by Polish musicians and not foreign songwriters like for example this year’s ”The Ride” was written by Swedish team.

Jacek Kurski who is Head of TVP has responded to the letter that the Opole National Festival of Polish Song is platform for the promotion of Polish artists. He also added that the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest has not state the song must be written by persons from that country.

He also went to encourage the ZZM to submit 15 songs to the broadcaster by the end of the year and he hopes one of those 15 songs could represent Poland in Eurovision 2022.

This shows that TVP is likely to participate in Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

ZMM responded to Head of TVP that in mid-June stating that they believe that the Polish represented must be selected by national selection method not internal selection method.

Romanian broadcaster TVR held a discussion program regarding to future of Romania participation in Eurovision Song Contest. You can watch full episode here:

They briefly mentioned that they like to held national selection once again and they sent signals that they will participate in Eurovision 2022.

Also we got 1st artist who wants to represent Romania in Eurovision 2022 and its Theo Rose.

More details will be announced soon if Romania will participate in Eurovision Song Contest 2022 but very likely they will.

In Russian magazine ”OK! Magazine” in the interview with Dima Bilan spoke his anniversary and future plans in career and hinted of returning to Eurovision.

Dima has never hidden his love in Eurovision. Since 2005 his career has been connected to the contest .He represented country in 2006 and 2008.In 2012 he even tried national selection in 2012 with duet of former t.A.T.u member Julia Volkova and came 2nd place.

Since then, Dima Bilan has never ruled out possibility to return to Eurovision. In 2019 he teased his fans and whole Eurovision fandom that he was open to participate again if even needs to participate in national selection. When Russian magazine asked if he wants to return in Eurovision stage and he said:

“I can’t say anything with that regards, because… You understand why.”

Then OK! Magazine asked whether it’s a case of ”never say never” and Dima answered:

“Probably, yes. I hear more and more often, that they assess me from different sides, and I think they will push me out there at some time with their desires. Such a common consensus, like there was then, I don’t remember, honestly, not in history.”

Russia haven’t confirmed to participate in Eurovision 2022 but its matter of time Russia will announce their participation.

On 29th of June it was spotted Melodifestivalen 2022 song writing camp some artists and these artists are:

Efraim Leo
Robin Bengtsson
Malou Prytz
Victor Crone
Klara Hammarström
Sebastian Walldén
Nadja Holm
Julia Viktoria
Andreas Weise
Adrian Maceus

But we know one artist won’t be part of Melodifestivalen 2022 and it was one of fan favourites in Melodifestivalen 2021 and its Clara Klingenström.

She spoke with Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that Clara won’t return in Melodifestivalen 2022.

She replied it:

”Not for while,but it will be so in the future”.

Later in interview Clara explained why she won’t come back:

If I were to show up again now, people might think I’m just doing it to win. That was not the purpose when I was last there. Now I want to go out and play and create new music.”

Melodifestivalen 2022 song submissions will be open on 24th of August 2021 and mid of October we going to learn full list of participants.

Switzerland broadcaster SRF revealed that there will be song submissions for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.Switzerland will be allowing songs submitting since 2020. SRF will be announcing the full details of rules for the song submissions in Mid-August and song submissions will be opened on 1st September 2021.

Once again Switzerland is once again holding an internal selection process for Eurovision using a series of juries to select Switzerland next entry for Eurovision 2022.

During the interview with Dutch broadcaster Humberto Tan asked to Ed Sheeran about Eurovision 2021 and he said:

”Eurovision is my favourite thing to watch every year.I love it.”

He also responded that he is ”I’m gonna do this one day’‘ and his manager just like ”Not on my watch”.

Full clip of interview about Eurovision participation can be seen here:

Currently list of rumoured artists for United Kingdom artist for Eurovision 2022 are:

Gemma Collins
Jessie J
The Frock Destroyers
Ed Sheeran

Currently we got 20 countries confirmed in Eurovision 2022 and these are:

Italy (Host Country)
San Marino

Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is set take place in May but the dates has not been announced yet.

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