“The Looker”: Eurovision Wish List – Chapter 8 (France, Portugal, Spain)

Welcome to our new series of posts – “The Looker” where we will share our wish list of artists participating in Eurovision.
But before we start, let us remark that our recommendations will not necessarily come true (as for example some countries select their artists by reality shows)

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This time we will concentrate on 3 countries: France, Portugal, Spain

#1. Pomme

Claire Pommet (better known as Pomme) is a 24 year old French singer and songwriter.
She started learning music theory at 6. When she was 7 years old, she joined a children choir, and at the age of 8, she started playing the cello.
In 2013, she released a duet “Okay” with the French singer Matthieu “Mendès”.
In 2015, she released her first single (as a solo artist) – “J’esuis pas dupe” (Eng: I’m not afraid).
In 2016, she released her EP “En cavale” (Eng: On the Run).
In September 2017, she gave her first live performance at “La Boule Noire” in Paris. A month later, she released her debut album “À peu près” (Eng: Nearly). The album received mixed reviews, but all of them praised Pomme as a singer. The album peaked 91th in France and 200th in Belgium.
In 2019, she released her 2nd studio album “Les failles” (Eng: The faults). The album peaked at 68th in Belgium and 87th in Austria.
In 2020, she released the album “Les failles cachées” (Eng: The Hidden faults).
In 2020, she won “Victoires de la Musique” (French music awards) as best newcomer album.
In 2021, she won “Victoires de la Musique” (French music awards) as best female singer.
The lyrics of her songs mostly engage subjects like: Death, romanticism, love (which isn’t only heterosexual, but also bisexual or homosexual).

In 2019, she released the song “Anxiété” (Eng: Anxeity):

In 2020, she released the song “Grandoise“:

In 2021, she releaed theo song “à perte de vue” (Eng: out of sight):

Pomme is an artist that knows how to conquer your heart. Her fragile voice, together with meaningful texts, makes her a leading contender to fly the French flag at Eurovision in the future.

#2. Alice et Moi 

Alice Vannoorenberghe (better known as Alice et Moi) is a 29 year old French Electropop singer-songwriter.
At the age of 15, she drew an eye to her hand which later on became her recognition signal.
“Alice et Moi” references the duality of her personality: On one side, incscure girl and on the other, very enthusiastic girl.
Alice started writing music at a very young age, encouraged by her father who was a musician. After finishing secondary school, she attended a 2 year program in literature and humanities. Later on, she ended a master degree in journalism.
In 2017, she released her debut EP “Filme Moi“. In 2019, she released her second EP “Frénésie” (eng: Frenzy). In May 2021, she released her debut album “Drama

Let’s listen to 3 of her songs:

In 2017, she released the song “C’est toi qu’elle préfère” (Eng: It’s you that she prefers):

In 2021, she released the song “Je suis fan” (Eng: I’m a fan)

In 2021, she released the song “Le pire de nous deux” (Eng: The worst of us both)

With distinctive and great electropop melodies, Alice et Moi is definitely what we all need in Eurovision. I’m sure she will be a rising star in the near future.

#3. Hervé

Hervé Le Sourd (better known as Hervé) is a 30 year old French Electro singer-songwriter, musician and producer. At the age of 12, he started learning piano.
In 2015, he started his career with the duo Postaal.
In 2018, their first album was released, and Hervé toured with Eddy de Pretto on the first part of his tour to launch his solo career.
In May 2019, he released his first EP “Mélancolie F.C”. and, in June 2020, released his first solo album – “Hyper.
In 2021, he won “Victoires de la Musique” (French music awards) as best male newcomer singer.

In 2019, he released the song “Cœur poids plume” (Eng: Featherweight heart)”

In 2020, he released the song “Addenda” (Eng: addendum):

In 2021, he released the song “Monde meilleur” (Eng: better world):

Hervé is a hot name in the French electro scene. His music can be classified as mainstream, but no doubt it is unique and catchy.

#1. Filipe Keil

Tiago Filipe Pinheiro Batista is a 30-years-old Portuguese singer, composer, lyricist, music producer, and architect who performs under the artistic name Filipe Keil.
From an early age he showed interest in music and the piano was the first instrument that captivated him.
In 2006, he wrote his first song – “Só quero um mundo melhor” (Eng: I just want a better world).
With this song, he competed in the Festival da Canção Júnior on RTP, which corresponded to his first television experience.
In 2007, he moved to Silves where he did a secondary education in Visual Art. In 2009, he left for Lisbon to do an integrated Masters in Architecture.
He formed his first band (the Copycats, who played covers). In 2013, he released the debut single “Kind of Funny” and participated in the talent show “Factor X”.
He composed his first EP in 2014 – “Keil”, produced in partnership with Liberdade (Gustavo Almeida).
In 2017, he released a second EP of acoustic versions, including the theme “Sonhador” (Eng: Dreamer) and participated in Antena 1’s “Masterclass” program.
In 2019, he participated in the “Festival da Canção 2019” (the national selection for Portugal at Eurovision 2019). He performed the song “Hoje” (Eng: today) and ended up 7th in semi-final 1:

In 2020, he released the song “Imaginação” (Eng: imagination):

In 2021, he released the song “O amor como é?” (Eng: How is Love?)

In 2021, he released the song “Noção, Lamentação” (Eng: Notion, Lamentation):

Filipe Keil is not only a singer, he is an artist and creator. You can easily feel that he is original and bases his music on emotions. Therefore, I’m convinced he will be able to bring the right song for Eurovision.

#2. Tomás Adrião

André da Silva Madeira (better known as Tomás Adrião) is a 37 years old Portugueese singer.
He created his first band Sagespectro and at the age of 18.
In 2002, he went to study Video and Photography in the Caldas da Rainha
In 2017, he rose to fame when he won the 5th season of “The Voice of Portugal.Claudia Pascoal (who represented the country at Eurovision 2018), was one of the competitors this season as well.
In 2021, he released his debut album, “Perdoa Se Há Em Mim Pressa Para Ser Feliz” (Eng: Forgive me for being in a hurry to be happy).

In 2020, he released the song “Dia Mau” (Eng: Bad Day):

In 2020, he released the song “Predido” (Eng: lost):

In 2021, he collaborated with Elisa (who should have represented Portugal in Eurovision 2020) in the song “Infinito” (Eng: infinity):

Tomás Adrião is a singer who manages to bring his feelings into music and he can you identify it.
He brings not only great talent, but also charisma and creative music videos.

#3. Janeiro

Henrique Janeiro (better known as Janeiro) is 27 years old Portugueese singer and songwriter.
He studied Musicology at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and also studied at the Luís Villas-Boas Jazz School, the Hot Club de Portugal.
In 2015, he recorded an EP where he sang the song “Tereza e Tomás” with Salvador Sobral (Eurovision 2017 winner).
In 2018, he was invited to participate in the “Festival Da Canção 2018” by Salvador Sobral (who won the festival the year before). Janeiro performed his song (which didn’t have any title) and ended up in 4th place:

In 2018, he released his debut album “Fragmentos“. Since then, the singer has released singles. His second album will be released in 2022.

Let’s listen to some of his songs:

In 2018, he released the song “Preguiça” (Eng: laziness) :

In 2020, he released the song “Sem Singluar“:

In 2021, he released the song “oh meu amor” (Eng: oh my Love) which will be included in his 2nd studio album:

Janeiro writes intimate and poetic songs in the genres of folk, jazz, fado and bossa-nova but is also influenced by modern Portuguese music. In my opinion, he might have the formula for an excellent Eurovision entry.

#1. Aitana

Aitana Ocaña Morales (or simply Aitana) is a 22 year old Spanish pop singer.
She rose to fame in 2017, when she participated in the reality TV show Operación Triunfo.
She ended up in 2nd place in the contest which was used as the Spanish national selection for Eurovision 2018. Aitana and Ana Guerra performed the song “La Malo” which later on became a huge hit in Spain.

In July 2018, she released her first single as a solo artist – “Teléfono“. The song remained in the first place on the Spanish charts for 6 weeks in a row.
In November 2018, she released her first EP, “Trailer,” which included 6 songs.
The song “Vas a quedarte” (from the EP “Trailer“) became another hit. It was even a candidate for best song at the LOS40 Music Awards 2019 .
In June 2019, she released her debut album “Spoiler“. The album reached platinum in Spain and peaked at number 1 on the Spanish charts. Two of the album’s songs peaked number 4th on the Spanish charts.
In December 2020, she released her 2nd studio album “11 Razones” (Eng: 11 reasons). The album reached platinum in Spain and peaked at number 1 on the Spanish charts. The album included some collaborations and its style can be described as 2000’s pop rock.
Aitana’s music isn’t popular only in Spain, but also in Latin countries such as: Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia and more

Listen to 3 of her great songs:

In 2018, she released the song ” “Teléfono” :

In 2020, she released “11 Razones” (Eng: 11 reasons):

In 2021, she released the song “Ni Una Más“:

Aitana is a young talented Spanish singer. She is experienced in various music genres and she is excellent in each one of them. Unsurprisingly, she is very successful and popular.
I believe she might be one of the wisest choices for Spain at Eurovision which will lead to a decent achievement for a change

#2. Pablo Alborán

Pablo Moreno de Alborán Ferrándiz (better known as Pablo Alborán) is a 32 year old Spanish singer-songwriter. Pablo has composed first songs at the age of 12, after attending professional singing lessons and learning to play piano and guitar. As a teenager, he performed with a Falmenco band in restaurants. Later on, he met the producer Manuel Illán and recorded a cover of the song  “Deja de Volverme Loca” (Stop Driving Me Crazy) by Diana Navarro. Diana heard the cover and asked to become Pablo‘s musical mentor.
In 2010, he released his debut single “Solamente Tú” (Eng: Only You). In January 2011, he released his debut album ” Pablo Alborán” (including the single ” Solamente Tú“). The album was a huge success in Spain – being at the top of the Spanish music charts for weeks. Later on, the album became the best Spanish selling album of 2011. Pablo won an award for best album by RTVE.
In 2011, he went on a tour that included Spain, Chile, Mexico and Argentina. The tour led him to record his first live album “En Acústico” who topped the Portuguese and Spanish charts.
In 2012, he released his second studio album “Tanto“. The album was certified 10× Platinum in Spain and was the highest selling album in Spain in 2012 and 2013. The album included two number one singles in Spain – “El Beso” and “Quién“. Following the release of the album, Pablo received the Latin Grammy award in 2012.
In 2014, the singer released his 3rd studio album “Terral” (Eng: Offshore), and once again the album became number 1 on the Spanish music charts and the best selling album of the year.
The album was certified 8× Platinum in Spain.
In 2015, he released his 2nd live album “Tour Terral (Tres Noches en Las Ventas)”.
In 2017, he released his 4th studio album “‘Prometo” which was certified 6× Platinum in Spain.
This album was in 1st place on the Spanish music charts as well.
In 2020, the singer released his 5th studio album – “Vértigo“. The album peaked at number 1st in Spain and number 19th in Portugal.

In 2017, he released the song “No vaya a ser” (Eng: Not Going to Be):

In 2019, he released the duet “Tabú” wit the singer Ava Max:

In 2020, he released the song “Dicen“:

Pablo Alborán is one of the most successful Spanish singers nowadays. Over the years, he gained a lot of experience and a great audience to support him. I’m sure he is one to rely on when Spain aims to achieve a high rank in Eurovision.

#3. Rosalía

Rosalía Vila Tobella (better known as Rosalía) is a27 year-old Spanish singer and songwriter.
In 2012 she became the lead singer of Kejaleo, a flamenco music band that consisted of Jordi Franco, Roger Blavia, Cristo Fontecilla, Diego Cortés and Xavi Turull.
In 2013, the band released the album “Alaire“. In 2013, she worked as a duo with the singer Chicuelo. Together, they performed in the International Film Festival and at the Festival Grec de Barcelona.
In 2013, she participated in the Association of Performing Arts Professionals Conference in New York, and was the lead voice in the culmination of the Año Espriu 2014 at the Palau de la Música.
In 2015, she was the opening act for Miguel Poveda, accompanied by Alfredo Lagos, at the International Music Festival of Cadaqués, and also at the 2016 Jerez Jazz Festival.
In 2015, she released the song “Un Millón de Veces” whose all proceeds benefited studies on autism.
As a teenager and in her early 20th, she performed in musical bars and weddings.
In 2016, she signed a contract with Universal Music
In 2017, the singer released her debut album “Los Ángeles” (Eng: The Angels). The album peaked number 9th on the Spanish charts and was certified gold. At the age of 20, she worked as a flamenco teacher and vocal coach
In 2018, the singer released her second studio album El Mal Querer” (Eng: The bad loving). The album is certified 3 X Platinum. “El Mal Querer” won the Latin Grammy award and was listed in Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest album of all time.
Rosalía has participated in 2 movies: “Pain And Glory” in 2019,Nueve Sevillasin 2020.

In 2018, she released the song “Bagdad” :

In 2019, she collaborated with J. Blavin and El Guincho. Together, they released the song “Con Altura” (Eng: With Height) which has already achieved over 1.8 billion views on YouTube :

In 2020, she released the song “Juro Que” (Eng: Swear that) :

Rosalía suggest the listener a unique combination of Latin pop and Flamenco music. She also has an unforgettable staging presence. I believe that she can impress Eurovision voters as well as the jury.

What do you think about our recommendations? Which artists would you like to see representing those 3 countries?
Stay tuned for more recommendations to come, next time we will travel to other countries.

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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