Ireland:Results of Junior Eurovision Éire 2021 Heat 2

Tonight Ireland continued their search for Irish hopeful that who represent Ireland at Junior Eurovision 2021.

We already know first 2 names who are in Semi Final and these are:

Eva Norton (11 years old)
Lilyella Buckey (14 years old)

Tonight’s judges were:

Niamh Ní Chróinín,Fiachna Ó Braonáin and guest judge Brian Kennedy

Let us remind how the system works:

-Singer must be from 9-14 years old.

-Singer must sing Irish version of well know songs.

-Each Jury can give up to 10 stars.

-2 singers with most stars qualifies to semi final.

-If the 2 singers have same stars amount they will have sing off.

Tonight we saw another 7 hopefuls who tried their luck to represent Ireland at Junior Eurovision 2021 and they were:

Shannon Copeland (13 Years Old)

Cora Harkin (13 Years old)

Sienna Hopkins (14 Years Old)

Zara Alexander (14 Years Old)

Riaghan Boardman (13 Years Old)

Rainne Isbeal (11 Years Old)

Grace Nic Ghiolla Ghannain (12 Years Old)

Heat 2 Results were:

Shannon Copeland 26/30
Cora Harkin 25/30
Sienna Hopkins 25/30
Riaghan Boardman 23/30
Zara Alexander 22/30
Rainne Isbeal 19/30
Grace Nic Ghiolla Ghannain 18/30

Cora and Sienna will have sing off to impress the judges once more and judges will call their favourite and winner of 2nd round goes to semi final .

Judges votes were:

Niamh Ní Chróinín:Cora
Brian Kennedy: DIDN’T ANSWER
Fiachna Ó Braonáin:Cora

Shannon Copeland & Cora Harkin qualified to semi final and joined Lilyella and Eva witch will happen after all heats will be finished.

Heat 3 will take place next Sunday at 26th of September 2021.

When It starts ?: 21:00 CEST

Where you can watch?: On TG4

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