Malta: 12 finalists revealed for MJESC 2021

TVM has announced 12 finalists for Maltese selection for Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

MJESC 2021 will happen on 16th October 2021.12 acts was selected from shortlisted from 20 songs from 2nd jury this week.

12 finalists are:

  1. Eksenia Sammut–”Building”
  2. Yulan Law–”Change”
  3. Amelia Kalabic–”Dear World”
  4. Rih & Bri–”Drops like fire”
  5. Kylie Milcallef–”Keep Your Drama”
  6. Ella Tohamy–”Limitless”
  7. Marija Djinovic–”Magic”
  8. Emma Briffa–”My Angels Calling”
  9. Ike Mizzie & Kaya Gouder Curmi–”My Home”
  10. Yulan Law–”On My Way”
  11. Myca, Kylie & Denzel Jo–”Running Free”
  12. Maria Curmi–”Wild and Free

We see that Yulan Law is preforming twice with songs ”Change” and ”On My Way”. ”On My Way” was written by Amber who represented Malta in Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Chanel Monseigneur won MJESC 2020 with the song ”Chasing Sunsets” and represented Malta at Junior Eurovision 2020.

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