Georgia: Results of “Ranina 2021” 7th episode (Georgian selection for JESC 2021)

Today concluded Round 3 of Georgian selection to find who will represent Georgia at Junior Eurovision 2021.

Current Round 3 votes are:

Gega Shonia 120pts
Barbare Makatadze 120pts
Andrian Beridze 120pts
Nini Orkoshneli 120pts
Nikoloz Kajaia 120pts

Let us remind how the system works:

Each episode, 5 singers will particiapte. Each round has theme for example songs from movies or world famous songs. All together there are 4 different thematic rounds. Elimination process begins after all 4 thematic rounds are over. Jury is formed of 3 persons and will vote each performance awarding up to 40 points. Score is based on 4 categories which are vocal, performance ,artistry, collaboration and Jury can give up to 10 points for each category. Hopeful for least amount of points will be eliminated after all artists are performed.

Tonight’s Jury were:

Giorgi Sikharulidze, David Evgenidze and Maia Mikaberidze.

Tonight’s acts were:

Mariam & Shavnabada-′’Arami Do Sharika′’

Datuna & Shavnabada-”shilduri mravalzhamieri”

Keso & Shavnabada-”Trpialo′′

Ioana & Shavnabada-”sdzinavs t’bas”

Guga & Shavnabada-′ ′ daimakhsovre t’urpa”

Round 3 results are:

Gega Shonia 120pts
Nikoloz Kajaia 120pts
Barbare Makatadze 120pts
Mariam Boukhnikashvili 120pts
Andrian Beridze 120pts
Datuna Luarsabishvili 120pts
Guga Nadiradze 120pts
Keso Russia 120pts
Ioana Navadze 120pts
Mariam Boukhnikashvili 120pts

Next Saturday on 23rd October 2021 we will begin 4th and final round before elimination process begins.

When it starts: 20:00 pm CEST

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