San Marino: Submission Window for “Una Voce Per San Marino 2022” Closed, More Details Revealed

As we all know, San Marino will hold a national selection for Eurovision 2022 “Una Voce Per San Marino 2022″ .

The selection is composed of 2 different paths. One of them is for established artists who will get a special invitation from San Marinian broadcaster.
The other path is intended for emerging artists with no country, language or nationality restrictions.

The submission window for emerging artists in “Una Voce Per San Marino 2022” closed.
According to SMRTV, we learned that over 200 songs were submitted by artists from all over the world!
The majority of emerging artists are from Germany, Sweden and Russia. Some of the other candidates are from USA, Australia and other European countries.

More About the New Artists Path

  1. a special committee will choose several applicants to qualify for the semi-finals.
  2. In the months of January – February, the San Marinian broadcaster will host the semi-finals of the “Emerging Artists” category.
  3. Top 9 new artists in the “Emerging Artists” category will get a spot in the grand final of the national selection.
  4. There’s no language on nationality restrictions regarding this category.
  5. Candidates will have to go through 2 days music camp and private auditions.
  6. The grand final of this category will be held on the 16th of February 2022.

4 jurors have been revealed by the broadcaster and these include:

Roberta Faccani, former lead singer of Matia Bazar, is known for singing in the musicals: “Rent“, “Pinocchio the great musical“, “Alice in Wonderland“, “Romeo and Juliet – Love and change the world” and “Zerovskij“. She is the founder of the Academy and singing method La Fabrica del Cantante Actore and of the Bandidos Records label.

Emilio Munda – producer, composer and songwriter for Il Volo, Umberto Tozzi, Francesco Renga, Nina Zilli, I Nomadi, Michele Bravi, Paolo Meneguzzi, Dear Jack, Gemelli Divers, Valerio Scanu. He has won several Gold and Platinum records, twice in a row he wins the podium at the Sanremo Festival.

Roberto Costa – bassist, sound engineer, arranger and producer for Lucio Dalla, Stadio, Ivan Graziani, Ron, Luca Carboni, Mina, Gianni Morandi, Luca Barbarossa and Luciano Pavarotti. He wrote anad produced of music for cinema, theater and television. 

Steve Lyon – sound engineer and producer who lives in London.He has collaborated with Depeche Mode, The Cure, Sir Paul McCartney, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Recoil, Amplifier, Reamonn, Suzerain, Subsonica, Marco Guazone, MirkoeilCane, Laura Pausini, 99 Posse, Eros Ram azzotti. He has obtained numerous Platinum and Gold Records and two Latin Grammys.

Established Artists Path

  1. The San Marinian broadcaster will invite 9 established artists to take part in the selection
  2. At the moment, it seems like there’s no country restriction regarding the established artists category
  3. The 9 finalists of the established category will be revealed on the 10th of February 2022

Una voce per San Marino” – The Grand Final

  1. The San Marinian Television will hold a grand final show of the selection on Saturday, the 19th of February 2022.
  2. The grand final will take place at Teatro Titano
  3. 18 artists will take part in the final: 9 established artists alongside 9 new artists.
  4. Artists will perform their intended songs for Eurovision 2022
  5. Jury panel of 8 members will rank the performances and determine who will represent San Marino at Eurovision 2022!

The last time San Marino held a national selection was in 2018 with the “1 in 360” competition

Eurovision Song Contest

Italian singer Senhit and American rapper Flo Rida represented the country at Eurovision 2021. Despite being a fan favorite, they ended up 22nd in the grand final.
They performed the song “ Adrenalina“:

Who will represent San Marino at Eurovision 2022?
Will he/she/they be an established artist on an emerging artist?

Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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