Slovenia: RTV SLO Reveals 24 “EMA FREŠ 2022” Participants

A few minutes ago, Slovenian broadcaster RTV SLO revealed 24 artists to compete in the “new-comers” path for Slovenia’s national selection for Eurovision 2022: “EMA FREŠ 2022”:

The candidates are:

  1. ️ ️Ni harmonije
  2. ️ ️Anja Vodošek
  3. ️ ️De Liri
  4. ️ ️Ella
  5. ️ ️Emma
  6. ️ ️Evita
  7. Hvala bratje
  8. ️ ️Ina
  9. ️ ️Jaka Hliš
  10. ️ ️Jon Vitezic
  11. ️ ️Katja Korošec
  12. ️ ️Katja Kos
  13. ️ ️Lara Dovier
  14. ️ ️LaraYul
  15. ️ ️Leya Leanne
  16. ️ ️LPS
  17. UM ️LUMA
  18. ️ ️Marijan Novak & Špela Velikanje
  19. ️ ️Mia Vučković
  20. ️ ️Mitja Dragan
  21. ️ ️Neli Jerot
  22. ️ ️Nika S.
  23. ️ ️Nina Sodnik
  24. ️ ️Stela Sofia

The selection will start on Monday, the 29th of November 2021.

The submission window for “EMA 2022” and “EMA FREŠ 2022” closed on the 22rd of November 2021.
As the submission window closed, Slovenian broadcaster RTV SLO reported on receiving a total of 127 songs. This number of songs were submitted to the 2 paths together: “EMA 2022” and “EMA FREŠ 2022” .

The televised phase of the selection will be hosted by 3 hosts.
One of them is Eurovision 2012‘s Slovenian representative Eva Boto:

Let me remind you how the selection works

About “EMA FREŠ 2022

  1. 4 artists will qualify from the newcomers competition for the general selection of “EMA 2022“.
  2. The national selection will include 3 shows this year: 2 pre-selections and a final selection
  3. The winning song in the final selection “EMA 2022” will be selected by 5 juries and the public on the basis of voting via landlines and mobile phones.
  4. The expert jury will be composed of: singers, songwriters, members of Slovenian radio, members of Slovenian Television and members of OGAE Slovenia
  5. In the first round, each member of the expert commission on the basis of artistic, aesthetic and production criteria, song innovation and recording quality.
  6. It will end with the expert jury classifying the songs in 3 different classes.
  7. At the end of this round, jury experts will rank their top 24 entries. The given scores will determine the duals of “EMA FREŠ 2022” .
  8. 3 weeks in a row, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, RTV SLO will publish pairs of songs that will compete in a dual. The winning song for each dual will qualify for the final.
  9. At the end of each week, the 4 week’s winners will face another vote: The public voters and jury will vote for their favorites. The top 3 will qualify for the final of “EMA FREŠ 2022“.
  10. Out of the remaining 15 songs that didn’t qualify directly, the public will pick their top 5.
  11. Therefore, 14  (5 wildcards and 9 week’s winners) songs will participate in the semi- finals of the new corner category – “EMA FREŠ 2022“.
  12. EMA FREŠ 2022” will include 2 semi- finals. On each one of them, 7 newcomers will compete for 2 spots in “EMA FREŠ 2022 grand final.
  13. The results of “EMA FREŠ 2022” semi-finals will be dedcided by 50% public vote and 50% jury vote.
  14. These 4 winners of “EMA FREŠ 2022” semi-finals, will join the grand final of “EMA 2022
  15. In the grand final of “EMA 2022“, they will meet 6 established artists. All 10 of them will compete on the right to represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2022.
  16. 16 established artists will compete on 6 spots in the final. The top 3 ranked by the jury panel and the top 3 ranked by the public votes will qualify for the final.

First Rounds of “EMA FREŠ 2022”:

Advanced Rounds of “EMA FREŠ 2022”:

Who will represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2022?
Will we see returning artists in the national selection?
Will an artist of “EMA FREŠ 2022” win the whole selection and fly to Italy?

Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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