Around the Continent 2022 – Week 22

As we continue our weekly series Around The Continent, we will discuss the news and tell the story of each country’s preparation for Eurovision Song Contest 2022.


Due to the presence of Covid virus, EBU will require each country to prepare a live-in-tapo recording that will be used in Eurovision 2022, in case that a country will face a difficulty to attend Italy in May 2022.

According to Rai (Italian broadcaster) we won’t get any news regarding Eurovision 2022 hosts.
Based on EuroFestivalNews, we can learn that Rai will put all his efforts into “Sanremo 2022“.
After the festival ends and an Italian artist of Eurovision is declared, Rai will take care of Eurovision 2022 (besides logistic and operational issues that have already been engaged).

Therefore, the hosts of Eurovison 2022 will be revealed only at the beginning of February 2022.
We can infer that the ceremony allocation draw for semi-finals will be hosted by other hosts.

One of the lead contenders is Alessandro Cattelan, however he won’t do it alone

As you can see, the last ten editions have gone from early December to the extreme case of Azerbaijan, which in 2012 announced the names on April 16, about a month before the show.

2011: December 16, 2010
2012: April 16, 2012
2013: January 28, 2013
2014: February 4, 2014
2015: December 19th 2014
2016: December 14, 2015
2017: February 27, 2017
2018: January 8, 2018
2019: January 25, 2019
2020: December 4, 2019

Albanian broadcaster RTSH has published the 20 competing acts in “Festivali Këngës 60“:

Alban Ramosaj – “Theje” (Break it)
Denis Skura – “Pse nuk flet, mama?” (Mother, Why Don’t you Speak?)
Eldis Arrnjeti – “Refuzoj” (I Refuse)
Evi Reci – “Me duaj” (Love me)
Endri & Stefi – “Triumfi i jetës” (The triumph of life.
Ester Zahiri – “Hijena” (Hyena)
Gjergj Kaçinari – “Në ëndërr mbete ti” (You Remain in Dreams)
Janex – “Deluzional” (Delusional)
Kastro Zizo – “Kujë” (Where are you?)
Kelly – “Meteor
Kejsi Rustja – “Vallëzoj me ty” (I dance with you)
Mirud – “Për dreq
Olimpia Smajlaj – “Dua” (I want)
Rezarta Smaja – “E jemja nuse” (I am a bride)
Ronela Hajati – “Sekret” (Secret)
Sajmir Çili – “Nën maskë” (Under the mask)
Shega – “Një” (One)
Urban Band – “Padrejtësi” (Injustice)
Viola Zhemali – “Eja si erë” (Come as the wind)
Xhuliana Pjetra – “Baladë” (Ballad)

The festival will include 3 shows:

  • The first night will be held on Monday the 27th of December 2021
  • The second night will be held on Tuesday the 28th of December 2021
  • The grand final will be held on Wednesday the 29th of December 2021

The format is still unknown. In a few years, the performances were split into 2 semi-finals (the 2 first nights of the festival).
Afterward, the qualifiers from each night qualified for the final.
However, in other years (like the last edition), all the contenders performed in all 3 shows.
The second night was dedicated to acoustic versions of the songs.

Last year, 18 out of 24 artists qualified for the final. The results were determined by jury voting.

Book your calendars!
The first entry for Eurovision 2022 will be revealed on Sunday the 5th of December 2021.
This year, Bulgaria will be the country to open the official Eurovision playlist.
Bulgarian website darikradio has reported that The Intelligent Music Project will reveal their Eurovision entry “Intention“.

The official premiere will take place on the 5th of December on the show “The day begins with Georgi Lyubenov” on BNT.

bout The Group

The Intelligent Music Project was established 10 years ago.
The ling-up of the group changes from time to time.
For Eurovision, the line-up will include:

Ronnie Romero (Lead Singer)
Slavin Slavchev (Lead Singer)
Biser Ivanov (Gutarist)
Stoyan Yankulov – Stundzhi (Drums)
Ivo Stefanov (cow instruments)
Dimiter Sirakov (base guitarist player)

About The Song “Intention”

Dr. Milen Vrabevski (creator of the group, writer and composer of the song) shared his thoughts about the message behind the song:

“The song raises the question of each of us’ personal inner struggles with the outdated patterns of faith and behavior that are pulling us back. There is no safe area. There is a useless existence. Finding the right path, however, is a battle, even a war with oneself. Serious good is needed to win the good! 


The lyrics of the song have been published:

And I can move on from here
How simple, life goes on
Humble, that’s how I feel
Sparking hot flames, holding on

Younger days run so clear
Through my mind, replaying my crime
Tearing me up, spreading fear
Obsession in my own time

What life’s taken away, I’m not missing
Will I sit back and sigh?
A thunder of thoughts, I’m dismissing
Too scared to even try

And in time I’ve always known
I’m never in the safety zone
I took the fight, but was I right?
They were sending me to war

My intention is strong and real
Only power steels my will
The illusion of safety’s surrеal
Don’t let it go for the kill

I don’t want to take on thе pain
So, I go seek inner signs, or a calling
The more freedom I gain
The less real life I’m recalling

It seems that the Cypriot representative for Eurovision 2022 still hasn’t been chosen.
As we have reported before, the broadcaster’s preference is to choose an act that will deliver Cypriot flavor to Eurovision.
One of the considered options is Evangelia. The Greek singer has also submitted a song for the Greek internal selection (lead by ERT).
Evangelia and Panik Records, in collaboration with Sony Music, have also submitted a proposal to RIK.

Another option that is being considered is a song that will be composed by Michalis Hatzigiannis (who has represented Cyprus at Eurovision 1998) and will be performed by the singer Tania Breazou.

Kryštof Šámal (the head of the Czech delegation) revealed the details on the Eurovision Song Contest Czech Republic Facebook page

New Details

  1. 7 Artists will take part in the national selection.
  2. Among the participants we’ll be able to see: 4 female singers, 2 male singers and a duo composed of a man and a woman
  3. One of the participants has competed in the Czech selection before.
  4. There are plenty of genres in the line-up: from emotional ballads to heavy rock with electric guitar songs.
  5. All the participants recorded their performances in the form of half-playback “live” (live main vocals, background music playback).
  6. The pre-recorded performance will help us to decide which song is the suitable one for Czech Republic.
  7. For the first time in years, we will be able to see a staging concept for the different acts in the Czech selection for Eurovision!
  8. The results will be determined by a combination of 50% internatioanl jury voting, 25% Czech public vote and 25% international public vote. All public results will be free and will be available through a web interface as well.
  9. It has also been declared that all of the 7 participants together have 177,900 Instagram followers.

Mikolas Josef (who represented the country at Eurovision 2018) has 223K followers himself. Therefore, we can infer that he won’t take part in the selection this year!

Known Details

  1. According to the Czech broadcaster ČT, the finalists of “ESCZ 2022” will be revealed in a special press conference.
  2. The press will take place on Monday, the 6th of December 2021 at 13:00 CET (and local Czech Time).
  3. The songs will be released on the same day (or on the day after).
  4. The results will be determined by a combination of 50% internatioanl jury voting, 25% Czech public vote and 25% international public vote.
  5. Voting will be open between 7th of December 2021 and 15th of December 2021.
  6. International voting will be available on the official Eurovision Song Contest App.
  7. The selection show will air on Thursday, the 16th of December 2021.
  8. Participants recorded a live version of their songs that will be part of the selection show.
  9. According to rumors, Eurovision 2018 representative Mikolas Josef is among the artists who submitted a song. Nevertheless, regarding the number of Instagram followers, it seems he won’t be one of the candidates.

We will put our bets on Babora Mochowa or Pam Rabbit as the artist who will compete in “ESCZ 2022” and has also competed in the national selection in the past.
Each has less than 10K followers on Instagram

Last Saturday, ERR broadcast the second quarter-final of “Eesti Laul 2022“.
10 artists competed on 5 spots in the semi-finals:

3 artists qualified from the public vote:

Frants Tikerpuu and Triin Niitoja – “Laululind” (Eng: Songbird)

Helen – “Vaatu minu poole” (Eng: Look at me)

Andrei Zevakin feat. Grete Paia – “Mis nüüd saab” (Eng: What now)

While 2 others qualified from the jury vote:

Jyrise – “Plaksuta” (Eng:Clap)

Kaia-Liisa Kesler – “Vaikus” (Eng: Silence)

While the 5 eliminated acts are:

  1. Wiiralt – “Kuradile” (Eng: Damn it)
  2. Desiree – “Siiani” (Eng: So far)
  3. Silver Jusilo – “Elu rüpes” (Eng: In the midst of life)
  4. An-Marlen – “Lõpuks muutub” (Eng: It finally changes)
  5. Meisterjaan – “Vahel lilhtsalt” (Eng: Sometimes just)

Tonight, 10 artists will compete in the third quarter-final of “Eesti Laul 2022″:

The 10 acts are:

  1. Alabama Watchdog – “Move On”
  2. Anna Sahlene – “Champion”
  3. deLULU – “Music Saved My Soul”
  4. Elina Nechayeva – “Remedy”
  5. Goodreason – “Three Days Ago
  6. Lauri Pihlap– “Take Me Home”
  7. Levvis – “Let’s Talk About”
  8. Merilin Mälk – “Little Girl”
  9. Shira – “Under Water”
  10. Stefan– “Hope”

This time, all 10 songs will be performed in English.

Who are the Competing Artists?

  1. Anna Sahlene

Sahlene is a Swedish singer who represented Estonia at Eurovision 2002.
She performed the song “Runaway” and ended up in mutual 3rd place in the grand-final with the United Kingdom:

20 years after, she returns to the national selection to claim another trophy.

2. Elina Nechayeva

Elina is an Estonian pop-opera singer.
She won “Eesti Laul 2018” and therefore represented Estonia at Eurovision 2018.
She performed the Italian opera song “La Forza” and ended up 8th in the grand-final:

4 years after her win in the national selection, she will try her luck again.

3. Stefan

Stefan is an Estonian-Armenian singer-songwriter.
He participated in the national selection “Eesti Laul” in the years 2018,2019 and 2020.

In 2018, he competed as a part of the duo VAJÉ. They performed the song “Laura” and ended up 3rd in the super-final

In 2019, he participated in “Eesti Laul 2019” with the song “Without You” and ended up 3rd in the super-final:

In 2020, he participated in “Eesti Laul 2020” with the song “By My Side” and ended up 7th in the final:

In 2022, he will make his 4th participation.

4. Shira

Shira (real name: Marika Rodionova) is an Estonian singer-songwriter of Jewish descent.
She is well known for her participation in “Eesti Laul 2020“.
Back then, she performed the song “Out In Space” and finished in 6th place in the final:

5.Merilin Mälk

Merilin Mälk in an Estonian singer who participated in “Eesti Laul 2020“.
Back then, she performed the song “Miljon sammu” and failed to qualify for the grand final:

6.Alabama Watchdog

Alabama Watchdog is an Estonian rock band.
They made their debut in “Eesti Laul 2021” with the song “Alabama Watchdog“.
They failed to make it to the final:

7. Lauri Pihlap

Lauri Pihlap is an Estonian pop and R&B singer and hip hop artist
In 2000 he joined the band 2XL that was part of Estonian entry for Eurovision 2001 and was crowned as the winners of the year.
In 2014, he participated in the national selection with the song “Lootus” and didn’t make it to the final:

8. Inga Tislar

Inga Tislar isn’t a stranger for the “Eesti Laul” as well.
This year she will compete with the group deLULU.
In the past, she competed as a solo artist and as a part of a group:

In “Eesti Laul 2019“, she collaborated with Lumevärv on the song  “Milline päev”. They finished in 5th place in the final:

In “Eesti Laul 2020“, she performed the song “Right Time” and was eliminated in the semi-finals

Quarter-Final Format

These 10 artistswill compete in the second quarter-final on Saturday the 4th of December 2021.
They will fight for 5 spots in the semi-finals. 3 of them will be chosen by public vote, while 2 others will be chosen by jury panel.

For 4 consecutive weeks, we will have quarter – finals of the selection.
10 artists will compete in each quarter-final. 10 artists will be revealed each Monday / Tuesday before the show. However, the songs will only be revealed in the show itself.

The 2 hosts of the third quarter-final will be Laura Põldvere and Ott Lepland:

Laura Põldvere is an Estonian pop – country – jazz singer. She is splitting her life between Estonia and Finland.

The singer has represented Estonia twice at Eurovision:

In 2005, as part of the girl-band Suntribe. They didn’t qualify for the final:

In 2017, as part of a duo alongside Koit Tomme. They performed the song “Verona” and didn’t qualify for the final:

Besides this, she is well known for participating in the Estonian selection for Eurovision multiple times: 2005, 2009, 2016, ,2017, 2020.
She has even participated in the Finnish selection for Eurovision 2021“UMK 2021” with the song “Play“.

Ott Lepland

Ott Lepland is an Estonian singer. In 2012, he won national selection and represented Estonia at Eurovision 2012.
He performed the song “Kuula”, and ended up 6th in the grand final while conquering our hearts:

About the Selection Process

  1. This year, “Eesti Laul” will have 4 quarter-finals, 2 semi-finals, and a grand final.
  2. Out of 202 songs, 40 songs were shortlisted for the quarter-finals.
  3. The initial plan is to build a line-up of 20 songs in Estonian and 20 songs in other languages.
  4. A jury panel of 17 music experts ranked the songs without knowing who the singers, composers and lyricists were behind them.
  5. 10 songs will be included in each quarter-final. 5 of them will qualify for the semi-finals: 3 will be chosen by the public and 2 others by the jury.
  6. In the quarter-finals, songs won’t be performed live. We will watch the video clips of each one of them.
  7. As always, the semi-finals will have 2 rounds, where in the first round winners (jury votes and TV viewer’s phone votes combined) will qualify for the grand final and 2nd round decided by the public vote.
  8. Each semi-final will include 10 songs and only 5 of them will qualify.
  9. In the grand final, the 10 competing songs will face 2 rounds vote. The first round will be determined by 50% public vote and 50% jury voting.
  10. 3 artists will qualify for the “Superfinal,” which will only be determined by a public vote.
  11. A total of 202 songs were submitted
  12. 84 songs are in Estonian, while the other 118 songs are in foreign languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and a fictional language.
  13. 7 of the artists have already represented Estonia in the past.
  14. Some of the song writers are well known Estonian musicians, composers and lyricists
  15. The dates of the shows are:
  • Quarterfinal 1:November 20th 2021
  • Quarterfinal 2:November 27th 2021
  • Quarterfinal 3:December 4th 2021
  • Quarterfinal 4:December 11th 2021
  • Semi Final 1: 3rd February 2022
  • Semi Final 2: 5th February 2022
  • Grand Final: 12th of February 2022

According to the German website ESC Kompakt, the national selection will include 3-7 different songs.
In the meantime, we can reveal some of the artists that are interested in competing:

Ikke Hüftgold

The singer is running a “campaign” to run himself into Eurovision.
He has even traveled to Italy:

He creates entertaining music, most of the time. You can hear one of his songs:

Eskimo Callboy

Eskimo Callboy is a German metalcore/electronicore band formed in 2010. They take a softer approach to the genre, and are known for their comedic songs, live shows and videos.
The band includes 6 members: Kevin Ratajczak, Daniel “Danskimo” Haniß, Pascal Schillo,
Daniel Klossek, David Friedrich, Nico Sallach

In the following video they have talked about their interest at Eurovision:

You can listen to one of their songs:

Linda Teodosiu

Linda Teodosiu is a 30-year-old German-Romaian pop singer.
She rose to fame in 2008, when she participated in the 5th season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar“. She ended up in 3rd place.
The singer isn’t a stranger to Eurovision. In 2019, she competed in the Romanian selection for Eurovision 2019 with the song “Renegades“. She ended up in 4th place in the grand-final.

Daniel Shoemaker

It won’t be the first time Daniel Shoemaker will try to enter the German Eurovision selection.
Daniel won the 6th season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2009 and then became well-known.
He has confirmed that he submitted an entry for the national selection this year as well.
Meanwhile, you can listen to one of his songs:

Janina Beyerlein (Janina Bey)

Janina Bey participated in the 7th season of “The Voice of Germany”. In addition, she participated in the all-star edition of “The Voice of Germany” (10th season).
The singer has expressed her interest in submitting a song for Eurovision 2022.

You can hear her latest release which is in English, was released after September 1st and doesn’t exceed 3 minutes duration. Could this be her entry to Eurovision?

Another submitted entry is by Frank Sprengelmeier:

In the last few days, all 5 finalists of Greek internal selection for Eurovision 2022, have been invited to ERT offices.
All of them have been asked the same questions, in order to know them and their characters a little bit better.
ERT will make a decision by the end of the year.
The 5 finalists are:

  • Good job Nicky
  • Amanda Tenfjord (Georgiadi)
  • Elias Kozas
  • Joanna Drigo
  • Lou Is

Last week, “Reshet 13” broadcasted an additional 3 episodes of “X-Factor Israel”. In these episodes (13-15), 9 candidates qualified for the next round:

Noy Azulay (5 yeses)

Tomer Almog (5 yeses)

Noam Azut (4 yeses)

Yohai Moreno (4 yeses)

Maor Titton (5 yeses)

Liza Orman (4 yeses)

Orian Atia (5 yeses)
Aviv Harazi (5 yeses)
Noam Banai (4 yeses)

So far, 55 candidates have made it to the next round.
On Sunday, another audition episode will be broadcast.

Some changes have been made to the operational regulation of “Festival Sanremo 2022“.
Previously, the regulations had permitted Rai to publish the names of established artists only during the grand final of emerging artists – “Sanremo Giovani 2021“.
However, the change in regulations enables publishing of established artist names since December 1st – which means in the upcoming days.

Moreover, we can face a change in the number of established artists.
In the form of regulations, it has been said to be 22-26 instead of just 22.

According to local media reports, we can probably guess the identity of the Dutch representative for Eurovision 2022.
On the daily morning show “Veronica Inside,” Rick Romijn revealed that the top 2 dutch candidates for Eurovision 202 are: Lakshmi and Armin van Buuren Feat. Jaap Reesema.
It seems that AVROTROS has decided to select Lakshmi as the Dutch representative for Eurovision 2022.

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

In the meantime, you can listen to one of her songs:

Norwegian broadcaster NRK has confirmed the dates for Melodi Grand Prix 2022.

Semi-Final 1: 15th January 2022
Semi-Final 2: 22nd January 2022
Semi-Final 3: 29th January 2022

Semi-Final 4: 5th February 2022
Second Chance Round: 12th February 2022
Grand Final: 19th February

As tickets go on sale for the national selection, the selection will begin on 15th January 2022 and the selection will last 6 weeks of the shows

The only change that song reveal date is planned on 10th January 2022 where all 21 songs and artists will be revealed.

Stig Karlsen who is project manager of MGP expressed his excitement:

”A party where viewers are presented with new Norwegian quality music in different genres. In addition, it will be possible to be the audience in the hall again. I look forward to feeling the electricity that arises between teams, artists, and the audience”.

How’s the format will work ?:

  • National selection will include 4 semi-finals, “second chance” and a grand final.
  • A total of 21 songs will be included in the line-up.
  • 4 artists will compete in each of the 4 semi-finalsNRK has granted a “free-path” to 5 other artists.
  • There will be no more duels in the semi-final.
  • 12 artists that wouldn’t win their semi-finals will have the chance to get a wildcard for a “second chance.”
  • Therefore, 10 artists will compete in the grand final: 4 semi-final winners, 5 automatic-qualifiers and 1 will-card

According to ESCNorge, we might see some changes in “Melodi Grand Prix” in the next 2 years. Most of them are related to staging.
Work is now being done in several areas to make MGP more similar to Eurovision. Both in terms of rules and technology.
The aim is to make the performance as similar as possible to the Eurovision concept.
The main change will be permitting a max of 6 people on stage

Mattias Carlsson (responsible for the stage shows in MGP) also said that the EBU is working on rules for graphic elements on the numbers. It has become more and more common to “add pictures” over the TV pictures to create a special effect. This could also have consequences for how the MGP numbers are structured on stage.

As for voting, NRK examines several models of voting. Some of them will only be ready in 2023.
It is still not clear whether a jury will be part of the vote for the “Melodi Grand Prix 2022″

One of the artists who is interested in submitting an entry for “Selecţia Naţională 2022” is Mihai Traistariu who represented the country at Eurovision 2006.

He will probably submit a song named “Cyborg“:

According to the Russian website Ria, we can conclude that the Russian singer, producer and composer Philip Kirkorov will be fully involved in Eurovision 2022.

Kirkorov hasn’t mentioned the country that he will be working for, but we can guess this time it is Russia.
Kirkorov commented:

“I will not dissemble, we are preparing an artist who will represent the country at Eurovision.
The track is almost ready. The artist is ready – it can be he or she.
I think my choice will not disappoint you, and you will be pleasantly surprised.”

San Marino has published the names of 84 acts that have been shortlisted for the next round of the emerging artists category in “Una voce per San Marino“.
These 84 acts will be invited to a special academy where they will be examined by a professional jury.

9 of them will have the opportunity to participate in the national selection in February 2022.
A total of 18 artists will compete in the grand final of the national selection: 9 established artists (that have been invited by San Marineese broadcaster) and 9 qualifiers of the emerging path0

The 84 qualifiers are:

  1. The Sidèra
  2. Rosario Bottone
  3. Diego Federico
  4. Giada Pintori
  5. Carlo Audino
  6. Jacob Simpson
  7. Marvin Schories
  8. Pascale Filomena Pia
  9. March. & Kiera Chaplin
  10. Stefan Varga
  11. DanyWise
  12. Camille Cabaltera
  13. Giovanni & Tinashe
  14. Andrea Rutigliano
  15. Alessandro Stocco
  16. Susanna Reppucci
  17. Pietro Peloso
  18. Juri Mattia
  19. Joe Romano & TheStolenClipper
  20. Christopher Grevener
  21. Giuseppe Meca
  22. Aaron Sibley
  23. Jack Marsina & Sara De Blue
  24. Leandro Aponte
  25. Manuel Piccoli
  26. Myky Petillo
  27. Rosario Bottone
  28. Vanja Vatle
  29. Secondo e Rosanna duo
  30. Vanessa Semprini
  31. Jessica Anne Condon
  32. Theodor Xir
  33. Alessandra Simone
  34. Luca Cima
  35. Hayley Foster
  36. Gisele Abramoff
  37. Carlo Audino
  38. Silvia Cialona
  39. Nanowar Of Steel
  40. Mattia Di Bernardo
  41. Sara Ricci
  42. Florent Amare
  43. Tothem
  44. Silvestrov
  45. Charles Onyeabor
  46. Williams Leslie Yapi
  47. Maria Marchione
  48. Laura Maria Giuliani
  49. Giorgio Borghes Aka Claudia F
  50. Marco D’Annunzio
  51. Francesca Bernardini
  52. Maria Chiara Leoni
  53. Rafel Senzacorona
  54. Daniela Pisciotta
  55. Marco Murrone
  56. Elisa Del Prete
  57. Annalaura Princiotto
  58. Elettra Benedetto
  59. Ylva & Linda
  60. Waleska Lafitte
  61. Angela Madonia
  62. Ferdinand Rennie
  63. Massimiliano Tufo
  64. Garon x Duan
  65. Lance Soliman
  66. Alessandro Iannone
  67. Martina Gaetano
  68. Cassidy Civet
  69. Fulvio Vasarri
  70. Yana Gorbunova
  71. Derek Conyer
  72. Ginevra Bencivenga
  73. Alessia Labate
  74. Marta Mormone
  75. Annalaura Princiotto
  76. Sara Mascella
  77. Jennifer Turri
  78. MST
  79. Alex Ferro
  80. Panagiotis Tsakalakos
  81. Leandro Pallozzi
  82. Nico Calvano
  83. Diego Federico
  84. Matilde Pieri

Among them, you’ll be able to find some familiar names:

Sara De Blue – The Austrian singer competed in the San-Marineese selection for Eurovision 2018. This time, she will be joined by Jack Marsina.

Ylva & Linda – They are 2 Swedish sisters that have tried their luck as song writers for national selection on plenty occasions. They have written for artists in Moldova, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia, Belarus, Poland and Romania over the years.

Aaron Sibley – He has participated in the Molodvan selection for Eurovision 2018

San Marino has received around 200 submissions for the emerging artists category.
They came from 26 different countries. Between them, you can count: Russia, Sweden, Austria, and Germany

Submission window for Serbian selection closed on the 1st of December 2021.
According to reports on local media, we can reveal that the following artists have sent entries to the national selection:

Sara Jo

Sara Jovanović, professionally known as Sara Jo, is an Italian-born Serbian singer-songwriter and dancer. She rose to prominence as the second runner-up in the singing competition “Prvi glas Srbije” in 2012.
Sara Jo was part of the trio Moje 3 that represented Serbia at Eurovision 2013 with the song “Ljubav Je Svuda

You can listen to one of her latest releases:


The singer isn’t a stranger to Eurovision either.
In 2013, she participated in “Beosong 2013“, as part of the bns SKY’s.
One other band’s member was Ksenia Knežević (who is part of Hurriacne nowadays).
They performed the song “Magija” and ended up 5th in the final:

You can listen to one of her latest releases:

RTS prefers to hold a televised show for Eurovision 2022 selection process.
However, it is possible that a jury panel will select the winner of the selection if Covid restrictions force it.

The first week of “EMA Freš 2022” took place with 4 duels:

We currently have the winners of duel 1-4.

Duel 1 – Nika S defeated Katja Kos

Duel 2 – Stela Sofia defeated Anja

Duel 3 – LPS defeated Neli

Duel 4 – Jon defeated Ella

Today, the 4 winners will face another round of voting.
Top 2 among them and 1 jury wild-card will advance for the next round.
Next week we will have 4 new duels.

Some new details about “Benidorm Fest 2022” have been revealed this week.
First of all, as you all know, 12 acts will compete in 3 galas: 2 semi-finals and grand final.
RTVE‘s intention is to allocate 3 shows for the same week, just like at Eurovision.
It is still not official, but it seems like the optimal dates are:

Semi-final 1 – Tuesday 25th of January 2022
Semi-final 2 – Thursday 27th of January 2022
Final – Saturday 29th of January 2022

  1. The results will be determined by 50% public vote and 50% jury voting.
  2. The public vote which will be split by 50% expert fans panel and 50% televoting
  3. The jury vote will be composed by 60% national jury and 40% intenational jury.
  4. In case of any tie, the artist with higher amount of points from the public, will get the advantage.
  5. Out of the 12 competing songs, at least 2 should arrive from public calls.
  6. Each semi-final will feature 6 artists, with 3 only advance for the final.

12 competitors will be revealed by the beginning of January 2022

Last Tuesday, SVT revealed 14 additional participants for “Melodifestivalen 2022“.
We have the full line-up revealed:

  1. Anders Bagge – “Bigger Than The Universe“
  2. Cazzi Opeia (Moa Carlebecker) – “I Can’t Get Enough“
  3. Cornelia Jakobs – “Hold Me Closer“
  4. Danne Stråhed – “Hallabaloo“
  5. Faith Kakembo – “Freedom“
  6. John Lundvik – “Änglavakt” (English: Angel Guard)
  7. Klara Hammarström – “Run To The Hills“
  8. Laimoo – “Bluffin”
  9. Linda Bengtzing – “Fyrfaldigt hurra!” (Eng: Four times hurray!)
  10. Niello & Lisa Ajax – “Tror du att jag bryr mig” (Eng: Do You Think I Care?
  11. Omar Rudberg – “Moving like that”
  12. Samira Manners – “I want To Be Loved“
  13. Theoz – “Som du vill” (Eng: As You Wish)
  14. Tribe Friday – “Shut Me Up”
  15. Anna Bergendahl – Higher Power
  16. Robin Bengtsson – Inocent Love
  17. Tenori – La Stella
  18. Lancelot – Lyckligt Slut (Eng: Happy End)
  19. Alvaro Estrella – Suave (Eng: Gentle)
  20. Lillasyster – Til Our Days Are Over
  21. Malou Pritz – Bananas
  22. MEDINA – “In I Dimman” (Eng: Into The Fog)
  23. Angelino – The End
  24. Shirley Clamp – “Let There Be Angels“
  25. Lisa Miskovsky – Best to come
  26. Browsing Collection – Face In The Crowd
  27. Malin Christin – Synd Om Dig (Eng: Sorry For You)
  28. Tone Sekelius – My Way

You can read our 2 reviews of artists here:

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Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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