Czech Republic: Meet and Listen to 7 acts for ESCZ 2022 (Czech selection for Eurovision 2022)

It’s been released that 7 hopefuls for the Czech Republic national selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The Czech broadcaster has been active and has a lot of teases and during the press conference, it was revealed which of 7 acts are.

Let’s meet and listen to their artists 7 acts:


Guidi about ”Jezinky

”Jezinky” are the wild women from the Czech forests. The Mythical creatures are seducing the people to get lost with them in the woods. Now imagine “Jezinky” represent your fears… Whispering into your ears all your insecurities…
Experience the fears. Find your spirituality. Dive into your imagination. Heal.
This story is relevant to everybody.”

The song is written and composed by:Rozálie Klimešová, Rokhaya Gueye, Marie Krobová, JaCobra

Elis Mraz-Imma Be

”Imma Be” is written and composed by Elis Mraz herself. music is mixed and mastered by FILIPIAN.

Elis is a Czech singer-songwriter and runner-up in ESCZ 2020 with the song ‘‘Wanna Be Like” featuring Čis T.

We Are Domi-Lights Off

We Are Domi is an electro-pop band formed in the United Kingdom in 2018 and is currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. Members of the band come from the Czech Republic and Norway which can enrich their spectrum of musical taste.

The band suggest a very unique blend of electro and Scandi vibes which result in an alternative-pop sound.

”Lights Off” is written and composed by: Einar Eriksen Kvaløy, Abi F Jones, Dominika Hasek, Casper Hatlestad, Benjamin Rekstad

Skywalker-Way Down

Skywalker is 4 men modern rock band from Prague, Czech Republic with a decade-long experience in the band. The band has been touring all over Europe with other bands like Beartooth, Crystal Lake, Normandie, and Counterparts. They have also been to China and Japan.

”Way Down” is written and composed by: Damian Kucera, David Machalický, Jan Kucera, Lucas Woodland, Tomáš Rothschedl

ANNABELLE-Runnin’ Out Of Freakin’ Time

ANNABELLE is a singer/rapper from Prague/London where she studied music. She is a big name in the Czech Republic and has other hits with Dadae, Black Hole, and Anxiety.

”Runnin’ Out Of Freakin’ Time” is written and composed by Annabelle, Marcel Procházka, Ondrej Fiedler, Tom Oehler.

Jordan Haj x Emma Smetana-By Now

Jordan and Emma have roots in the Czech Republic, France, and Israel. Their background is key to understanding many musical styles that influence their work like indie, hip-hop, pop, rock, electronica, and good old-fashioned disco.

‘By Now” is written and composed by Jordan Hay and Emma Smetana

The Valentines-Stay or Go

The Valentines are a pop band from Hradec Králové,Czech Republic.The band consists of Hoza (vocals & bass), Ondřej (guitar and synths), and Matěj (drums).In 2019 they won the Czech song contest ”Radio Wave’s Starter” which they earned the opportunity to make a video for their single ” Did My Back Hurt Your Knife?”. Since then gone on to release many more singles.

”Stay or Go” is written and composed by Honza Doležal and Filip Vlček.

The running order of the Czech Republic national selection is:

1.We Are Domi-Lights Off
3.Annabelle-Runnin’ Out of F* Time
4.Eliz Mraz-Imma Be
5.The Valentines-Stay or Go
6.Jordan Haj & Emma Smetana-By Now
7.Skywalker-Way Down

The winner will be determined by the combination of the votes from the international jury panel (50%), international public vote (25%) Czech Public vote (25%). Both the international and Czech public can vote via the official Eurovision Song Contest app between 7th till 15th December 2021 and the winner and representative will be announced on 16th December 2021.


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Which song is your favorite?
Who do you think will win the national selection?

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