Slovenia: Listen to “EMA 2022” Semi-Final 2 Snippets

Earlier this evening, Slovenian broadcaster RTV SLO released snippets of “EMA 2022” – semi-final 2 songs.

Let’s get a quick reminder on the format of the Slovenian selection:

  • Saturday, the 28th of January 2022 – “EMA Freš 2022” – Grand Final
  • Saturday, the 5h of February 2022 – “EMA 2022” – Semi – Final 1
  • Saturday, the 12th of February 2022 – “EMA 2022” – Semi – Final 2
  • Saturday, the 19th of February 2022 – “EMA 2022” – Grand Final

The snippets of “EMA Freš 2022” can be found here.
2 of the EMA Freš 2022” qualifiers will participate in each one of “EMA 2022” semi-finals.

10 artists will compete in this semi-final: 8 established artists and 2 qualifiers from “EMA Freš 2022”.
The snippets will be released on the 20th of January 2022.

Snippets for semi-final 1 songs can be found here

Running Order for Semi-Final 2:

  1. Mia Guček – Independiente (From Spanish: Independent)
  2. Gušti feat. Leyre – Nova Romantika (Eng: New Romance)
  3. Klara Jazbec – Chasing Dreams
  4. Vedran Ljubenko – H2O dieta
  5. EMA Freš 2022” qualifier 3
  6. EMA Freš 2022” qualifier 4
  7. Anabel – Tendency
  8. BQL – Maj (Eng:May)
  9. Hauptman – Sledim (Eng: I’m Following)
  10. Eva Moškon – Kliki (Eng: Clicks)

6 participants will qualify for the grand final: 3 will be chosen by the public, 3 will be chosen by the jury.

Now, let’s move on to the semi-final 2 snippets:

What do you think about the snippets?
Which one is your favorite?

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