Norway: “Melodi Grand Prix 2022” Semi-Final 3 – Results

The third semi-final of the “Melodi Grand Prix 2022″ has just ended.
4 artists competed for one spot in the final.

Duel 1Mari Bølla – “Your Loss” VS. Oda Gondrosen – Hammer of Thor

Åpne bilde

Mari Bølla

Oda Gondrosen

 Oda Gondrosen defeated Mari Bølla, and qualified for the second round!

Åpne bilde

Duel 2

Sturla – Skår i hjerte” VS. Vilde –Titans

Åpne bilde



Vilde defeated Sturla  and qualified for the second round.

Åpne bilde

Golden DuelOda Gondrosen VS. Vilde

Åpne bilde

Oda Gondrosen won the super duel and therefore got a path to the final!

Åpne bilde

In addition, we had the chance to hear one of the automatic qualifiers:

NorthKid – “Someone

Åpne bilde

Next week, the last additional 4 artists will compete for the path for the final!

You’re welcome to read all about Eurovision 2022 on our homepage

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