Review: “Melodi Grand Prix 2022” – Semi-Final 4 (Norway)

This Saturday, Norwegian broadcaster NRK will hold the third semi-final in “Melodi Grand Prix 2022″.
4 artists will compete for a certain spot in the grand final. The 3 elimianted acts will have the oppurtinity to fight for an additional spot (with all other eliminated acts).

So let’s dive into the 4 competing songs of this week!

#1. Alexandra Joner – “Hasta la vista”

It’s a Latin Schlager pop song.
The song starts with an instrumental part composed of wind and string instruments.
She opens the song with Spanish and English. The festive vibe continues in the first verse as well.
She sings the first verse effortlessly. In the chorus, she sings with a slightly higher tone of voice. We can hear some backing vocals as well. The chorus includes namely the phrase “Hast La Vista”. It doesn’t take you in any surprising direction. The second verse is served with some changes in the melody, now more instruments are involved like guitar and violion. The danceable beat keeps on going. Once again, we get the chorus, this time less energetic. Thereafter, she continues singing with some short high notes, while being accompanied by backing vocals. The song ends out of nowhere.
For me, the song is a big disappointment. First of all, I don’t understand what the “Melodi Grand Prix” has to do with Latin pop Schlgaer songs. Second of all, even in this scope of songs, it could have been much better. For a few moments, it seems like after including the instrumental part from the introduction, no more efforts have been invested in the song.

#2. Kim Wigaard – “La melodia” (The melody)

It’s a midtempo pop-opera power ballad.
The song starts with an instrumental part composed of piano playing.
Kim enters the song with a stable and clear voice. He lengthens the pronunciation of the words towards the end on the lines in the first verse. The pre-chorus is faster and tenser.
The chorus opens with semi-operatic singing. Some of the lyrics in the pre-chorus and the chorus are in the Italian language. Kim shows diverse vocal abilities in the chorus.
The second verse starts with a low-voice singing. The piano playing in this part is denser.
The second pre-chorus this time includes some stringing elements that elevate it.
With long high notes, he closes the pre-chorus and we get the chorus. In the chorus, we get some backing vocals, while Kim is moving to another long high note. Thereafter, we get the bridge which includes fast singing in English while a dramatic and powerful sampling of piano playing takes over. In the last part, Kim and some male backing vocalists are singing together with the “La la la” part with modulations.
There’s no doubt that Kim is one of the greatest vocalists in the “Melodi Grand Prix 2022“.
However, the song is too dramatic to my taste. It seems like that we’ve heard things like this. For some moments, it is even a little bit dated. At the same time, I can imagine it more effective than expected with the right staging.

#3.Maria Mohn – “Fly”

It’s a Scandinavian power ballad.
The song starts with beautiful operatic singing. Thereafter, we can hear a drum beat and the strong and high tone of voice that Maria suggests. The chorus starts with a higher pitch, the drumbeat is more dramatic and for some moments her voice becomes “thinner”. The first chorus ends out of the blue. The second verse is much richer, with plenty of musical instruments violin, piano, bagpipe, and more. In the second chorus, her singing is more powerful, to begin with. A short instrumental part continues the chorus, and afterward, some backing vocals are added. The next chorus starts raw and emotional. Maria uses a technique that resembles falsetto singing. The peak point reaches when her strong vocal king “overcomes” the strong backing vocals.
It is an emotional power ballad with a beautiful production. Maria delivers it vocally. The message behind the song is very strong as well: It is Maria’s real story – her son has had tough times with a severe illness.

#4.Sofie Fellvjang – “Made of Glass”

It’s a love ballad.
The song starts with piano playing. Sofie sings the first verse with simplicity and with a lot of emotions. The first line in the chorus sounds like it is the direct continuation of the first verse.
Afterwards, she gives her all with a magnificent voice. The lines of the chorus are composed of mid-high strating and very powerful singing in their second half. The melody in this part is composed of piano playing and a sampling of a music box. The second verse is a little bit more rhythmic. Her singing is stable and exiting. The second chorus arrives and it includes some backing vocals.
Sofie’s singing keeps on surprising us. The bridge includes some fast drumbeat, we can hear her singing in a mid-high voice. When the music stops, she sings some lines with falsetto singing alongaside piano playing that sneaks in. The song ends with another chorus and echo singing.
This is the way to write an A class love/break-up song. It could have been a cliche, but it still feels authentic. And of course we must appreciate her voice. I wasn’t surprised to see Kjetil Mørland as one of the composers. Well done!

My Personal Ranking

This time, it was really hard for me to choose a winner.
There are 2 songs that I like almost equally. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the “second chance” winner come from this semi-final. Having said this, I’m going to surprise you with my winner

  1. Sofie Fellvjang – “Made of Glass”
  2. Maria Mohn – “Fly”
  3. Kim Wigaard – “La melodia” (The melody)
  4. Alexandra Joner – “Hasta la vista”


The winner this time really depends on the duel allocation.
I would like to see Maria and Sofie competing in 2 different duels in the first round.
I would also like to remind you that Maria Mohn and Kim Wigaard have already collaborated together in the “Melodi Grand Prix 2020“.
Therefore, I see it as a tight between Sofie and Maria.

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Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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