MESC2022: Qualifying To The Final Are…

Last night Malta has started its journey to Eurovision 2022 with the first semi final of its national selection MESC 2022.

On a magnificent stage built especially for the event the 22 performed last night their entries. The running order was as follows:

  1. Aidan Cassar – Ritmu
  2. Janice Mangion – Army
  3. Nicole Hammett – A Lover’s Heart
  4. Sarah Bonnici – Heaven
  5. Mark Athony Bartolo – Serenity
  6. Denise Mercieca – Boy
  7. Richard Edwards – Hey Little
  8. Francesca Sciberras – Rise
  9. Miriana Conte – Look What You’ve Done Now
  10. Giada (Jade Vella) – Revelación
  11. Baklava Ft Nicole – Electric Indigo
  12. Derrick Schembri – II
  13. Norbert Bondin – How Special You Are
  14. Raquel Galdes Briffa – Over You
  15. Jessica Grech – Aphrodisiac
  16. Matt BLXCK – Come Around
  17. Rachell Lowell – White Doves
  18. Nicole Azzopardi – Into The Fire
  19. Emma Muscat – Out Of Sight
  20. Malcolm Pisani – We Came for Love
  21. Enya Magri – Shame
  22. Jessica Muscat – Kaleidoscope

The full playlist studio version of the songs can be found HERE




Following the performances, the show organizers delivered the Eurovision fans some magical moments with ESC Legends such as Kurt Calleja (2012), Paul Giordinaina and Georgina (1991),  Mike Spiteri (1995), Morena (2008), Ira Losco (2002 and 2016), Chiara (1998 and 2005), Claudia Faniello (2017) and a special tribute to 1994 representative Christopher Scicluna that passed away earlier this month.

The 2nd part of the show broadcast tonight revealed the results of the 16 acts qualifying for the final and these are:

  1. Aidan Cassar – Ritmu
  2. Janice Mangion – Army
  3. Nicole Hammett – A Lover’s Heart
  4. Sarah Bonnici – Heaven
  5. Mark Anthony Bartolo – Serenity
  6. Denise Mercieca – Boy
  7. Richard Micallef – Hey Little
  8. Miriana Conte – Look what you’ve done now
  9. GIADA (Jade Vella) – REVELACIÓN
  10. Baklava Ft Nicole – Electric Indigo
  11. Norbert Bondin – How special you are
  12. Raquel Galdes Briffa – Over You
  13. Matt BLXCK – Come Around
  14. Nicole Azzopardi – Into The Fire
  15. Emma Muscat – Out Of Sight
  16. Enya Magri – Shame
  17. Jessica Muscat – Kaleidoscope [wildcard winner]

Among the 6 acts failed to qualify another wildcard will be rewarded on February 19, right before the grand final is about to take place. The 6 acts batteling for the last ticket to Saturday’s final are:

  • Francesca Sciberras – Rise
  • Derrick Schembri – II
  • Jessica Grech – Aphrodisiac
  • Rachel Lowell – White Doves
  • Malcolm Pisani – We Came for Love
  • Jessika – Kaleidoscope

At Eurovision:

Malta will participate in the First half of semi-final 2 of Eurovision 2022 to be aired on May 12, 2022. If in case they will qualify, they will perform again on the show’s grand final on May 14, 2022.

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