Watch Tonight 19/02/2022: Live Shows From Norway, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Malta, San Marino, and Sweden

Dear Eurovision fans, get ready for an intense super Saturday!
7 conutries will take a step forward in their national selection for Eurovision 2022, including 6 countries that will end the night with a song and an artist for Eurovision 2022.
Here is your full guide for tonight’s shows:

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What: “Melodi Grand Prix 2022” – Final

When: 19:55 – 22:00 CET

How to Watch: Live stream on NRK website

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Competing Artists and Songs: 10 finalists will perform tonight

  1. Oda Gondrosen – Hammer of Thor [semi-final 3 winner]
  2. NorthKid – Someone [automatic qualifiers]
  3. Anna-Lisa Kumoji – Queen Bees [automatic qualifier]
  4. Farida Louise – Dangerous [semi-final 2 winner]
  5. Sofie Fellvjang – Made of Glass [semi-final 4 winner]
  6.  Frode – Black Flowers [semi-final 1 winner]
  7. Christian Ingebrigtsen – Wonder of the World [automatic qualifier]
  8. Maria Mohn – Fly [second-chance winner]
  9. Subwoolfer  Give That Wolf A Banana [automatic qualifiers]
  10. Elsie Bay – Death Of Us [automatic qualifier]


The show will consist of 3 rounds of voting.
In the first round, all 10 finalists will compete.
In the second round, the top 4 of the previous round will compete.
The third round will be the golden duel with 2 artists competing. The votes will be reset before the last round

Additional Information

The hosts are: Kåre Magnus Bergh, Annika Momrak and Mikkel Niva

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Full playlists are available here:


You can read Doron‘s review of the songs here:

What: “Tu bije serce Europy! Wybieramy hity na Eurowizję 2022” – Final

When: 20:00 CET

How to Watch: TVP live stream (might be geo-blocked in some countries): TVP , TVP2

Competing Artists and Songs: The 10 artists will perform in the following running order:

  1. Kuba Szmaikowski – Lovesick
  2. Ania Byrcyn – Dokąd
  3. Siostry Szlachta  Drogowskazy
  4. Lidia Kopania – Why Does It Hurt
  5. Karolina Stanisławczyk & Chika Toro – Move
  6. Karolina Lizer – Czysta woda
  7. Unmute – Louder Than Decibels
  8. Emilia D ębbska (Mila) – All I Need
  9. Ochman – River
  10. Daria – Paranoia

Full playlists can be found on different digital platforms:

Apple Music

Format:  The results will be determined 2 rounds of voting:
Round 1 50% public vote and 50% jury public. The jury panel will consist of 5 members (Halina FrąckowiakMarek Sierocki, Marcin Kusy, Szymon Orłowski, and Krystian Kuczkowski)
Round 2 – 3 qualifiers: 100% public vote

Additional Information

The show will be hosted by Rafał Brzozowski (who represented Poland at Eurovision 2021), Ida Nowakowska and Małgorzata Tomaszewska – The three of them hosted Junior Eurovision 2020

Aleksander Sikora and Marek Sierocki will be backstage / green room hosts.

The show will feature several special guests:

  1. Eldar & Nikki – The winners Eurovision 2011 from Azerbaijan
  2. Kasia Moś – Represented Poland at Eurovision 2017
  3. Sara James – Represented Poland at JESC 2021
  4. Viki Gabor – The winner of JESC 2019 from Poland
  5. Tatiana Okupnik – The lead singer of Blue Café who represented Poland at Eurovision 2004
  6. Justyna Steczkowska – Represented Poland at Eurovision 1995

You can read Doron‘s review here:

What: “MESC 2022” Final

When: 21:00 – 23:20 (CET)

How to Watch: TVM live broadcast

Competing Artists and Songs:

16 artists directly qualified for the final, and 1 one wild card was given:

The 17 finalists will perform in the following running order:

  1. Baklava Ft Nicole – Electric Indigo
  2. Norbert Bondin – How special you are
  3. Matt BLXCK – Come Around
  4. GIADA (Jade Vella) – REVELACIÓN
  5. Jessica Muscat – Kaleidoscope [wildcard winner]
  6. Raquel Galdes Briffa – Over You
  7. Nicole Hammett – A Lover’s Heart
  8. Miriana Conte – Look what you’ve done now
  9. Nicole Azzopardi – Into The Fire
  10. Sarah Bonnici – Heaven
  11. Enya Magri – Shame
  12. Denise Mercieca – Boy
  13. Emma Muscat – Out Of Sight
  14. Janice Mangion – Army
  15. Mark Anthony Bartolo – Serenity
  16. Aidan Cassar – Ritmu
  17. Richard Micallef – Hey Little

Format:  The results will be determined by the public vote.

Additional Information

The full playlist can be found on different digital platforms: YouTube

What: “Dora 2022″ Final

When: 20:10 – 22:05 CET

How to Watch: HRT on YouTube

Competing Artists and Songs:

14 artists will compete tonight in the following running order:

  1. Mila Elegović – Ljubav
  2. Mia Negovetić – Forgive Me (Oprosti)
  3. Marko Bošnjak – Moli za nas
  4. Jessa – My Next Mistake
  5. Zdenka Kovačiček – Stay on the Bright Side
  6. Tina Vukov – Hideout
  7. Roko Vušković  Malo kasnije
  8. Bernarda – Here for Love
  9. Erik Vidović – I Found You
  10. ToMa – In the Darkness
  11. Elis Lovrić – No War
  12. Ella Orešković – If You Walk Away
  13. Tia – Voli me do neba
  14. Mia Dimšić – Guilty Pleasure

Format: The results of “Dora 2022” will be determined by 50% national jury voting and 50% public vote.
The national jury will be composed of 10 different regional jury panels. Each regional panel will consist of 3 members.
The 10 different regions are: Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Zadar, Vukovar, Osijek, Knin and Šibenik, Čakovec and Varaždin, Pula, and Dubrovnik.
In the case of a tie, the public vote will determine the winner.

Additional Information:

Duško ĆurlićElizabeta Brodićm and Franka Batelić Ćorluka will host the show:

The full playlist can be found here: YouTube

You can read Doron‘s review here

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What: “EMA 2022” – Final

When: 20:20 – 22:20 CET

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How to Watch: RTV SLO live stream

Competing Artists and Songs:

12 artists will compete tonight in the following runnig order:

  1. Anabel – Tendency
  2. Stela Sofia – Tu In Zdaj (Eng: Here and Now)
  3. Manouche – Si Sama? (Eng: Are You Alone?)
  4. Leya Leanne – Naked
  5. BQL – Maj (Eng: Maט)
  6. Gušti feat. Leyre – Nova Romantika (Eng: New Romantica)
  7. July Jones – Girls Can Do Anything
  8. David Amaro – Še Vedno So Lepa (Eng: You’re Still Beautiful)
  9. LPS – Disko (Eng: Disco)
  10. Hauptman – Sledim (Eng: I’m Following)
  11. LUMA – All In
  12. Batista Cadillac – Mim Pravil (Eng: Mim Rules)

Format: The results will be determined by 50% national jury voting and 50% public vote

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Additional Information:

Melani Mekicar and Bojan Cvjetićanin will host the “EMA 2022” semi-finals and final

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What: Una Voce Per San Marino 2022 – Final

When: 21:00 – 00:00 CET

How to Watch: San Marino TV – RTV Live

Competing Artists and Songs: 18 artists made it to the final: 9 emerging artists + 9 established artists

Full Final Line-up:

  1. Aaron Sibley (United Kingdom 🇬🇧) – Pressure
  2. Achille Lauro (Italy 🇮🇹) – Stripper
  3. Alessia Labate (Italy 🇮🇹) – World Falls Down
  4. Burak Yeter (Turkey 🇹🇷) & Alessandro Coli (Italy 🇮🇹) – More Than You
  5. Cristina Ramos (Spain 🇪🇸) – Heartless Game
  6. Camille Cabaltera (Italy 🇮🇹) – Move ‘Em Like You Never Did
  7. Elena & Francesco Faggi (Italy 🇮🇹) – Nothing Can Blow Me Out
  8. Farby & Labiuse (Italy 🇮🇹) feat. Miodio (San Marino 🇸🇲) – Blu
  9. Francesco Monte (Italy 🇮🇹) – Mi ricordo di te (Adrenalina)
  10. Ivana Spagna  (Italy 🇮🇹)– Seriously in Love
  11. Kurt Cassar (Malta 🇲🇹) – Tears of Gold
  12. Maria Chiara Leoni (Italy 🇮🇹) – Tiramisù
  13. Mate (Italy 🇮🇹) – DNA
  14. Matteo Faustini (Italy 🇮🇹) –L’ultima parola
  15. Sebastian Schimdt (Germany 🇩🇪) – Running
  16. Tony Cicco & Deshedus & Alberto Fortis (Italy 🇮🇹) – Sono un uomo
  17. Valerio Scanu (Italy 🇮🇹) – Io credo
  18. Vina Rose (Italy 🇮🇹) – Sweet Denial

9 Established Artists:

  • Achille Lauro – Italian singer who participated in “Festival Di Sanremo 2022″.
  • Farby & Labiuse feat. Miodio [Miodio represented San Marino in their debut at Eurovision 2008]
  • Tony Cicco & Deshedus & Alberto Fortis
  • Matteo Faustini – Italian singer who participated in “Festival Di Sanremo 2020″.
  • Ivana Spagna – Italian singer who became known in 1980s
  • Valerio Scanu – The winner of “Festival Di Sanremo 2010″
  • Burak Yeter & Alessandro Coli – Burak is a Turkish DJ that rose to fame in 2016, after releasing a hit that became successful in Europe
  • Francesco Monte
  • Cristina Ramos – winner of “Spain’s Got Talent” in 2016
  • Blind withdrawn due to health issues

9 Emerging Artists:

  1. Aaron Sibley (United Kingdom 🇬🇧) – Pressure
  2. Sebastian Schimdt (Germany 🇩🇪) – Running
  3. Camille Cabaltera (Italy 🇮🇹) – Move ‘Em Like You Never Did
  4. Vina Rose (Italy 🇮🇹) – Sweet Denial
  5. Maria Chiara Leoni (Italy 🇮🇹) – Tiramisù
  6. Alessia Labate (Italy 🇮🇹) – World Falls Down
  7. Kurt Cassar (Malta 🇲🇹) – Tears of Gold
  8. Mate (Italy 🇮🇹) – DNA
  9. Elena & Francesco Faggi (Italy 🇮🇹) – Nothing Can Blow Me Out


A jury panel of 5 members will determine the results of the final:

(Una Voce Par San Marino Arena)
  • Mogol – Head of the Jury
  • Susanne Georgi – represented Andorra at Eurovision 2009
  • Dino Stewart – Director, BMG Italy
  • Clarissa Martinelli – Radio Presenter
  • Simon Lee – copmoser and producer

Additional Information

The hosts are: Senhit and Jonathan Kashanian 

What: “Melodifestivalen 2022” – Semi-Final 3

When: 20:00 – 21:30 CET

How to Watch: SVT Play

Competing Artists and Songs:

7 artists will compete tonight:

  1. Cazzi Opeia (Moa Carlebecker) – “I Can’t Get Enough“ [audio snippet] [video snippet]
  2. Lancelot – Lyckligt Slut (Eng: Happy End) [audio snippet] [video snippet]
  3. Lisa Miskovsky – Best to come [audio snippet] [video snippet]
  4. Tribe Friday – “Shut Me Up” [audio snippet] [video snippet]
  5. Faith Kakembo – “Freedom“ [audio snippet] [video snippet]
  6. Linda Bengtzing – “Fyrfaldigt hurra!” (Eng: Four times hurray!) [audio snippet] [video snippet]
  7. Anders Bagge – “Bigger Than The Universe“ [audio snippet] [video snippet]

Format: The vote will be composed of 2 rounds.
After the first round, the highest ranked artist will get a spot in the final.
After the second round, one more artist will get a ticket for the final.
3rd and 4th place will wait for the second change.
Meanwhile, 5-7 places will be eliminated.

You’re invited to read about the new voting system for “Melodifestivalen 2022” here:

The main host is Oscar Zia, who will be joined by various co-hosts:

Follow all the latest Eurovision 2022 news on our homepage

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Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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