Cyprus: More Details Regarding Eurovision 2023 Selection Process

Back in September 2021, we have reported that Cyprus is likely to choose its artist for Eurovision 2023 via a talent show.

And now, OGAE Greece gives us more interesting details about the plans of Cyprus for Eurovision 2023.
According to the TV magazine “Fileleftheros Cyprus“, the country will probably use a format similar to “All Together Now” by the British BBC.
The format has firstly broadcast in 2018 in the UK. Since then, 18 different countries have broadcasted it.

The results of each show will be determined by a committee of 50 people. Among them, we will be able to find former Eurovision participants, composers, singers, members of the official OGAE Cyprus and OGAE Greece. It is worth mentioning that in the original format, the committee consists of 100 members.
The panel members can hit the buzz button and sing along with the singer. The louder they sing together, the higher the score will be.
The TV show will be aired in the middle of October 2022. It will be broadcasted once a week on Saturdays, both Cyprus (CyBC) and Greece (ALPHA).
In the show of the early rounds, 2 singers will get a ticket for the semi-final.
10 singers will qualify for the final.
Cyprus plans to hold the final before the end of 2022.

The last time Cyprus used the mechanism of national selection was in 2015, when Giannis Karagiannis won the “Eurovision Song Project 2015“.
He performed the song “One Thing I Should Have Done” and finished 22nd in the grand final:

Cyprus has has an impressive record of Grand final participations, with qualifying for the final in the years 2015 – 2019 and 2021.
However, this year the record didn’t go on, as the country ended in the 12th place in semi-final 2.
It was Andormanche who performed “Ela“:

What will be Cyprus fate at Eurovision 2023?
Will the format bring a brand new direction? Will we get different kind of songs?

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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  1. Before her semi, I was so sure that Andromache was going to easily qualify, but (unfortunately) the vocals just were not there for that performance.

    1. I agree with you. The song had potential, but the vocal performance wasn’t that accurate.

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