JESC 2018 winner Roxie Węgiel drops a new single to celebrate her 18th birthday

Junior Eurovision 2018 winner and Junior Eurovision 2019 host Roxie Węgiel, has just turned 18 today, January 11, 2023 and to celebrate her 18th birthday, she has dropped her new single “Ciche Szepty” (Silent Whispers) on major online music streaming platforms.

Roxie also took to her Instagram account to announce the release of her single, as well as provide some behind the scenes details about the single before finally inviting fans to listen to the song:

English Translation: Premiere of my new single “Silent Whispers” at 00:00 on all streaming services (link to pre-save in bio).
I’m so happy and I think you can hear it in this song, probably for the first time I identify with every word. This track is an emotion that @wolfhouseproduction and I created in the studio. There is no end of surprises that I prepared for you on my 18th birthday. Stand by with me ! ❤️🔥

“Ciche Szepty” is another look into Roxie Węgiel’s musical evolution as the song has her try out the genre of synthwave, a genre that grew out of the nostalgia for 80s pop music. Her vocals are clear as usual and the production of the entire song keeps up with the quality of Roxie’s past releases. This single also marks her transfer to Unity Records, a label founded by Kevin Mglej and Jeremi Skorski which currently signs TEAM X’s Julia Żugaj and soloists Marcelina Szlachcic and Nicole Trębacz. Prior to Unity Records, Roxie was initially signed to Universal Music Polska and briefly self-released her music.

Roxie Węgiel has already gone far since becoming a huge hit in Europe after making Poland win for the first time at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Ever since winning Junior Eurovision 2018, Roxie has gone on to lend her voice to the soundtrack of the animated movie Manou the Swift which came out in 2019. Also on the same year, she became one of the hosts of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest when Poland hosted it.

She also went on to release an eponymous full-length album (Roksana Węgiel) and eighteen more singles since winning Junior Eurovision 2018 (which included four collaborations with Małe TGD, PawBeats, Ekipa and Komodo). Prior to winning Junior Eurovision 2018, she released three singles (Żyj, Obiecuję and Zatrzymać Chwilę from the Polish soundtrack of Hotel Transylvania 3).

We have now entered a new era with Roxie Węgiel and who knows? Eurovision Song Contest may be in the cards for her in the future. Until then, let us enjoy Roxie’s new single and celebrate her birthday with her.

Wszystkiego najlepszego, Roxie!


Roxie Węgiel is also set to release her 2nd album, 13+5. Her 2nd album can be pre-ordered from, a dedicated website for her 2nd album. The album is available in three editions – Standard Edition, Box Edition and Premium Box Edition. All editions sold on come with an autographed CD.

Please note that the pre-ordered albums can only be shipped within Poland so for those who wish to buy the album from outside Poland, it is best for you to get in touch with somebody from Poland and have them obtain a copy of the album for you and ship it to your address.


The music video for Ciche Szepty is now out!

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