Watch Tonight 12/01/2023: “Eesti Laul” (SF1) and Belgium’s Eurosong 2023 (Episode 4)

Estonian broadcaster ERR will broadcast the first semifinal of “Eesti Laul 2023″, the show which will determine the entry of Estonia in Eurovision 2023. 20 artists will participate in the total of the show, 10 in each semifinal.

When? 18:30 CET (with a break between 20:00 and 20:30 CET)

How To Watch?


Those acts are going to compete in Semifinal 1 today in the following running order:

  1. Janek – House Of Glass
  2. Ellip – Pretty Girl
  3. Kaw – Valik
  4. MERLYN – Unicorn Vibes
  5. MIA – Üks samm korraga
  6. Neon Letters & Maiko – Tokimeki
  7. OLLIE – Venom
  8. Andreas – Why Do You Love Me?
  9. Bedwetters – Monsters
  10. Anett x Fredi – You Need to Move On
  • 10 songs will compete in each semifinal. Each semifinal will have 5 qualifiers going through and receiving a ticket for the final.
  • The results of each show will be determined by 2 rounds. In the first round, by a combination of 50% jury vote and 50% public vote. In the second round, the results will be determined by the public vote. 4 artists will qualify from the first round, the 5th one will qualify from the second round.
    • The dates for “Eesti Laul 2023” are:
      • Semi-Final 1: Thursday, 12th January 2023
      • Semi-Final 2: Saturday, 14th January 2023
      • Grand Final: Saturday, 11th February 2023
  • The semi-finals will take place in Viimsi Artium
  • 12 artists will take part in the final.
  • The final will be held at the Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn.


Follow our “Eesti Laul 2023” playlists on:





You can read our review for the first semifinal here:


Flemish broadcaster VRT will broadcast the fourth episode of “Eurosong 2023” – the show Belgium is using to select their Eurovision 2023 participant. 7 artists are taking part in the selection.

When 19:45 CET

How To Watch?


A total of 7 artists are performing 14 songs (2 songs per artist).

The 14 songs in the line up are:

  1. Loredana You Lift Me Up – shortlisted for the final
  2. Ameerah The Carnival – shortlisted for the final
  3. Chérine – Ça m’ennuie pas (English: I Don’t Mind) – shortlisted for the final
  4. Hunter Falls Ooh La La – shortlisted for the final
  5. Gala Dragot – Emotion ollie
  6. Gala Dragot – t ‘inquiète (English: Don’t Worry)
  7. Gustaph – Because Of You
  8. Gustaph – The Nail
  9. The Starlings – Oceanside
  10. The Starlings – Rollercoaster
  11. Hunter Falls – Home
  12. Loredana – Dream In Colors
  13. Ameerah – Armageddon
  14. Chérine – Mon étoile (English: My Star)

In the following link, you can watch a recap of all the songs –

YouTube Playlist

Each episode focuses on 1-2 artists.
By allocation, determined by the broadcaster, each artist is performing their 2 songs in front of the other artists.
Thereafter, each artist is revealing which of their 2 songs they will perform in the final.

The fourth episode is dedicated to Gala Dragot (both of her entries) as well as Gustaph (the song “Because of You”).

Gala Dragot will perform both Emotion Ollie and T‘inquiète tonight. Therefore, we will learn the fifth song of Saturday’s final tonight.

Gustaph will perform Because of You tonight. His other song, “The Nail” will be performed on tomorrow’s show, alongside with The Starlings’ songs.

So far, those songs have been selected for Saturday’s final:

  • From Show 1, Loredana will sing “You Lift Me Up”
  • From Show 2, Cherine will sing “Ça m’ennuie pas”
  • Frow Show 3, Hunter Falls will sing “Ooh La La” and Ameerah will sing “The Carnival”

In the final, the results will be determined by a combination of a 50% jury and a 50% public vote.

Which song of Gala Dragot is your favourite?
Do you like the songs for today?
Who would you like to see representing Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023?

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