Piqued Jacks are the Voice of San Marino at Eurovision 2023

San Marino held tonight the grand final of Una Voce Per San Marino 2023 and decided for their act for Eurovision2023

Una Voce Per San Marino grand final aired live tonight from San Marino’s Teatro Nuovo in Dogana and was hosted by the three time Eurovision representative Senhit and Jonathan Kashanian.

Battling for the golden ticket are the 21 finalists that qualified through the Four semi finals and a second chance rounds:

  1. Roy Paci – Tromba
  2. Vina Rose – Oblivious
  3. Deshedus – Non basterà
  4. Kida – Stessa pelle
  5. Thomas – 23:23
  6. Piqued Jacks – Like an Animal
  7. E.E.F. – Something for You
  8. Iole – Sul tetto del mondo
  9. Deborah Iurato – Out of Space
  10. Nevruz – L’alieno
  11. Eiffel 65 – Movie Star
  12. Le Deva – Fiori su Marte
  13. Mayu – C’è qualcosa in me che non fuziona
  14. Lorenzo Licitra – Never Give Up
  15. Mate – Prisma
  16. Tothem – Sacro e profano
  17. Edoardo Brogi – Due punti sull’equatore
  18. Ellynora – Mama Told Me
  19. Alfie Arcuri – Collide
  20. Ronela Hajati – SALVAJE
  21. XGiove – Fuoco e benzina
  22. Simone – Catching Memories





Celebrating the 15th anniversary of San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest came and preform tonight tonight as interval act the band Miodio, represented the country in 2008 and last year’s winner Achille Lauro.


The winner of the contest was decided by a 5 jury panel chaired by the Italian legend Al Bano.

At the end of the show it was announced that Piqued Jacks – Like an Animal will represent the country in Liverpool

The Top10 were:

  1. Piqued Jacks – Like An Animal (1st Place)
  2. Le Deva – Fiori Su Marte (2nd Place)
  3. XGiove – Fuoco e benzina (3rd Place)
  4. Mayu – C’è qualcosa in me che non fuziona (4th Place)
  5. Eiffel 65 – Movie Star (5th Place)
  6. Edoardo Brogi – Due punti sull’equatore (6th Place)
  7. Ellynora – Mama Told Me (7th Place)
  8. Tothem – Sacro e profano (8th Place)
  9. E.E.F. – Something for You (9th Place)
  10. Vina Rose – Oblivious (10th Place)

Special Prizes have also been awarded:

  • San Marino Outlet Experience Award for the best look to Lorenzo Licitra
  • Ogae Italy Award for the most Eurovision Song Contest at Le Deva
  • Radio San Marino Award for Most Radio Song to Roy Paci
  • National and international press criticism award to Alfie Arcuri
  • “Ludovico Di Meo” award given by San Marino Rtv to the best emerging artist in Mayu

San Marino will compete in the second half of semi-final 2. Last year in Turin San Marino’s representative Achille Lauro missed the grand final and finished the Eurovision journey ranked 14th in semi-final 2.

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