TVORCHI Gearing Up To Eurovision and Drops “Heart of Steel” Stage Version

They’ve got a “Heart of Steel” and definitely aren’t scared to say what they think! The first entry chosen for Eurovision 2023 is getting a new revamp version and it’s fantastic!

Back in December 2023, the duo Jefferey and Andriy (A.K.A TVORCHI which means “creative” in Ukrainian) have won UA:PBC’s national final “Vidbir” and the honor to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2023. With a very strong live performance and heavy responsibility as Kalush Orchestra successors, the band decided to spice things up and before heading to Liverpool release a new version of their song “Heart of Steel.”

Besides more sound layers added to the song, the second verse is now sung in Ukrainian language. This might look as a minor changes but its understatement is huge!

Coming to the big stage during the currently complicated situation and singing in Ukrainian a song with such a powerful message about staying brave and loyal to your truth and heritage will definitely empower the performance tremendously.

The conflict will now get another dimension, more concrete yet open to interpretations but in a more accusable and pleasant way of true art, on a stage the was born at first to use as bridge between cultures. for now, the bookies predict TVORCHI to win 2nd in the whole competition in Liverpool. that will be exciting to see how the new version of the song will impact the future forecasts.

As the winner of Eurovision 2022 Ukraine will preform automatically at the grand final of Eurovision 2023.

TVORCHI band works really hard these days not only about their Eurovision performance but on their musical career in general. this week they released another single called “Hidden Code” which is taken from, the original soundtrack of the movie “First Code” about to hit the theaters next spring and will talk about the history of Ukrainian resistance.

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As Eurovision 2022 winning country, Ukraine will compete in the grand final of Eurovision 2023.
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