Eurovision 2023 Rehearsals Day 1

The first day of the Eurovision 2023 rehearsals in Liverpool has just started. 10 countries will hold their first rehearsals this year on the big stage in Liverpool.

The full schedule for today is:

CountryRehearsal Time (CET)Meet & Greet Time (CET)
Norway11:30 – 12:00
Malta12:10 – 12:40
Serbia12:50 – 13:20
Latvia13:30 – 14:00
Portugal15:10 – 15:40
Ireland15:50 – 16:20
Croatia16:30 – 17:00
Switzerland17:10 – 17:40
Moldova17:50 – 18:20

You can find the full rehearsal schedule here

🇳🇴 Norway: Alessandra – Queen of Kings

  • Alessandra wears an outfit that is very similar to the one presented in the national selection.
  • Alessandra wore a gold necklace and gold bracelet, while her nails were painted in a dark green – black color.
  • Melodi Grand Prix 2023″. The colors of the outfit are velvety green, gold, and black. Her outfit also features a black cape
  • Alessandra won’t be alone on stage; she will be accompanied by 4 backing dancers holding stick lights.
  • The LED screen will support the northern lights and northern seas, as it will showcase icy blue lightning.


Her name is she, queen of the stage! 👑🇳🇴 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Alessandra Mele

♬ original sound – Eurovision

🇲🇹 Malta: The Busker – Dance (Our Own Party)

  • The Busker have kind of retrieved their national final performance, featuring a lot colorful object and props.
  • The three of them looks confident on stage, as the two players are equipped with drums and saxophone. The drummer has a pair of shiny sunglasses.
  • Their set features 4 different parts, each of them with a different visuals.
  • Destiny (Malta Eurovision 2020-2021) cardboard cutout is here to stay, may she bring them some luck! She is not the only Maltese Eurovision start to appear as a cardboard, Chiara (Eurovision 1998, 2005, 2009) and Ira Losco (Eurovision 2002, 2016) join as well.
  • We will also be able to see a red car. a tiny room with a sofa, a  lamppost and a yellow park bench 
  • Their performance also features outfits changing: from the warm sweaters to a silver shiny sequins
  • The led screen shows colorful text that calls us to dance


The Busker bring the party! 🎉🇲🇹 #Eurovision2023 #eurovision @the_busker

♬ original sound – Eurovision

🇷🇸 Serbia: Luke Black – Samo mi se spava

  • Luke Black starts the performance while he is lying on the icy shell bad prop (the same one was used in the Serbian selection).
  • He is accompanied by 4 backing dancers (2 males and 2 females) with trailing long hoses. A smoke wilk get out of them towards the end of the song
  • The performance features a dark theme, with some convincing visuals and mystery
  • Serbian delegation has also used some pyro towards the end.
  • He wears an elegant outfit, consisting of white shirt, black pants and black shoes.
  • The backdrop is blue, white, gray and red.


Hello? 🦞 Wake up…Luke has arrived! 🇷🇸#Eurovision2023 #eurovision @Luke Black

♬ original sound – Eurovision

🇱🇻 Latvia: Sudden Lights – Aijā

  • Unfortunately, the airline lost the band members luggage and that’s why they appeared with other customs.
  • In general, the stage is quite dark. The backdrop suggests light blue lights, while we have some lampposts that show an orange vivid lightץ
  • The light beams create a kind of lighting wall that surrounds the stage
  • The concept of the performance is intimate, but at the same time utilizes the stage as a live concert
  • The melancholic line of the song is well produced in the performance itself.
  • Towards the end, the song becomes more calm, as the electronic production is replaced by sweet lullaby.


Lights! Camera! Latvia! 🎸🇱🇻 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @suddenlights

♬ original sound – Eurovision

🇵🇹 Portugal: Mimicat – Ai Coração

  • Mimicat wears a red dress, made of  feathers.
  • Mimicat also wears pink sleeves. She and her 2 female dancers wore red heeled sandals.
  • She is accompanied by 4 dancers, just like in the national selection. They lift up the performance with their catchy and contagious dance movements.
  • However, the sofa from the national final won’t be part of the Eurovision performance.
  • The lightning changes in the range of blue, orange and red. The use of lightning utilizes the shape of the stage.
  • The cabaret theme is well showcased.

Bringing the CLASS and SASS 💃 ♥️ #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Mimicat

♬ original sound – Eurovision

🇮🇪 Ireland: Wild Youth – We Are One

  • The lead singer Conor wears a glam rock gold outfit
  • The staging features stairs, featuring different LED lights.
  • Towards the end, we can expect some pyro
  • The other band members (keyboards player, drummer, guitarist) wear black elegant outfits with gold decorations.
  • The lighting is mostly gold and yellow, indicating the main color of this performance


Wild Youth’s first run through was as good as gold ✨🇮🇪 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Wild Youth

♬ original sound – Eurovision

🇭🇷 Croatia: LET 3 – Mama ŠČ!

  • “Let 3” band try to stay memorable with visuals similar to the ones we’ve seen in “Dora 2023“.
  • The band members are wearing colorful dresses with hats. They also wear platform heels.
  • The colors of their outfits are red, pink, dark blue and black.
  • The scene itself is quite dark, in order to create a contrast with the themed video and colorful outfits.
  • Towards the end, they go in a more provocative direction, as they show off their underwear and hold giant missiles.
  • The LED screens show colorful graphics. We can see yellow, red and black colors there for example. The themed video on the LED screen presents the band members walking and stepping.
  • Towards the end, we get a pyro while they are standing in circle.


Oh mama! Let 3 have revved up into Liverpool 🚜🇭🇷 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Let 3 Mrle

♬ original sound – Eurovision

🇨🇭 Switzerland: Remo Forrer – Watergun

  • Switzerland’s staging was created by the Swedish Sacha Jean-Baptiste (for the 3rd time in a row).
  • Remo is accompanied by 4 contemporary dancers (2 females and 2 males). From time to time, we can see him dancing as well.
  • Remo wore an elegant half-transparent black jacket and shiny black pants.
  • He is tied to his 4 dancers at the beginning of the performance
  • The lightning is yellow, blue, red and white.
  • Towards the end, we have some pyro effects, essentially we talk about a rain of red fireworks at the most powerful part of the song. Smoke will all be part of the package.

🇲🇩 Moldova: Pasha Parfeni – Soarele si Luna

  • As the ethno folk song of this semi-final, Moldova will try to bring us some epic visuals.
  • The concept is similar to the one we saw in the national final.
  • Pasha wears a traditional outfit, he is accompanied by 2 female backing singers and a flute player (even though he isn’t really playing the flute).
  • Pasha and the backing singers wore outfits that were of a brown sand color. The flute player wore a mask and a black and gold outfit. The back part of Pasha’s outfit is made of white feathers
  • As part of the performance he is almost shirtless, and a very big necklace covers his body.
  • 2 backing singers are standing around him, wearing huge horned headdresses.
  • The scene is quite dark, while the LED screens start with a metal brown and gold color.


Harnessing the power of the ☀️and the 🌕 🇲🇩 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Pasha Parfeni

♬ original sound – Eurovision

🇸🇪 Sweden: Loreen – Tattoo

  • Loreen will try to shocase similar visuals to the ones we have seen in “Melodiestivalen 2023”, but with some updates.
  • The light box is part of the performance, but it is a smaller one. The lower light box can be carried easily on the stage, as it is elevated on the ground.
  • The lower light box is higher and thicker.
  • Her outfit is a catsuit, and she is equipped with long nails that help her deliver the massage with hand movements.
  • The main visual is swirling smoke that comes in 2 dimensions: one from the LED screens. the other is real smoke.
  • The lightning and smoke appear in several colors like orange, gray and blue.

Loreen ✅ Lightbox ✅ Liverpool ✅ #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Loreen

♬ original sound – Eurovision

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Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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