Hungary: TITÁN Wins A Dal 2023!

After 5 weeks of semi-finals, Hungary held last night the grand final of what used to be the national pre-selection contest for the Eurovision “A DAL 2023.”

Even though Hungary is no more a part of the Eurovision celebration, the country music festival continues as usual in a similar format with 4 quarter finals, 2 semi finals and a the grand final.

Out of 40 acts started the journey, these Eight have made it for the grand final and performed their entries one more time:

  1. QUACK – Akkor is
  2. Panka és Kristóf – Nincsen semmi boldogságom
  3. EVERFLASH – Édenkert
  4. Szekeres András – Az ősz
  5. Szebényi Dániel – Vigasztaló
  6. Roy Galeri – Boldog vagy
  7. Mocskonyi Dörgő – Most is ott a parton
  8. TITÁN – Éjféli járat

** All songs can be played in the Playlist HERE:




The show was hosted by Fodor Imre and Rókusfalvy Lili, and the winner was decided by a combination votes of the public together with the professional jury consisting of Mező MisiEgri Péter, Ferenczi György, & Eurovision 2011 representative Wolf Kati.

Winning the jury votes were Panka és Kristóf collecting 30 points but after the public votes were added it was announced that the band TITÁN and with the song “Éjféli járat” who came 2nd in the jury won the competition and the title the winner of ADAL2023

Credit: official ADAL website and cover photo by MTI/Máthé Zoltán

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