JESC 2023: Ukranian National Selection grand final date revealed

The Ukranian broadcaster UA: PBC confirmed that the final of the national selection for the Junior Eurovision 2023 will take place on 1st October 2023 in an online format.Also this morning, the allowcation draw took place and song title revealed.

Running order for the final of Ukranian national selection:

1.POLINA BABIY – “Universe”
2.Anastasia Dymyd – “Kvitka” (ENG Flower)
3.Anastasia Bielibova – “Syl’na” (ENG Strong)
4.Denis Hryshchuk – “Dance”
5.3’beauties – “Power of Love”

Only 2 songs of the national selection are orginal which is ”Universe” and ”Syl’na” and rest are written by Svetlana Tarabarova.Slogan for the contest is “Mrіy smilyvo!” (Dream boldly!).

It is not known if the entries will be revealed the grand final or we will hear for first time during the grand final.

Zlata Dziunka represented Ukraine at Junior Eurovision 2022 with the song “Nezlamna (ENG Unbreakable)”. She finished in 9th place with 111 points.

Junior Eurovision 2023 will take place in Nice, France on Sunday 26th November 2023 at 16:00 CET.

I am orginally from Latvia but now live in Ireland.I been Eurovison fan since 2006.My huge intrest is to travel,music and cooking. Currently studiying graphical design

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