Estonia: Submissions For “Eesti Laul 2024” Opened, as Format Changes Announced

Estonian broadcaster ERR opened the submission window for “Eestil Laul 2024” – The Estonian national selection for Eurovision 2024.

Here is everything you need to know about “Eesti Laul 2024″:

  1. The submission window opened today (15th of September 2023) and will close on the 23rd of October 2023.
  2. This year, we will only have 2 shows only:
    • The Semi-Final will be held in Tartu on Saturday, the 20th of January 2024.
    • The Grand Final will be held in Talinn on Saturday, the 17th of February 2024
  3. A total of 20 songs will be shortlisted to participate in “Eesti Laul 2024″. 15 of them will compete in the semi-final, while additional 5 will automatically qualify for the final.
  4. In the semi-final, 15 songs will compete for 5 spots in the final. The semi-final results will be determined by a combination of national jury and public votes.
  5. In the final, 10 songs will compete. The results will be determined in 2 rounds:
    • Round 1 – Based on a 50% international jury and a 50% public vote. Top 3 songs will qualify for the super-final
    • Round 2 – Suprerfinal: The winner will be determined by 100% public vote.
  6. The participation fee will differ based on the submission time and language:
    • Songs in Estonian language, submitted by 21st of October – 50 euros
    • Songs not in Estonian language, submitted by 21st of October – 100 euros
    • Songs in Estonian language, submitted between the 21st and the 22nd of October – 100 euros
    • Songs not in Estonian language, submitted between the 21st and the 22nd of October – 200 euros
  7. Each artist/lyricists/composer can submit up to 5 songs.
  8. Estonian artists and residents of Estonia are eligible to submit songs. Foreign performers will be permitted, as long as the majority of writers are from Estonia.

Karmel Killandi, Chief Editor of ERR commented:

Considering the changing world and the complex economic environment, we are also holding back, but we are bringing new Estonian music to the fore in the best possible way. And what better place to look for a song heading to Europe than Tartu, the European capital of culture in 2024

Alika Milova represented Estonia at Eurovision 2023 with the song “Bridges“.
She ended up in 8th place (combined with the jury vote) with a total of 168 points:

So far, the following countries have confirmed participation in Eurovision 2024: Sweden, Norway, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Israel, Moldova, Estonia, Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Malta, Serbia, Switzerland, the UK, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Ukraine, Portugal, San Marino, Belgium, Albania, Latvia and Croatia.

Who would you like to see representing Croatia at Eurovision 2024?
Eurovision 2024 will be held in Malmö, Sweden.
The semi-finals will be held on the 7th and 9th of May 2024, and the grand final will be held on the 11h of May 2024

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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