Eurovision 2018 – Remixes Karaoke and Covers







Mall – Eugent Bushpepa

Qami –  Sevak Khanagyan

We Got Love – Jessica Mauboy

Nobody But You – Cesár Sampson

X My Heart – AisEel

A Matter Of Time – Sennek

Bones – Equinox

Forever – ALEKSEEV

Stones – ZiBBZ

Fuego – Eleni Foureira

Lie To Me – Mikolas Josef

You Let Me Walk Alone – Michael Schulte

Higher Ground – Rasmussen

Tu Canción – Amaia Romero & Alfred García

La Forza – Elina Nechayeva

Monsters – Saara Aalto

Mercy – Madame Monsieur

Storm – SuRie

For You – Ethno – Jazz Band Iriao

Oniro Mou – Yianna Terzi

Crazy – Franka

Viszlát Nyár – AWS

Together – Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Our Choice – Ari Olafsson

Toy – Netta

Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente – Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro

When We’re Old – Ieva Zasimauskaitė

Funny Girl – Laura Rizzotto

My Lucky Day – DoReDoS

Lost And Found – Eye Cue

Taboo – Christabelle

Inje – Vanja Radovanović

Outlaw In ‘Em – Waylon

That’s How You Write A Song – Alexander Rybak

Light Me Up – Gromee Featuring Lukas Meijer

O Jardim – Cláudia Pascoal Featuring Isaura

Goodbye – The Humans

I Won’t Break – Julia Samoylova

Who We Are – Jessika Featuring Jenifer Brening

Nova Deca – Sanja Ilić & Balkanika

Hvala, ne! – Lea Sirk

Dance You Off – Benjamin Ingrosso

Under The Ladder – Melovin

I've started to follow Eurovision back in 1987 while I was only 4 years old. Ever since that night, Eurovision became my biggest passion. I created ESCBEAT to make sure that Eurovision music will stay forever and built the biggest Eurovision archive exist on streaming platforms

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