It’s Official! Tamta Will Represent Cyprus In Tel-Aviv

Its been weeks now that we’ve been teased by Cyprus delegation with tweets and clues about their representative for Eurovision 2019.

This morning CYBC (Cyprus broadcasting corporation) post an official statement approve the rumors that Tamta will represent Cyprus in Tel-Aviv this may with the song “Replay”.

“You need my love on replay

Replay, replay, replay, yeah…”

As was previously announced, 2019 entry “Replay” has been written by the distinguished musician Alex Papaconstantinou (Alex P).  “Replay” is Alex’s 3rd time to compose the Cypriot entry as he also composed 2012 Ivi Adamou’s “La la love” came 16th in Baku and 2018 Mega-hit “Fuego” for Eleni Foureira that almost won last year and came 2nd after “Toy”.

Tamta Goduadze (Τάμτα Γκοντουάτζε) was born in Tbilisi Georgia.  At the age of 21, she moved to Greece and started to achieve her popularity while participating in 2004 Super Idol Greece.

Eurovision fans probably remember Tamta from 2007 when she participated in the Greek national final and came 3rd with her unforgettable “With Love”.


Today Tamta is one of the most appreciated pop singers in the Greek-Cypriot industry. She has 4 studio albums including collaborations with artists like Sakis Rouvas and Helena Paparizou. she also became a mentor on “X Factor Georgia” in 2014, and The “X Factor Greece” in 2016.

We can’t wait to hear “Replay”, What about you??


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