Heat 2 Of Lithuanian “Eurovizijos Atranka” Ends, And Another 6 Entries Continue For The Next Round

Tonight Lithuania held its second heat round of Eurovizijos Atranka

Out of 49 songs in the contest. 13 songs performed tonight and the results were decided by a combination of a jury panel and televoting.

The full show is available to watch HERE 

The jury votes were revealed a few days ago.

Eurovizijos  QF2 - JURY.png

  1. Tiramisu – The Smell Of Your Eyes (Jury 0 points, Televoting 8 points)
  2. Giedrius Nakas – Klaidos (Jury 4 points, Televoting 0 points)
  3. Justina Žukauskaite – Hit me harder (Jury 2 points, Televoting 4 points)
  4. Lukas Bartaška – River of Hope (Jury 8 points, Televoting 5 points)
  5. Paola Hart – I’ll Be Alright (Jury 8 points, Televoting 0 points)
  6. Valdas Lacko – Dare (Jury 0 points, Televoting 3 points)
  7. Emilija Gogolyte – Riddle (Jury 6 points, Televoting 10 points)
  8. Edgaras Lubys – To The Sky (Jury 10 points, Televoting 12 points)
  9. Donata & BingBang – Doing the loop (Jury 1 points, Televoting 6 points)
  10. Gražvydas Sidiniauskas – Another movie (Jury 5 points, Televoting 1 points)
  11. Juna (Justina Budaitė) – Strength Of A Woman (Jury 12 points, Televoting 2 points)
  12. Banzzzai – I Don’t Care (Jury 0 points, Televoting 0 points)
  13. Original Copy – Power Of Sounds (Jury 3 points, Televoting 7 points)

The televoting results revealed today were as follows

Eurovizijos  QF2 - TELEVOTE.png

It is very clear the jury and televote have totally different taste except Edgaras Lubys song came 1 in the televote and 2nd in the jury.  Calculating the votes of the two, tonight’s qualifiers are:

  • Edgaras Lubys – To The Sky
  • Emilija Gogolytė – Riddle
  • Juna (Justina Budaitė) – Strength Of A Woman
  • Lukas Bartaška – River of Hope
  • Original Copy – Power of Sounds
  • Paola Hart – I’ll Be Alright

in the upcoming weeks, we will have 3 more heats before the semifinal round will start. be sure to follow our updates and enjoy the music.

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