Catch Up With The Latest News From Countries Uses Internally Song Selection. And Finally, Tickets Prices Revealed

National season of 2019 is soon to be over and as all the entries should be revealed until March 10th all countries work on the clock to deliver all the best entry on time.

This week 5 more countries will select their country through a national finals show.

Germany will select their entry through Unser Lied für Israel on Friday (February 22nd) and on Saturday super final will chose their entry Denmark (Dansk Melodi Grand Prix), Hungary (A Dal), Lithuania (Eurovizijos Atranka), and Ukraine (Vidbir).

Here is what we know so far about countries chooses through internal selection:

Eurovision Heart symbol Cyprus.svg.png  Cyprus – Tamta – Replay

The Georgian-Greek singer recorded the song a few weeks ago in Sweden and will release the song on March 5th.

Eurovision Heart symbol Israel.svg.png  Israel – Kobi Marimi

“Hakohav Haba” Winner Kobi Merimi entry for the Eurovision song contest will be internally by a committee consists of Yoav Tzafir, Tamira Yardeni, Aviad Zingboym, Yuval Ganor, Naama Hadassi, and Michal Asulin. The songs submission ended yesterday (February 17th) with more than 200 songs received! among the songs submitted, you can find songs by  “Hakohav Haba” judges Keren Peles and Shiri Maimon. Mr. Eurovision Doron Medaly who wrote last year winning song “TOY” took a year off and didn’t send any song for the selection.

3 songs were chosen for the next round, and Kobi will record this week three demos to check which one suits him the best.  Kobi’s entry video clip will premiere at the Israeli television academy awards 2018 on March 10th.

Eurovision Heart symbol Poland.svg.png  Poland – Tulia – ?

The 4  girls group (Patrycja Nowicka, Dominika Siepka, Joanna Sinkiewicz and Tulia Biczak) chosen last week to represent Poland in the contest after Universal music submitted their song to the Polish Broadcast TVP.  Rumor had it that the entry the girls will sing on the Eurovision stage is “Pali Się” (English: It’s on fire) released last November but we will need to wait for an official statement from the band.


Eurovision Heart symbol Belgium.svg.png  Belgium – Eliot – “Wake Up”

The voice Belgique candidate, Eliot Vassamillet, was internally selected to represent Belgium earlier this year. his Eurovision entry “Wake Up” written by Pierre Dumoulin from the Roscoe group will officially release 10 days from now on February 28th.

Eurovision Heart symbol Greece.svg.png  Greece – Katerine Duska

The Greek-Canadian singer chosen to represent Greece posted on her Instagram the name of her #ComingSoon Eurovision entry “Better Love” she wrote together with singer-songwriter Leon of Athens.  

Choosing Katerine Duska is one of the most interesting choices of the year. listening to her previous material it’s very hard to point her musical genre. thinking of what she can bring on stage can be interpreted for so many directions.  as for the rumors on the media, greek 2019 entry will be more of a ballad in Katerine’s unique own style and not the typical ethnic pop we used (or want) the hear from the land of gods.


Eurovision Heart symbol San Marino.svg.png  San Marino – Serhat – ?

The Iconic Turkish pop star Serhat returns to represent San Marion on the Eurovision stage after the first attempt in 2016  with “I Didn’t Know” finished 12th in the semi-final.

In the last few weeks ever since Mega romantic singer Serhat announced his comeback, he shares with his followers strengthening messages about love.

At that point, there is no official statement of the entry title, official song release date or any clue about the preparations for Israel.

Eurovision Heart symbol Armenia.svg.png  Armenia – Srbuk – ?

The 1st singer announced for Eurovision 2019 is still taking the time with her team to chose the right song for Tel-Aviv among the 300 songs submitted for her.

From her latest posts on Instagram, the Armenian singer welcomed valentine’s day with a called for love which automatically reminds her Paris. wonder if that’s only love in the air or maybe special preparation for the Eurovision happening in the city of lights?

Eurovision Heart symbol Austria.svg.png  Austria – PÆNDA – Limits

Another surprising choice this year comes from Austria sends Pænda to Tel-Aviv. Gabriela Horn named herself Pænda because she reminds herself of a panda when she wakes up every day.

Talented Pænda makes her music almost by herself.  She writes, composes, plays all the instruments and even produces her own songs. in her debut album released lately, the singer musical genre is modern electronic pop with influences from EDM, House, Hip Hop, and Trap.

About her Eurovision entry “Limits”, Pænda reveals it is going to be an electronic pop ballad, fresh with extremely modern sounds.

the song will be premiered on March 8th through Ö3 alarm clock radio show.


Eurovision Heart symbol Ireland.svg.png  Ireland – ?

No entry or artists has been chosen yet.  Michael Kealy Head of the Irish delegation stated that RTÉ broadcast received 430 optional entries and that a decision is yet to be taken.

As for the rumors, social media speculations for Ireland so far was  One Direction’s Niall Horan and one of Brian Kennedy‘s backing singers in 2006 Una Healy. 


Eurovision Heart symbol Switzerland.svg.png  Switzerland – ?

The Swiss-German broadcaster SRF received 420 optional songs this year and formed an International Jury singers and musicians in order to decide which will be the Swiss entry for Tel-Aviv.  in that jury, one famous member represented Spain in 2014 Eurovision Song Contest Ruth Lorenzo.

On March 7th, 3 days before the songs submission deadline, SRF will officially announce their representative for Israel.

One of the strongest rumors is that the winner of the 9th season of the German reality show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” Luca Hänni chosen long ago and is the Swiss representative for 2019. what we need now for sure is to stay in a good shape…


Eurovision Heart symbol Azerbaijan.svg.png  Azerbaijan – ?

Husniye Maharramova held of the Azerbaijani delegation denied the rumor flooded the social media about Russin-Azerbaijani singer  Chingiz Mustafayev is 2019 representative for Tel-Aviv.

Husniye post in her Instagram that “Very soon we will know everything” but it won’t be earlier than March

Besides Chingiz Mustafayev name also mentioned as potential alternatives Tofiq Haciyev, Leman Dadasheva, and Samira Efendi.


Eurovision Heart symbol Macedonia.svg.png  FYR Macedonia – Tamara Todevska – Proud

Macedonian entry will be released on March 4th.

Without us telling you, see what Tamara herself has to share with the Eurovision fans:

When one month ago, I got the invitation to represent my country at the Eurovision Song Content in Tel Aviv, (aside from my enthusiastic and happy YES 😁), the first thing that popped up in my mind was, what will be the purpose of my participation at the contest? What is it that I want to say? What is it that I want to share with the world?

You see, for me, Eurovision has never been about entering the finals, being in the top 10 or even winning. Eurovision, to me, has always been so much more than that!

Eurovision is about accepting the different, defying the norms and being proud of who you are, just the way you are. Eurovision is that one night in the year when the entire continent comes together to celebrate boldness, bravery and individuality! It is the place where being different means being PROUD.

I am a mother of two: a three-year-old girl and a three-month-old boy. I know it sounds like a cliché, but they truly changed my life and I feel, both, as a mother and as a parent, that it is my responsibility and OUR responsibility to bring positive change to our children’s lives.

My whole life I have been told that I wasn’t girly enough, good enough, that I walked and acted like a man. Lower your head, put something sexy on, no one cares what you really think, they would say. You see, in their minds, I was just another lost girl.

Today, as I look at my daughter, I want her to grow up in a world where people will not judge her, tell her how to act, smile and move. I want her to know that she doesn’t have to follow the rules to be accepted. I want her to be whoever she wants to be and most importantly, be proud of who she is. That’s the least I can do for her.

I am proud to say that on the 16th of May I will dedicate my song to my daughter and sing for everyone out there who has been told to always lower their heads and follow strict rules.

On May 16th, we will break the rules and at least for one night in the year, we will show the world that I AM PROUD is always stronger than their YOU WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH!

You will ALWAYS be good enough!

See you in Tel Aviv! ❤


Eurovision Heart symbol Malta.svg.png  Malta – Michela Pace – ?

18-year-old Michela Pace song for Eurovision hasn’t been decided yet and will be released in the next 2 weeks.

As reported in “maltadoday” the Maltese X-factor winner Michela Pace was congratulated by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and said “The journey has already been amazing so far, I’ve already learned so much from the judges, I can’t thank them enough… and no doubt I will continue to learn more as I begin the journey towards the Eurovision. I can’t wait!” she said.

Michela Pace song for Tel-Aviv is being selected and recorded these days. the official release date has not been determined yet.



Eurovision Heart symbol The Nethelrlands.svg  Netherlands – Duncan Laurence  – ?

Ever since Duncan Laurence was announced as the Dutch representative he keeps his lips sealed until the song will be officially released on March 7th.

A few days after the announcement a test experiment took place as the Dutch entry “Leaked” online. even then the artist stays with no comment as he and his team monitoring the song feedback before they have to decide whether “I Miss You” will be the Dutch entry for Eurovision 2019.

In the time until the official announcement, we can enjoy Duncan Laurence beautiful voice on the ballad Demo version. don’t forget to leave a comment and join this brilliant PR tube test.


Eurovision Heart symbol Russia.svg.png  Russia – Sergey Lazarev – ?

This is definitely one of the most anticipated entries of the year!

Two weeks ago Sergey Lazarev finally approved the biggest speculation of the season about his returning to the big stage. during the official announcement on the tv show ““Hello, Andrei” Sergey shared that he and his dream team consist of Philip Kirkorov, Dimitris Kontopoulous, Fokas Evangelinos, and Ilias Kokotos will try to avoid as much as they can the comparing to 2016 3rd place “You Are The Only One”

Sergey song title for Tel-Aviv is yet to be revealed but we do know the song will be an epic power ballad and has been recorded with a full symphony orchestra.

Philip Kirkorov quote on the show saying:  “Sergey is the only artist today who can revive Russia’s lost interest in the Eurovision Song Contest – over the past two years the interest in the country has simply died…an artist such as Sergey who is brilliantly fluent in English, a terrific vocalist, Europe known him after 2016 – only he can revive interest in our country”.  Kirkorov off course means the Russian pride smashed the last two years when Julia Samoylova wasn’t allowed to enter Ukraine which made Russia banned form 2017 contest and staying out of 2018 final when Julia Samoylova’s “I Won’t Break” finished 15th in the semi.

Sadly until now, there is no official release date for the Russian entry. lucky for us, the max time is only 3 weeks from now


You Can Follow The Updated 2019 Info Page and Playlist HERE


00 - Eurovision Song Contest 2019, Tel-Aviv, Israel - Front


Another issue that bothers many fans, is the fact tickets sales haven’t started yet.

Israeli News YNET reveals today the price range of the show as rehearsals tickets.

In the next few days and after a major delay the tickets should go on sale through the ticket office “LEAAN”  site.  In the venue will be 8,5000 seats but as for security arrangements the limit is 7,000 seat and 3,000 of them saved for the EBU and delegations.

The price ranges for the shows are as follows:

Semi Final Rehearsals :

  • Setting: 85€
  • Setting Level 2: 182€
  • Golden Ring (Standing): 220€
  • Prime Seat: 245€


Semi Final  May 14th + 16th :

  • Setting: 185€
  • Setting Level 2: 245€
  • Golden Ring (Standing): 280€
  • Prime Seat: 305€


Final Rehearsals :

  • Setting: 120€
  • Setting Level 2: 245€
  • Golden Ring (Standing): 280€
  • Prime Seat: 305€


Final May 18th :

  • Setting: 280€
  • Setting Level 2: 330€
  • Golden Ring (Standing): 365€
  • Prime Seat: 415€
  • VIP Green Room: 490€







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