Sigmund Trondheim Became an LGBTQ Victim

Danish Singer-Songwriter Sigmund Trondheim became a victim of a hate crime against the LGBTQ community.

Yesterday, the Danish star Sigmund Trondheim went on celebrating another regular weekend with his friends in Copenhagen but he couldn’t imagine that this night will change his life forever.

Sigmund and his group arrived at a gay party in a nightclub called “Chateau Motel” located on Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen. The happy group was dancing, drinking and post some stories of themselves having fun, until that happiness seemed weird to a homophobic “John Doe” that was present at the same location. shocked Sigmund and his friends were beaten up hard by that narrow mined angry man which is now on the hunt from the local police.

The brave singer decided to convert his nightmare story into a strong message he shared with his followers as a role model that stands up for freedom and equality. Sigmund has always been a “Rebel” as he described himself on his last single. sadly after last night, that statement has gotten another alternate dimension,a kind that force him physically to stand up and fight for his life. The singer ended his post on Facebook saying “I will nevr be a victim, but a rebel I’ll be for the rest of my life”.

ESCBEAT strengthened Sigmund and wishes good health. nothing can make us happier at the moment than seeing a new music video by Sigmund.

Sigmund Trondheim participated last year in the Dansk national final and he almost made it to Eurovision as his brilliant performance of “Say My Name” got 23% of the votes in the show’s super-final.

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