Big Like! Alejandro Reyes Makes It In America

Alejandro Reyes is touring the states and we got lucky to see him play live!


Our story with Alejandro starts in 2018 when the Swiss national broadcast SRF released the entries that will participate in “Die Entscheidungsshow”, the song selection for Eurovision 2018. the minute “Compass” was played for the first time it was obvious that something special going on. wether it was his soft vocals or the repetitive guitar beat “Compass” became immediately the potential winner to represent the country.

When the big night has arrive and Alejandro went one stage we saw a gorgeous Latino guy strumming on his guitar. it took me a second to recognize that the guy was missing a hand. yeah, the same one he was playing the guitar with. full with inspiration from his performance Alejandro ranked in the honorable second place but sadly misses the opportunity to make it to Eurovision.

Alejandro Reyes was born in Chile missing his left hand. a circumstance that has not generated any impossibility to develop his talent with motivation, passion, and perseverance. as a child when he moved with his family to live in Switzerland he continues to use his strong characteristic to develop the music career he dreamed of at any price needed.

Ever since his national final experience, Reyes released a few successful music videos such as “Solamente”, “Loco Enamorado”, “Señorita” and “Bye Bye”. each one of these reached more than 1M views on YouTube and thousands of streams on platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.

This one of a kind courage story of Reyes touched even the largest company in the world “Coca Cola”. Alejandro stars on the brand’s commercial in Switzerland delivers the message of being unstoppable. during the campaign “Coca Cola” launched drinking cans with Reyes’s face on them.

These days Alejandro Reyes is conquering a new summit, this time in the US. Reyes is targeting a new audience and uses his gifted native Spanish and Latin chick to strike America. besides playing live, Reyes is scheduled to work with some big music producers in the hip-hop industry. you can sense that musical shift already sprouts in his last single “Por Favor”.

The bionic hand Reyes is wearing on the video was made by him. proudly with his creation, Alejandro decided to use his prosthetic hand when he goes live on stage. he talks openly about his disability and shares that wearing it makes him feel cool like an Ironman. between us, he actually is. Be sure no to miss him live in case he’s comming near ya.


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