Slovenia: 10 Established Competing Artists of EMA Have been Announced

RTV SLO (The Slovenian Broadcaster) has just revealed the 10 established artists that will compete in the national selection for Eurovision 2020: EMA 2020. Another two acts will come from the competition EMA FRES where 10 young artists will fight for another 2 spots in EMA final.

EMA final will be held on Saturday the 22nd of February 2020 and will include 12 songs. In the first level, all the 12 candidates will perform. Professional Jury will pick-up only 2 of them to qualify for the next level. In the second level – “Super Final”, the Slovenian public will decide the winner among the two.

The 10 established artists and their songs are:

#Ana Soklič – Voda (Eng: water)

Ana Soklič

#Božidar Wolfand Wolf – Maybe Someday

Božidar Wolfand Wolf

#Gaja Prestor – Verjamem Vase (Eng: I believe in you)

Gaja Prestor.jpg

#Imset – Femme Fatale


#InMate – The Salt


#Klara Jazbec – Stop The World

Klara Jazbec.jpg

#Lina Kuduzović – Man Like U

Lina Kuduzović.jpg

#Manca Berlec – Večnost (Eng: Eternity)

Manca Berlec

(Simon Vadnjal – Nisi sam (Eng: You’re Not Alone#

Simon Vadnjal.jpg

#Tinkara Kovač – Forever

tinkara kovač

Among these artists, we can find at least 4 familiar names:

Tinkara Kovač won EMA 2014 with 69.69% of the votes. She represented Slovenia in Eurovision 2014. She came with an original amazing song and excellent performance but ended only in 25th place in the final.

Lina Kuduzović represented Slovenia in Junior Eurovision 2015 and ended in 3rd place, the best achievement of Slovenia in Eurovision and Junior Eurovision together.

InMate participated in EMA 2019 and performed “ATMA” :

Božidar Wolfand participated in 1986 Yugoslavian national final and ended in 16th place in the national selection:

Two wildcards will be given to two young musicians that participate in “EMA FRES 2020”. 10 young musicians under the age of 26 that have released up to 3 songs along with their career, have qualified for “EMA FRES 2020” final. During January 2020, two of them will get a spot in EMA 2020 Final:

EMA FRES 2020 - finalists.png


Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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