Croatia: Participants and Songs Titles of Dora 2020 Have Been Revealed

 Earlier today, HRT (The Croatian Broadcaster) Revealed the participants and song title of Dora 2020.

 (Croatia national selection for Eurovision 2020)

Moreover, the broadcaster defined 4 acts to  be used as a back-up in case  one of the acts would choose to withdraw or will be disqualified for any reason

Croatia 2020 (Dora, Eurovision) (

The 16 competing acts are:

1. Marin Jurić Čivro – Naivno (Eng: Naive)

Marin Jurić Čivro.jpg

2. Elis Lovrić – Jušto (Eng: Just)

Elis Lovric.jpg

3. Edi Abazi – Coming home

Edi Abaz

4. Mia Negovetić – When it Comes to You

Mia Negovetic.jpg

5. Colonia – Zidina (Eng: Wall)

Colonia new.png

6. Zdenka Kovačiček – Love, Love, Love

Zdenka Kovacicek

7. Lorenzo feat Dino Purić & Reper iz sobe – Vrati se iz Irske (Eng: REturn From Ireland)

8. Jure Brkljača – Hajde nazovi me! (Eng: Come Call Me)

Jure Brkljača.jpg

9. Damir Kedžo – Divlji vjetre (Eng: Wild Winds)

Damir Kedžo.jpg

10. Lorena Bućan – Drowning

Lorena Bućan.jpg

11. Alen Vitasović & B. Matija Čerina – Da se ne zatare (Eng: Not To Get Old)

12. Aklea Neon – Zovi ju mama (Eng: “Call Her Mom)

Aklea Neon.jpg

13. Indira – You Will Never Break My Heart


14. Nikola Marjanović – Let’s forgive

Nikola Marjanović.jpeg
15. Đana – One

16. Bojan Jambrošić – Više od riječi (Eng: More Than Words)

Bojan Jambrošić

At first, Goran Karan (who represented Croatia in Eurovision 2000) was one of the 16 participants, but he decided to withdraw after Croatian media has revealed that the singer has already performed his intended song live in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The back-up entry that entered to the line-up instead of him is Elis Lovrić

You can pay attention that some of the names are familiar:

#Lorena Bućan was the runner-up of l “Dora 2019“(Croatian National Selection for Eurovision 2020) and performed “Tower of Babylon

#Bojan Jambrosic competed last year in “Dora 2019” as a part of a duet with Danijela Pintaric. They performed “Vrijeme Predaje” and ended in 9th place

#Jure Brkljaca competed last year in “Dora 2019” and ended in 8th place. He performed “Ne Postojim Kad Nisi Tu

# Indira was well known as the lead singer of The Dance Trio Colonia until 2015. Since then, she works as a solo singer. Indira and Colonia will face each other in “Dora 2020”

Another 3 back-up entries for Dora 2020 will be:
1. Marcela Orosi – Let me Break Your Heart
2. Dino Petrić – Što si meni ti (Eng: “What You Are To Me”)
3. Singrlice – Zavičaj (Eng: “Homeland”)


Dora 2020 will include only one live show and will be held on Saturday the 29th of February 2020, at The Marino Cvetkovic Hall in Opatija

Like “Dora 2019”, the songs won’t be released before the national final show. However, snippets of the songs will be revealed during February 2020.

Who will fly the Croatian flag in Rotterdam?


Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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