Review: Lithuania (“We Go Again! 2020” ) – Semi-Final 1



On Saturday, the 1st of February 2020, Lithuania will hold the first semi-final of their national selection “We Go Again! 2020“.

9 artists will fight for 4 spots in the final. The decision will be made by 50% public voting and 50% jury voting.

In this post. I will review the 9 competing acts in the first semi-final:

#1. KaYra – Alligator (3rd place in Heat 3)

It’s a sweet Pop song. The atmosphere in the performance is a little bit childish. The singer and the dancers wear pink clothes and their movements remind me of children’s games. The melody is very simple and basic. Towards the end of the song, it receives elements of the 1990s music. You can see how much fun KaYra has on stage. However, the song isn’t brilliant and the vocal performance isn’t special.


#2. Viktorija Miškūnaitė – The Ocean (4th place in Heat 2)

It’s an old fashioned Opera Power Ballad. The verses have a faster rate and can be charactered as speaking-singing.  The lyrics are just kitschy. The atmosphere is heavy. As sn Opera song, the ending is super bombastic and its aim is proving vocal abilities. There is nothing special happening on the stage.

#3. Baltos varnos – Namų dvasia (2nd place in Heat 1)

They are blonde Tweens with a soft, gentle and warming voice. It’s a singer-songwriter ballad which in the beginning it’s based on guitar playing. Afterward, other elements are being added. The girls create a vocal harmony: They sing together, and sometimes one of them is the lead vocalist while the other is a kind of backing vocalist. There is something magical in the performance. Nonetheless, it isn’t impressive enough and feels periodic.


#4. Rūta Loop – We Came From Sun (3rd place in Heat 2)

The opening is already promising. The song starts with “Oh Oh Oh Oh” that actually creates a frame for the song. The genre of the song can be described as a Pop Soft Rock Soul ballad. Her English accent is perfect. I’d like to mention her ability to dance and sing at the same time. The dancers are a blessed component in the whole performance. The song lives in the limits of up-tempo to a mid-tempo ballad. The song is catchy, convincing and not monotonic at all. The electronic production fits and doesn’t take over the melody. It’s the gold combination of excellent singer, good entry, and magnificent performance.

#5. Gabrielius Vagelis – Tave čia randu (4th place in Heat 1)


Gabrielius starts the performance while he is sitting in the crowd. It’s a mid-tempo Soul Pop ballad. The melody is very pleasant and includes an electric guitar.  The song intended to excite the listeners. The singer tends to sing with a lot of mannerisms and vocal improvisations. The problem is in the staging and the performance, not the song. The movements od the dancing aren’t on point. Gabrielius performs on the stage while he wears a strange outfit.  The dancing itself is based on pelvis movements and random kicking. It’s a wonderful example of how a good song can be ruined by an amateurish performance and staging.

#6. The Roop – On Fire (Winner of Heat 3)

The permanence starts with zoom-in on the lead vocalist’s face, while 2 magnifying glass is being attached. The beat of the song is catchy. The melody includes piano, guitar, and drums. The singer has a unique voice which you can ignore. The instrumental transition is excellent and fits very well with the dancing. It’s a mid-tempo Pop Rock song with foundations of the early 2000’s. There is a creepy part of the dancing which can be removed easily. To sum up, it’s a good song but there will be more than a few people that won’t be attracted to it.

#7.  Kristina Jure – My Sound of Silence (2nd place in Heat 2)

t’s a love ballad. The melody is based on the piano. Kristina’s interposition is intelligent. The song can be easily a “Slow-Dance” of weddings. The vocal performance is on point. It builds up gradually. The “peak” is a little bit predictable. In my opinion, there is an unfulfilled staging potential. The ending makes the song to be a typical “Disney”/ “Romantic Comedy” theme song. It’s a decent effort but isn’t unique enough to be the right horse to gamble on.

#8. Alen Chicco – Somewhere Out There (5th place in Hear 2)

The song is opened dramatically. It’s a rock ballad. Alen uses his exciting voice as always. The vocal performance can be improved. The song itself is emotional and heart touching.  It could be a fantastic theatre song.  However, Alen could have used effective staging. The song builds up interestingly. With sharpen performance, it could be one of the shining diamonds of the Lithuanian selection.


#9.  Aistė Pilvelytė – Unbreakable (2nd place in Heat 3)

Aistė comes back to the national selection for the 12th time. This time, with a schlager. It wasn’t hard to guess that the song was written by Swedish. The song doesn’t complimentary the singer’s voice.  It resembles a lot of another song and it’s dated. The song is pretty generic. I feel that the performance was chosen to be “bombastic” in aim to cover the lack of a good song.


My Ranking

#1. Rūta Loop – We Came From Sun
#2. The Roop – On Fire
#3. Alen Chicco – Somewhere Out There
#4. Gabrielius Vagelis – Tave čia randu 
#5. Baltos varnos – Namų dvasia
#6. Kristina Jure – My Sound of Silence
#7. KaYra – Alligator 
#8. Aistė Pilvelytė – Unbreakable
#9. Viktorija Miškūnaitė – The Ocean

My prediction

The qualifiers will be:

Rūta Loop
The Roop
Aistė Pilvelytė

Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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