Live Tonight: Israel Selects Its Representative For Eurovision 2020


Tonight it is the time for Israel to select its representative for the 65th Eurovision Song Contest!

At the end of a wonderful season full of many talented artists, “Hakohav Haba” final four acts will battle for the honor to raise the Israeli flag in Rotterdam. as we revealed earlier this week the finalists are:

  • Gaya Shaki
  • Moran Aharoni
  • Or Amrami-Brokman
  • Raviv Kaner

The Four candidates will face each other in 2 duels. the winner of every duel will qualify for the super final. Another spot in the super final will be given as a wild card from the jury to one of the losers of the 2 duels.

Afterward, the 3 super-finalists will face each other. The final decision will be made by a combination of 50% jury voting and 50% public voting. At the end of the night, the winner will be announced as the representative of Israel in Eurovision 2020.

On Tuesday the 3rd of March 2020, Israel Broadcaster Kan will hold a special national selection, where the winner of “Hakochav Haba Le’Eurovision” will be performing Four potential songs that only one of them will be the Israeli entry for Eurovision 2020.
The decision will be made as a combination of 3 components:
professional jury = 65%
public voting = 30%
local areas jury = 5%


Season’s info here


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