Review: Roxen’s Songs For Romania in Eurovision 2020

Yesterday, Roxen published her 5 intended songs for Eurovision 2020.
The singer will perform the songs in the national selection of Romania that will be held on Sunday the 1st of March 2020.

In this post I will review the 5 competing songs:

#1. Roxen – Alcohol You

It’s a dark Indie Pop song. The song starts with the classical sound of piano and violin. Her singing is effortless. It’s modern, interesting and sophisticated. The first verse is based on quite piano playing. There is a slow beat that builds the chorus. Roxen composes the chorus with her voice. The song describes a relationship that failed. She holds herself from talking to him. The alcohol is described here as a temporary solution for the problem. The phrase “I will alcohol you” can be heard as “I’ll ca (ho) ll you” which means she will call him. Another option is “I will “cohol” you”. In the end, there is a computerized processed voice that accompanies her singing. The song is modern, refreshing, emotional and has a beautiful message.


#2. Roxen – Storm

It’s a midtempo Pop song. The verses are sung in a fast way. The melody is based on the guitar and piano. There is something curious in the verses. However, the chorus is super generic and it seems like we have heard the melody in the chorus in other songs. In my opinion, the transition between the verses and the chorus is unnatural. Towards the end, the song becomes more powerful. I think that the “peak point” of the song should have come earlier.


#3. Roxen – Colors

It’s an Electro-Pop song. The song is radio-friendly. The style reminds me of Coldplay songs. The general atmosphere of the song is pretty positive. The chorus ends with an electronic beat. The song is of the kind that should have a strong staging. I must confess that the verses are a little bit repetitive for me. The bridge and the chorus are more interesting. The song is decent but it feels like the main issue here is the production, not the song.


#4. Roxen – Cherry Red

It’s a Latin Pop song. The song is opened with Spanish words. The chorus arrives in an early point. The chorus is rhythmic and belongs to the world of electro dance. The verses are short but I like it since they are not the main issue of the song. The song is one of the modern entries in the line-up. The second verse as well contains some Spanish words.  The song will require some dancers on the stage. The only issue I have is that the singing in the chorus and in the pre-chorus doesn’t fit the required energy of the beat and the melody.


#5. Roxen – Beautiful Disaster 

It’s a dark Indie song. Her dreamy singing is the main motive in the song. Roxen was compared to Billie Eilish many times, the current song is a great proof for the similarity.  The general atmosphere of the song is mysterious, uncertain and darkness. I would be happy to get more powerful singing from her. I love the use of violin and electric guitar in the chorus since it creates another layer of drama and depth in the song.
The song is good, it can be great if it will be revamped.


You can listen to the songs also in the streaming services HERE

00 - Romania 2020 (Selecția Națională, Eurovision) #Playlist

My Personal Ranking

Roxen – Alcohol You
Roxen – Cherry Red
Roxen – Beautiful Disaster
Roxen – Colors
Roxen – Storm

In my opinion, “Alcohol You” is the most powerful entry in the line-up. It has great potential since the plenty of emotions it contains.

My  Prediction
I feel that one of the two followings will be the song of Romania in Eurovision 2020:

Roxen – Alcohol You
Roxen – Cherry Red

What do you think? Which one is your favorite song in the line-up? Which song will take the trophy? Will Romania return to the grand final after 2 years of unqualifying?

Roxen Romania 2

Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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