Around The Continent 2021 – #7

“Around The Continent” is a series of posts where we will give you all the main news of the week.

The EBU and the Dutch broadcasters are still working on the different scenarios to make Eurovision 2021 happen. The scenarios have been panned considering the future status of the Corona virus.
According to Martin Österdahl (The Executive Supervisor of The Eurovision Song Contest) , there are 2 scenarios among the 4 that are more likely to happen:

Scenario B – Social Distant of at least 1.5 meters at the Eurovision Song Contest

In this case, every person that will present at the Eurovision Song Contest (On stage or in the crowd) will have to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from each other.
The 9 shows (2 semi-finals and grand final + 2 rehearsals shows for each show) will be aired but with limited capacity at the venue.Moreover, the delegations size will be limited.
However, all of the delegations will have to travel to Rotterdam in order to participate.
A significant component of this scenario is limiting the amount of people in the crowd. EBU will have to hold a draw that will determine who can still attend each show. It is based on the fact that the majority of the audience have already bought the desired tickets to the shows.

Scenario C – Traveling Restrictions

In this scenario, social distant will be applied as well as several travel restrictions in specific countries (it may include The Netherlands as well). If there are delegations that can’t travel to Rotterdam, the relevant artist/s will perform live from their home countries. Other countries (without traveling restrictions) will have to perform live on Rotterdam Ahoy‘s stage. The interval acts and opening ceremony will be aired live from Rotterdam.
All of the performances will be brought together in Rotterdam.

The EBU don’t rule out Scenario D (The Eurovision Song Contest will be held without any audience.The performance will occur in the home countries and will be brought together from Rotterdam‘s Ahoy). However, it is not likely to happen.

The presence of the public in the Arena will be decided according to the Dutch government limitations. The final decision will be taken in February 2021.

Martin Österdahl said:

We can not predict with the crystal ball, the situation with the pandemic is difficult. What we can say at the moment is that scenario A, ie a regular Eurovision Song Contest, is not possible. However, scenarios B or C are more likely, ie a competition with more or less social distancing and some artists may need to make use of the videotaped appearance. In the worst case, we will be forced to do the show as in Junior Eurovision, with all missions competing with videotaped appearances.
The situation is dynamic and constantly changing. We are not entirely sure how things will be in May, but it seems that the space that will be available in the arena will be limited. Fans are very important for Eurovision, but let’s not forget that the competition is primarily a TV show. It is possible to make a show even without an audience and we will do it if necessary, but we would definitely like to have the audience inside.

Festivali i Këngës 59“ was postponed to the next week:
Semi-final 1 on Monday the 21st of December 2020
Semi-final 2 on Tuesday the 22nd of December 2020
Grand Final on Wednesday the 23rd of December 2020

The original dates were 16th-18th of December 2020. However, RTSH (The Albanian broadcaster) decided to pre-record the semi-finals. The performances were recorded during this week.

In the first semi-final, all the artists will perform the studio versions of their song.
In the second-semi final, all the artists will perform acoustic versions of their song.
12-15 artists will qualify for the final and will perform the studio versions of their song.

In addition, as we have reported before, the singer Manjola Nallbani was tested positive to Covid-19.
Surprisingly, her song “Ora e jetës” was removed from the official YouTube account of RTSH.
Due to her illness, the singer withdrawn from the national selection.

Our full review of the songs can be found here (click on the image)

The Australian broadcaster SBS had a meeting with the singer Montaigne and the team behind her.

As we have reported in October 2020, Montaigne has already finished to write her wishful song for Eurovision 2021. The name of the song is “JC Ultra!“. The song was named following the project MK-Ultra.
However, it seems that we won’t see the song as Australia‘s song for Eurovision 2021.
In the meeting between them, it has been said the the song may be too challenging for the audience.

Montaigne reveled that she had the option to address foreign writers in order to create a hit. Nevertheless, the singer was happy to get the opportunity to represent her country. Therefore, she is strongly believe that she should come up to Eurovision 2021 not only as a singer, but also as the writer and composer of the desired song.

The Croatian broadcaster HRT revealed the list of participating acts of “Dora 2021″.
As usual, it’s likely that the songs won’t be published before the show. However, short snippets will be published before the show.

The 14 confirmed acts are:

Filip Rudan – Blind
Bernarda – Colors
Ella Oreskovic – Come This Way
Sandi Censov – Kriv
Beta Sudar – Ma zamisli
Brigita Vuco – Noći pijane
ToMa – Ocean Of Love
Eric– Reci mi
Nina Kraljic – Rijeka
Ashley Colburn & Bojan jambrosic – Share the Love
Mia Negovetic – She’s Like a Dream
Albina – Tick-Tock
Cambi – Zaljubljen
Tony Cetinski & Kiki Rahimovski – Zapjevaj, sloboda je!

Among the participants we can see:

Mia Negovetic who came 2nd in “Dora 2020”

Nina Kraljic who represented Croatia at Eurovision 2016 with “Light House” and ended in 23rd place in the final:

Bernarda who participated in “Dora 2019” with the song “I Believe in True Love” and ended in the 6th place in the final:

She may perform the song “Colors” who was one of the suggested song for Bulgaria 2016 and Malta 2019 and was rejected twice.

Tony Cetinski represented Croatia at Eurovision 1994:

4 additional acts were defined as back-up in case one of the 14 candidates will withdraw:

Elis Lovric – Brodolom
Endi Feat. Lora – Megaloman
Z/11 – Only Love

The national selection will include only one show. The results will be determined by 50% regional jury voting and 50% public voting. “Dora 2021” will be held on Saturday February 13th, 2021.

We have published the full review of “Eesti Laul 2021” songs. You can read it by clicking on the image:

The Finnish broadcaster YLE will reveal the 7 competitors of “UMK 2021” on Wednesday the 13th of January 2021.

In a special conference, the 7 artists alongside their songs titles will be revealed.
The songs will be published daily basis (one song on a day) on the following dates:
14th, 15th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd of January 2021

As we’ve reported before, he singer Stefania and the ARACADE team have 5 potential songs for Eurovision 2021. The singer will reveal their names once in a time.
The first song will be “Adrenaline

It is still unknown whether the song will be selected internally or in online voting or in a televised show.

The official Eurovision Song Contest reports a heart-warming news!
The Irish-born New York resident Lesley Roy will get a second opportunity to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2021.

Lesley has originally been selected to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2020. She was internally selected by the Irish broadcaster RTÉ with the song “Story of My Life

For Eurovision 2021, Lesley has been working on potential songs for 3 months with various musician, song writers and composers around the world, as we’ve reported before.

The chosen song for Eurovision 2021 will be revealed in 2021. However we can already tell that the song was written and produced by Lesley, along with Eurovision producer Lukas Hallgren (Who also produced “She got me”, Switzerland at Eurovision 2019),
Philip Strand (producer/songwriter), Normandie, Deepend and Emelie Eriksson, Stockholm based songwriter at Baggpipe Studios.

You can read Lesley‘s comment:

“It was a real shame we didn’t get to showcase Story of My Life on the Eurovision stage, but had the show not been cancelled this new song would never have emerged. I’ve been working on new material 24/7 and this song was clearly the strongest out of all of the demos. I believe that it is even bigger than Story of My Life, and will reach an even wider audience. I am just so excited to finally get my shot on the Eurovision stage after months and months of work and can’t wait to reveal more information about our song in the New Year.”

Michael Kealy, Head of the Ireland Delegation for Eurovision 2021, said:

“We were all very excited about bringing Lesley and Story of My Life to Rotterdam this year so it was a real shame that it wasn’t to be. However, Lesley’s new song is every bit as catchy as the last one and I can’t wait for her to perform it in Rotterdam next May to the biggest live music audience on the planet”

RTÉ Radio 1: Documentary on One - Documentary Maker: Michael Kealy

The public online voting for “Hashir Shelanu La’Eurovision 2021” has ended.
Among the 9 suggested songs, 3 will advance for the national selection itself.
2 songs will be selected by the Israeli voters, while the third will be chosen by the professional jury panel.
Meanwhile , Eden Alene is recording the final versions of the 3 selected songs.

The 3 short-listed songs will be revealed on the Sunday the 3rd of January 2021.

The televised show will be aired on Monday the 25th of January 2021.

The Italian broadcast RAI have revealed the 26 competitors and song titles of the 71st edition of Sanremo.

Reveling the Campioni Category full line up was the artistic director of the festival Amadeus.

  1. Aiello – Ora
  2. Annalisa – Dieci
  3. Arisa – Potevi fare di più
  4. Bugo – E invece sì
  5. Colapesce e Dimartino – Musica leggerissima
  6. Coma Cose – Fiamme negli occhi
  7. Ermal Meta – Un milione di cose da dirti
  8. Extraliscio feat. Davide Toffolo – Bianca luce nera
  9. Fasma – Parlami
  10. Francesca Michielin & Fedez – Chiamami per nome
  11. Francesco Renga – Quando trovo te
  12. Fulminacci – Santa Marinella
  13. Gaia Gozzi – Cuore amaro
  14. Ghemon – Momento perfetto
  15. Gio Evan – Arnica
  16. Irama – La genesi del tuo colore
  17. La Rappresentante di Lista – Amare
  18. Lo Stato Sociale – Combat Pop
  19. Madame – Voce
  20. Malika Ayane – Ti piaci così
  21. Måneskin – Zitti e buoni
  22. Max Gazzè & Trifluoperazina Monstery Band –Il farmacista
  23. Noemi – Glicine
  24. Orietta Berti – Quando ti sei innamorato
  25. Random – Torno a te
  26. Willie Peyote – Mai dire mai (La locura)

Among the 26 you can see some famous musicians that are no stranger to the festival such as Irama, Arisa, and Bugo. The Eurovision family can recognize for sure Two artist that aiming for another shot on Europe’s biggest stage, 2016 representative Francesca Michielin and half of 2018 act to Lisbon Ermal Meta.

Sanremo 2021 will run between 2nd-6th of March at at Teatro Ariston where the winner will get the first chance to represent the country next year in Rotterdam.

The 8 new-comers (“Nuove Proposte” category) have been revealed:

Avincola – “Goal!”

Davide Shorty – “Regina”

Dellai – “Io sono Luca”

Elena Faggi – “Che ne so”

Folcast – “Scopriti”

Gaudiano – “Polvere da sparo”

Greta Zuccoli – “Ogni cosa sa di te”

Wrongonyou – “Lezioni di volo”

Samanta Tina has already started working on her Eurovision 2021 song.
The singer has published a snippet from the recording session where we can hear the line “The blood moon is rising”

The song was written in the song writing camp in the middle of October 2020.
Unofficial sources claim that one of the writers behind the song is Aminata

The song will probably be published in January 2021.

The Serbian broadcaster RTS reconfirmed what we all have knew: The Hurricane girl band will represent Serbia at Eurovision 2021.

On the video below, we can hear the girls saying: “See you soon with some updates about our songs for the final selection”. Therefore, we can infer that a selection process will be included..
May we have a special edition of “Beovizija“. The Serbian public will be involved in selecting the song for Eurovision 2021.

Ana Soklič will represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2021.

Image may contain: 1 person, sky, closeup and outdoor, text that says 'QUT11.12.020 OFFICIAL'

A record number of 191 song have been submitted to RTVSLO this year.
Until the end of the month, the Slovenian broadcaster will pick 3-6 songs among them.
At the moment, it seems that Ana will perform several songs in a special edition of “EMA“.
The Slovenian public will be involved in selecting the song for Eurovision 2021.

Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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