Around The Continent 2021 – #14

“Around The Continent” is a series of posts where we will give you all the main news of the week..

EBU sheds light on Eurovision 2021 possible scenarios.

In 2020, the EBU and Dutch broadcasters published 4 possible scenarios to make Eurovision 2021 happen. The original plan included the following 4 scenarios:

Unsurprisingly, we can already tell that scenario A was ruled out due to the Covid-19 situation.
The 3 others scenarios have been updated in the following way:

Scenario B

#1. Social Distancing will be kept between every who will attend Rotterdam (audience, delegations, artists, journalists and workers)
#2. Strict health and safety measures will be defined
#3. People will have to hold a frequent Covid-19 negative testing.
#4. Delegations who won’t be able to travel to Rotterdam, will perform “live-on-tape” with a recorded performance being used.
#5. The local government will define the allowed capacity in the 9 shows (family rehearsals, jury rehearsals, live show for each of : semi-final 1, semi-final 2, grand final)
#6. Special activities in the city of Rotterdam will be allowed if and only if Social Distancing will be kept.

Scenario C

#1. The delegations and artists won’t travel to Rotterdam. However, the show will be held in Rotterdam. The hosts and interval act will be in Ahoy Rotterdam.
#2. The performances of all the participants will be “live-on-tape”.
#3. .Strict health and safety measures will be defined.
#4. The local government will define the allowed capacity in the 9 shows (family rehearsals, jury rehearsals, live show for each of : semi-final 1, semi-final 2, grand final).
#5. There will be reduced activities in the city of Rotterdam held in a safe and responsible way.

Scenario D

#1. The Eurovision Contest will be held without any live audience, as well as rehearsals shows.
#2. Rotterdam will be the central issue of the show, but will be presented virtually.
#3. The delegations and artists won’t travel to Rotterdam.
#4. The performances of all the participants will be “live-on-tape”.

Ahoy Arena

The EBU and Dutch broadcasters will try to focus on scenario B, but the 2 other scenarios can be fulfilled as well if needed. The final decision will be made in the middle of April and of course, will have influences on ticket holders.

Azerbaijani broadcaster Ictimai TV has received a total of 229 songs for Eurovision 2021.
Some of them have been written by non-Azerbaijani writers.

The national broadcaster has narrowed the list of songs to only 6 songs.
A professional jury panel will decide the identity of the song for Eurovision 2021 that will be revealed in the second week of March 2021.

According to Infe Azerbiajan, among the 6 shortlisted songs there are 2 ballads and 4 uptempo songs.

The submission window for Eurovision 2021 song has been closed. Belarusian broadcaster BTRC confirmed that almost 50 songs have been accepted.
The mechanism for selecting the song is still unknown and it will be determined by the Covid-19 situation.

Victoria’s song will be selected from her upcoming EP.
Eurovision fans around the world will be able to vote for their favorite song.

Today at 12:00 CET (the 6th of February 2021), The Croatian broadcaster HRT will publish a one-minute snippet of the competing songs at “Dora 2021“.

The national final “Dora 2021” will be held next Saturday the 13th of February 2021.
The results will be determined by a combination of 50% jury voting and 50% public voting. The jury panel will include 10 jurors, each of whom will be able to give 58 points (1-8, 10, 12 points).
Therefore, jury voting will be worth 580 points and public voting will be worth 580 points as well.

The Czech broadcaster has internally chosen Benny Cristo to represent the country at Eurovision 2021. Anything You should know about the entry for Eurovision 2021 :

#1. The singer submitted 3 different songs to the broadcaster.
#2. Benny is the main/only writer behind the songs.
#3. One of the songs was produced by the producer behind “All The Blood” from last year’s national selection.
#4. A Special jury panel that was invited by the broadcaster, has chosen the song. The chosen song was the third one (The last to be submitted).
#5. Filip Vlček (one of John Wolfhooker’s band members) worked on the selected song with Benny.
#6. The title of the chosen song hasn’t been decided yet.
#7. The song will probably include a sentence in the Czech language.
#8. The genre of the song is different from last year’s song, it isn’t an African pop.
#9. The song can be described as “a lot of energy, desire, Netflix and chill vibe”
#10. Snippets from the song will be revealed between the 10th and 14th of February 2021
#11. The song will be revealed at the end of February 2021.
#12. In the following days, the video clip will be recorded.

8 songs will be included in the line-up of “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021“.
The Songs and artists will be published regularly in the radio programs ‘P3 Buffeten‘, ‘Formiddag på 4’eren‘ and ‘P4 Play‘ on Wednesday, the 10th of February until 14:00 (Denmark Time) , where all songs and artists will be revealed together on

On stage, all artists are backed by DR’s 15 – man Grand Prix Orchestra under the direction of conductor Peter Düring.

According to Estonian media, Jüri Pootsmann is Covid-19 positive. In addition, Sissi has a severe vocal cords problem.

Tomi Rahula, the producer of “Eesti Laul 2021″ has announced that in case of medical issues, the artist won’t be disaulified from the selection. The solution will be a pre-recorded version or video clip.

The national final “UMK 2021” will be hosted by Antti Tuisku

Pinkkitukkainen Antti Tuisku seisoo vaalean taustan edessä toinen käsi leukaa hipaisten, vieressä UMK-grafiikat.

Meanwhile, you can watch a video where the 7 artists discuss their planned performances:

The stage of “UMK 2021” has been revealed already

You can read our review by clicking on the image

Last Saturday, Barbara Pravi won the national selection “Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez!” with the song “Voilà“.
The singer was ranked first in the public voting as well as in the jury voting

The full results can be seen in the picture below

You can watch her live performance here

According to a post (that has already been removed) in OGAE Germany, the German broadcaster NDR will reveal the identity of Eurovision 2021 artist today.
In addition, they it was claimed that the song itself will be revealed on the 25th of February 2021

No description available.

Later on, Barbara Schöneberger annonced on a TV show that the German representative will be revealed next week.

תוצאת תמונה עבור barbara schöneberger

Daði Freyr and Gagnamagnið held a meeting in order to work on the dancing for Eurovision 2021 entry

No description available.

The festival “Sanremo 2021” will be held without any live audience, due to the Covid-19 restrictions .
The festival will last 5 nights: starting on the 2nd of March 2021 and ending on the 6th of March 2021.

Earlier this week, singer Fedez, who is competing this year, published a short snippet of his and Francesca Michielin‘s song for Sanremo 2021 on digital media.

תוצאת תמונה עבור Fedez

We would like to remind you that according to “Sanremo 2021” rules, all the songs in “Campioni category” won’t be published before the festival.

Francesca Michielin and Fedez could have been disqualified. However, due to the fact that the snippet was removed and that it was very short, the broadcaster decided to prevent it from disqualifying them.

You can the the two of them have met: Fedez tried to apologize with a bucket.

No description available.

The Latvian broadcster LTV announced that 5 series of episodes will explore how Samanta and her team is getting ready for Eurovision. The title of the series are called ”Kā uzverēt Eirovizijā ? Samantas Tīnas ceļs uz Rotterdam” (How to win Eurovison ? Samanta Tina’s road to Rotterdam). The first episode will be out on the 12th of February.

In the first episode you will see how song writing camp went and how Samanta Tina and her team of musicians chose their vision of how a Eurovison Song should sound in a two-day music workshop.
In 2nd episode she will reveal the behind the scenes costume design.
The 3rd episode will show how experts and former Eurovision participants will share their views on what creates a Eurovision entry.
The 4th episode is about how the performance and its choreography is created.
The final episode will be dedicated to the creation of the music video.
During the final episode we will hear the song and see the music video.

Latvia will reveal their Eurovision 2021 entry on Friday the 12th of March 2021

Tonight, the final show of “Pabandom iš Naujo 2021” will be held.
6 artists will compete to represent Lithuania at Eurovision 2021:

Gebrasy – ”Where`d You Wanna Go?”
Martyna – ”Thank You Very Much”
Evita Cololo – ”Be paslapčių“
Voldemars Petersons – ”Never Fall For You Again“
Titas and Benas – ”No“ 
The Roop – “Discoteque”

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You can view our recation video here:

Destiny will represent Malta at Eurovision 2021. Following her Instagram account, it seems like she is working on her song at the recording studio:

Last Saturday, Norwegian broadcaster NRK held the third semi-final of “Melodi Grand Prix 2021“.
The show included 3 duels until the winner was announced:

It was Emmy who won the semi-final with “Witch Woods” and therefore qualified for the final:

The other 3 artists will try to qualify for the final: Big Daddy Karsten, Ole Hartz and Dinaye.

Tonight, 4 artists will compete for only one spot in the final. At the beginning of the show, they will be allocated into 2 duels. The winners of these 2 deuls will compete until one of them will win and qualify for the final.

The 4 acts will be:


Marianne Pentha & Mikkel Gaup-”Pages”

Landeveiens Helter-”Alt det der”

KIIM-”My Lonely Voice”

In addition, you will be able to watch the performance of another automatic qualifier:
Atle Pettersen – ”World On Fire”

You’re invited to watch our review video for the 4th semi-final:

You’re invited to read our full review of “Festival Da Canção 2021”  by clicking on the image

Eurovision 2021 entry will be selected by an international jury panel. According to an unofficial source , at the moment there are 6 songs in the race all of them are in English.

According to an Instagram story, the singer Senhit will reveal her song for Eurovision 2021 on Saturday the 23rd of February 202

In contrast to Eurovision 2020, San Marino have selected entry this year through internal selection. We Still don’t know what’s the title of the song is or who the writers and composers behind it are.

.Slovenia will hold “EMA 2021” on Saturday the 27th of February 2021. The song has been internally chosen by 2 different jury panel in 2 rounds voting.

EMA 2021” won’t be a regular national selection, but it will be song presntation, which means the Slovenian entry for Eurovision 2021 has already been chosen!

The 191 sumbmited songs have been evaluated by jury panel in 2 rounds. At the end of each round, the list of songs has been narrowed down.

The first round jury panel were:

  •  Ana Soklič
  • 2 former Eurovision participants
  • Vladimir Graić (the copmoser behind the song “Molitva” – The Serbian song that won Eurovision 2007),
  •  Darja Švajger (who represnted Slovenia at Eurovision 1995 + 1999),
  • an associate professor at the University of Ljubljana

The second round jury panel included the following jurors:

  • Ana Soklič
  • Mojca Menart – head of ZKP RTV Slovenia 
  • Darja Švajger (who represnted Slovenia at Eurovision 1995 + 1999),
  • Matevž Šalehar Hamo (Slovenian singer and copmoser)

At the end of 2 rounds, the broadcaster left with 3 songs. Eventually, it has been decided (again by jury panel) to internally select a single song among them.

What can we tell about the selected song?

#1. The lyrics are in English.
#2. The song won’t be revealed before “EMA 2021” show which means we will hear the song on the 27th of February 2021
#3. The composer of the song, has already submitted a song for Eurovision that won the Eurovision Song contest that year!
#4. This international composer has collaborated with international musicians like Miley Cyrus
#5. The song includes a use in pre-recorded backing vocals.
#6. The song isn’t a ballad this time.
#7. Following the hints, it seems that the composer/ lyricist is Charlie Mason who was one of the writers behind “Rise Like a Phoenix” by Conchita Wurds (Austria Eurovision 2014). It won’t be his first time writing for Slovenia: He was one of the writers of “Here For You” (Slovenia Eurovision 2015)

About EMA 2021

The hosts of “EMA 2021” will be Lea Sirk who has represented Slovenia at Eurovision 2018 with the song “Hvala Ne” and Nejc Šmit

Prireditev EMA 2021 bosta iz studia 1 TV Slovenija vodila Lea Sirk in Nejc Šmit. Foto: Adrian Pregelj/RTV Slovenija

“EMA 2021” will be held on the 27th pf February 2021 at 20:00 CET.

The broadcaster will celebrate 60 years of participation of Slovenia at Eurovision Song Contest. The first participation was back in 1961, under the name of Yugoslavia:
Ljiljana Petrović – Neke Davne Zvezde

According to the interview given by Spain‘s head of delegation (Ana Maria Bordas) we can learn more about the national selection this year.

Spain will have a 2 hour gala show that will be broadcast in February 2021.
Blas Canto’ will perform 2 different songs. The songs have been described as the following:

The first song is very catchy, I think it sticks in the memory. The second is an incredible song, it breathes a lot of sensitivity and strength at the same time.

The results will be determined by international public voting that will be opened before the show as well as sms voting that be opened during the show.
The gala will include some familiar faces from the Eurovision scene.

Tonight, Sweden will start their journey to Eurovision 2021 by kicking off the first semi-final of “Melodifestivalen 2021”. 7 artists will compete for 2 spost in the final. 2 other artists will be able to qualify later on in “Andra Chansen” round (second chance). The remaining 3 artists will be elimiented.

  1. Kadiatou One Touch
  2. Lillasyster Pretender
  3. Jessica Andersson – Horizon
  4. Paul Rey – The Missing Piece
  5. ArvingarnaTänker Inte Alls Gå Hem
  6. Nathalie Brydolf – Fingerprints
  7. Danny Saucedo – Dandi Dansa

Snippets of the songs are available by clicking on the title of the song.

Swiss broadcaster SRF confirmed this week that the Eurovision 2021 song will be revealed on March 2021.The artist will be singer Gjon’s Tears who has been internally selected by the broadcaster.

What we can tell about the selection process?
1. A total amount of 13 songs were created in songs-writing camp.
2. The songs have been produced in Switzerland or out of Switzerland.
3. Gjon recorded all of the 13 songs.
4. 100 people from the Swizz public and 20 international music experts judged the songs. They don’t only gave points to the songs, but also gave remarks on what can be improved in the production.
5. Their remarks were incorporated into the production and videos of live- performances were recorded.
6. The 2 jury panel judged the songs again.

The chosen song was co-written by Gjon’s Tears himself.

Last Thursday, the Ukrainian song for Eurovision 2021 was revealed. Go_A band will perform ”Shum”/Шум at Eurovision 2021:

On 3rd of February, 3 songs were announced that potential to represented Ukraine.Only Jury picked the best song from the selection.
The 3 snippets were:

Shum (Noise)
Rano (Early)
Tserkovka (Church)

The jury was formed of:

Jamala (Eurovison 2016 winner)
Yevhen Filatov (Member of the Manaeken)
Ruslan Kvinta (Music Producer)
Yarloslav Lodigin (Board member of UA:PBC)
Dmitry Khorkin (Board member of UA:PBC)

Currently ”Shum” is over 4 minutes long, but unofficial sources say that there is a radio edit of ”Shum” that is 3 minute long version.

Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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