Slovenia: All The Relevant Information About Selection Process For Eurovision 2021!

 Ana Soklič‘ who has won “EMA 2020” with the song “Voda“, has been internally selected to represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2021

Slovenia will hold “EMA 2021” on Saturday the 27th of February 2021

First of all, we know that the Slovenian broadcaster RTV SLO has received a record number of 191 songs for Eurovision 2021.
The Slovenian broadcaster, in cooperation with the performer and expert committee have narrowed the list of songs.

תוצאת תמונה עבור Ana soklic 191

However, now we can spread the news about Slovenia‘s selection process for Eurovision 2021!
According to the a post that was published by RTV SLO:

EMA 2021” won’t be a regular national selection, but it will be song presntation, which means the Slovenian entry for Eurovision 2021 has already been chosen!

The 191 sumbmited songs have been evaluated by jury panel in 2 rounds. At the end of each round, the list of songs has been narrowed down.

The first round jury panel were:

  •  Ana Soklič
  • 2 former Eurovision participants
  • Vladimir Graić (the copmoser behind the song “Molitva” – The Serbian song that won Eurovision 2007),
  •  Darja Švajger (who represnted Slovenia at Eurovision 1995 + 1999),
  • an associate professor at the University of Ljubljana

The second round jury panel included the following jurors:

  • Ana Soklič
  • Mojca Menart – head of ZKP RTV Slovenia 
  • Darja Švajger (who represnted Slovenia at Eurovision 1995 + 1999),
  • Matevž Šalehar Hamo (Slovenian singer and copmoser)

At the end of 2 rounds, the broadcaster left with 3 songs. Eventually, it has been decided (again by jury panel) to internally select a single song among them.

What can we tell about the selected song?

#1. The lyrics are in English.
#2. The song won’t be revealed before “EMA 2021” show which means we will hear the song on the 27th of February 2021
#3. The composer of the song, has already submitted a song for Eurovision that won contest in that year!
#4. This international composer has colaborated with international musicians like Miley Cyrus
#5. The song includes a use in pre-recorded backing vocals.
#6. The song isn’t a ballad this time.

About EMA 2021

The hosts of “EMA 2021” will be Lea Sirk who has represented Slovenia at Eurovision 2018 with the song “Hvala Ne” and Nejc Šmit

Prireditev EMA 2021 bosta iz studia 1 TV Slovenija vodila Lea Sirk in Nejc Šmit. Foto: Adrian Pregelj/RTV Slovenija

“EMA 2021” will be held on the 27th pf February 2021 at 20:00 CET.

The broadcaster will celebrate 60 years of participation of Slovenia at Eurovision Song Contest. The first participation was back in 1961, under the name of Yugoslavia:
Ljiljana Petrović – Neke Davne Zvezde

You can read Ana Soklič‘s comment:

“I sincerely thank everyone who contributed their works, we had a hard time choosing and choosing. In fact, the song may sound great in the other singer’s interpretation, but in my vocal performance it sounds completely different. I am very happy with the chosen song, I hope you will all be too. We also made good use of the unique opportunity with recorded backing vocals, which is allowed by this year’s Eurovision rules due to all the measures. I can’t wait to be able to share the song with you. And, no, it’s not a ballad. “

In addition, the hosts of “EMA 2021” want to share their thoughts with us:

Lea Sirk:

“My desire to host EMA was basically much bigger than that of competing at EMA and Eurovision. I am glad that EMAwill be different, non-competitive this time, because as a Eurovision fan I am happy to return to good songs. The EMA will therefore also be educational for the younger ones, and an evening of memories for the older ones. I also wanted to lead EMA with a tall, shapely, charming leader. And I got Nejc Schmidt!”

Nejc Šmit:

“I am extremely looking forward to leading this year’s EMA. This will be my second EMA and you can’t be more different. The winner is officially known before the start this year, there will be no competition, no public voting. But don’t worry, we’ll find a topic for tweets on Twitter, because I’m running EMA with Leo Sirk “

Slovenia will compete in the first half of semi-final 1 at Eurovision 2021

You can find all the relevant information at our Eurovision 2021 homepage:

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Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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